On #BeingMaryJane, S4E15…

On #BeingMaryJane, S4E15…
M.D. Wright


Saw some more discussion on last night’s “Being Mary Jane” episode, some interesting points were made. Beyond the fact that the show displays some real-life encounters and experiences that many of us have had (or are going through, in some cases), the way the characters interact is closely reflective to “real life.”

That said, that episode seemed to have hit a bit too close to home for some ha.

You’ll never get me to condone the things men have done with regards to disrespecting the woman they’re with; either physical or verbal abuse, cheating, lying, deception, etc. I’m just not going to do it. I’m not cut from that type of cloth, so I don’t ever entertain the table-turning gender-based back and forth nonsense.

However, the scene between Mary Jane’s parents is very real. I’ve seen that type of thing go down before, with people in their 50s and 60s, just like these characters.

But even with Mary Jane, Justin expressed how he felt towards her, then made himself vulnerable and transparent by giving her access to his personal information (not including what she rummaged through behind his back SMH), his phone and tablet password and the whole nine.

As soon as she offers hers, she immediately tries to go back through those devices to erase all the “Trifling Hoe” behavior that was all over her devices. Nude pics, shady emails between the plethora of dudes she has been with, then changes the password so that Justin couldn’t see anything in her devices while she feverishly attempted to delete them first.

Worse yet, when he knows she is hiding something — which is the very thing they discussed they WOULDN’T DO — she lies directly to his face as to why the password she gave him didn’t work. He knew, and simply asked her to see how she would respond.

This is all-too-frequent nowadays. It’s why truthful and honest (I don’t use the term “good”, because I can be a bona fide asshole quite often, as is my nature, and I don’t apologize for it, either; but I DO have integrity, and I don’t lie, deceive or cheat) have trust issues.

Even though Mary Jane has cut off all her paramours and old boyfriends, she still kept images and e-conversations she had with them. Maybe she hadn’t thought to delete them, but the moment when she needed to be honest, she resorted to lying instead. But then again, women want men to be these things — sincere, transparent, expressing how they feel about them, etc. etc. etc. — and don’t reciprocate. You can’t wonder why more guys don’t do it.

It would be one thing if Mary Jane was still messing with other dudes, she seemed sincere that she wanted to be with Justin and fully, instead of all the wavering she has always done (though only once she found out how much money he was worth — TYPICAL). You had your chance to come clean and be honest and you possibly blew it with this man because of it, as you know he has had issues with such things in past relationships, as he disclosed in a moment of vulnerability. Once a man spots a woman and makes her as a predator, that door can close immediately. If you are still messing with other dudes, admit it. Don’t let him find out (and guys like Justin, depicted in that show know a lot more than they let on — i.e. guys like me and a few of my friends) later that you were carrying on with other guys all along after he’s shown to be fully committed to you and forsook other women in the process. It’s something you don’t come back from, if you are the woman in his life.

I don’t know how many women watched that episode last night and had that chord struck between these two separate interactions (Mary Jane and Justin, and Mary Jane’s parents and her mother’s old “flame” who came back into the picture)?

Bottom line, don’t lie; particularly when you have a man who adores you to no end and is transparent and faithful to you. That situation with Mary Jane’s parents was a JOLT for everyone watching, though. Should serve as a warning for those who think they’re being slick while sneaking around and sliding into others’ beds thinking the other won’t realize what’s going on. No one’s THAT slick.

Bold, Off-the-Cuff Early 2017 Season Predictions

Bold, Off-the-Cuff Early 2017 Season Predictions
M.D. Wright

It is August 1, which means training camps are now in full swing and we have the first preseason game (Hall of Fame Game; Thursday, August 3, 2017 — Arizona vs. Dallas) on the horizon. I normally don’t even begin talking about football seriously until Week 2 or 3 of the preseason, and don’t roll out predictions until after the preseason schedule is completed and the attrition that often leads to season-ending injuries has run its course just before Week 1 of the regular season.

I’m going to throw a bone to you people who rush spring and summer by, and don’t watch NHL playoffs, don’t like or watch baseball and spend every day from the conclusion of the previous season’s Super Bowl rushing Week 1 of the next season to arrive. Consider it a one-time, make-good offer. I’m going back to my old ways next year.

As for now, we will do division by division predictions, statistical leader predictions and AFC/NFC Championship predictions, as well.

AFC East
New England                    12-4
Miami                                 10-6
Buffalo                                  9-7
NY Jets                                2-14

AFC North
Pittsburgh                          12-4
Cleveland                             9-7
Cincinnati                            9-7
Baltimore                             8-8

AFC South
Tennessee                          10-6
Jacksonville                       10-6
Houston                               9-7
Indianapolis                       8-8

AFC West
Oakland                             12-4
Kansas City                       11-5
Denver                                9-7
LA Chargers                      6-10

NFC East
NY Giants                           12-4
Washington                       10-6
Philadelphia                       9-7
Dallas                                   8-8

NFC North
Minnesota                           11-5
Green Bay                           10-6
Detroit                                 10-6
Chicago                                5-11

NFC South
Tampa Bay                          11-5
Atlanta                                 10-6
Carolina                                8-8
New Orleans                        8-8

NFC West
Seattle                                 13-3
Arizona                                9-7
LA Rams                              7-9
San Francisco                    3-13

AFC Championship: Oakland vs. Pittsburgh.
NFC Championship: Seattle vs. New York Giants

Touchdown Passes: Aaron Rodgers
Passing Yardage: Jameis Winston
Rushing Yardage: Le’Veon Bell
Rushing Touchdowns: Dalvin Cook
Receptions: Mike Evans
Receiving Yardage: Odell Beckham
Receiving Touchdowns: Odell Beckham
Sacks: Jadeveon Clowney
Interceptions: Marcus Peters
Tackles: Bobby Wagner

Total Offense: Pittsburgh
Total Defense: NY Giants
Rushing Offense: Oakland
Rushing Defense: NY Giants
Passing Offense: Pittsburgh
Passing Defense: 
Sacks: Kansas City

On the Collusion of NFL teams against Colin Kaepernick

On the Collusion of NFL teams against Colin Kaepernick
M.D. Wright

You overly dense people grind my gears.

Incapable of nuance.



Can’t ever stay on topic.

Always looking to deviate from the main subject when it is “too uncomfortable” for you to want to discuss.

This Colin Kaepernick situation annoys me to no end. Fans will defend their team employing guys who have literally killed another human being, severely beaten women, and committed other violent crime, but will attempt to lump Kaepernick’s RIGHT to protest and object to social injustice (while being labeled “Anti-American — when the very thing he’s PROTESTING AND OBJECTING TO is Anti-American in and of itself!) as “bad, distracting behavior.”

You’ll support a rapist, a murderer, a serial abuser, but as soon as someone comes through to speak on something that upsets the status quo, you’re up in arms about it?

And then to support the clear, league-wide collusion taking place?

One-third of these teams’ STARTING quarterbacks aren’t better than Kaepernick. Never mind none of the backups, outside of maybe one or two even being half as good or equally as good. That man carried the least-talented team in the NFL for most of the season. No defense, busted up running backs and a bunch of #3 WRs and still put up better numbers, by measure, than guys like Goff, RG3, the $72 Million dollar (!!!) man, Kessler, arguably Bortles, and WHOEVER suited up for the Jets last year.

Cowards who try to put words in the mouths of the military, who have collectively and repeatedly stated that they stand by Kaepernick’s right to protest and kneel (though he said he would not do either going forward, as he has clearly made his point) are of the same cloth as the aforementioned. “He’s offending the troops!” They say. The troops, “I may not necessarily agree with some of his methods, but he has the right, and I support it” (general response).

These people want him to be “Anti-American” so badly, but the bottom line, the antics of these savage, rogue police officers and others who perpetuate and mete out incongruent “enforcement” are the ones who are, at the core, ANTI-AMERICAN by violating the rights of citizens and crossing over from enforcement to judiciary on the spot.

If you can take down everyone else — including those who have rifles and other weapons aimed at you during a standoff, WITHOUT killing THEM — you can surely take down someone unarmed (and we do not mean the phantom cell phone or the wallet you instructed them to reach for, and claiming “I feared for my life”) Black person without incident.

But people don’t even want to admit that these types of disparate scenarios are problematic, so what are we even doing?

Fan response here locally in Maryland to the Ravens (a team that has employed a man who was an accessory to murder, a violent domestic abuser, and a man who has killed a pedestrian with his car) is laughable at best. Even Joe Flacco spoke glowingly about Kaepernick, and these smegma-brained, crab-cake guzzling bozos blew right through Flacco’s endorsement, just to fulminate and perorate all this DRECK I’ve heard from them locally over the past few days.

All over the mere MENTION of CONSIDERING Kaepernick as a backup.

I’d say the same for Michael Vick and the Virginia Tech honors that are upcoming, but he brought that on himself and I don’t support him until he stops licking boots.

On #BlackWomensEqualPay

On #BlackWomensEqualPay
M.D. Wright

I’m not big on feminism, because much of what we see today has broken away from logical rhetoric and gone to the extreme. The absurd.

But I have always been about equality. And I don’t mean pithy nonsense where double standards are frowned upon except when beneficial to a certain group.

The #BlackWomenEqualPay thing is one of those things. It is a nuanced and multi-layered issue that cannot be addressed in superficial, black and white terms. If your IQ is lower than your heartbeats per minute, you should not wade into the discussion at all, as there are a multitude of social, economic, cultural and institutional factors that have to be addressed in order to bring this to fruition (not that this deters the many morons on Twitter and other outlets).

The disparities in pay between men and women in general have been an issue for as long as all of us who live and breathe today have been alive. There’s no denying that. It is a problem that should have never been.

We can’t go back and undo the past where women were barred from the general workplace, and then only (begrudgingly) allowed in due to the expansion of Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity.

Side Note: I have always said, if you must enact legislation to get an employer to act a certain way that they would erstwhile NOT, you are almost going to see just as much inequality in its enactment, and still put those who you supposedly seek to “aid” at a competitive disadvantage. And we still see this today in 2017.

White women, on the whole, have experienced some gains in the workplace, and increases in pay. It’s still not even 80 cents on the dollar for their (White, and sometimes Asian) male counterparts, but it is a long way from what it was in 1970.

Black women, the group with the greatest increases of the college-educated and gainfully employed, don’t even earn the 80 cents on the dollar of White (and again, sometimes Asian) male counterparts. For years, Black men (in the same occupations) made more than Black women. Black men — those who haven’t been systematically barred from anything non entry-level — still earn more for the same jobs that Black women do. This is an obvious problem. The rectification isn’t so simple, because it involves a group surrendering or forfeiting the gobs of income they receive (often on the backs of those who do real work for substandard pay) in order to make the pay floor equal.

Moreover, since the immediately aforementioned ain’t happening anytime soon, another dynamic has emerged: Black men — particularly those who possess a wealth of professional experience and academic superiority — are viewed as “threatening” and are constantly phased out of the marketplace. Masters, Doctorates, top certifications, you name it. Outside of government agencies, you are seeing fewer Black men in roles that aren’t fully subordinate in every facet. Instead of paying Black women more, Black men just get relegated to substandard occupations — often far below what is commensurate with both their previous occupations, and what their professional and academic portfolio would dictate — or not be hired at all.

Those who earn more than their counterparts who only earn 80 cents (or less) on the dollar for the same work are least affected, but in exchange for Black men being marginalized, more Black women have been hired in more prominent roles in the past 15 years. It is congruent, because more Black women have completed Bachelors and Masters degrees in that timeframe than at any other time prior.

What this produces is another spur dynamic that creates tension among Black men (who still support equal pay for Black women) and some Black women (not all) who use the aforementioned dynamic to assert certain attitudes (we’re not delving into this too deeply here, because this is an entirely different subject altogether) when they are in positions where they serve as gatekeepers of sorts when Black men are seeking to reenter the workplace. Excluding the incarcerated, no-good types with no education or ambition and solely focusing on the group of Black men who have been sacrificed so that Black women could be fairly treated in the workplace (instead of others giving up their already undeserved and exorbitant compensation to make equal pay for White women, Black women AND Black men), you now have a dynamic where there are people who are sidelined, who can do most people’s jobs in their sleep under the influence of quaaludes, while those who have the jobs either door mediocre work in them, take them for granted, complain incessantly about the job (while doing nothing to deserve promotion), get compensated out of balance compared to those who do the job at a superior rate — aided by a sure belief that they must work 10 times as hard to get just as far (i.e. Black women, and the few Black men that are “tolerated” and not relegated to the sidelines) — and it just begets a vicious cycle.

Another Side Note:
Black women need to realize that with all the feminist propaganda you see and hear, your concerns are not included. They may be incidentally addressed, but if you think for one minute that the unique concerns of Black women are addressed in mainstream feminism, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s more likely to be one of them Metro-North trains that derails once every six months and not the promised oasis that you’ve been sold on for so long.

Don’t really want to hear about people’s outlier and small-frame anecdotal situations which MIGHT be contrary to this, these are merely generalities; meaning they are more often true than not.

Thank you.

On the Yanks Acquiring Sonny Gray…

On the Yanks Acquiring Sonny Gray…
M.D. Wright

Didn’t want to have to give up Mateo, but we have a glut in the outfield for YEARS to come (and Yanks fans are STILL — albeit delusional — clamoring for Trout AND Harper; FWIW, I think the latter will be here this time next year or next winter, Trout? Probably never), but they only gave up Fowler and Kaprielian to get Sonny Gray. Not too bad, honestly.

A year ago, I wouldn’t have done this, but getting Clint and the emergence of Judge and Hicks has made losing Mateo an easier pill to swallow.

You can’t count on guys who have yet to play in the majors to come back from two respectively MAJOR injuries. If Fowler and Kaprielian were healthy, no way Cashman does this.