Nugget Time: The Perils of Always Being in a Relationship and Unwilling to Ever Be Alone

Nugget Time: The Perils of Always Being in a Relationship and Unwilling to Ever Be Alone
M.D. Wright

It never ceases to amaze how the two base genders fail to develop common ground in the areas of communication, understanding of one another and working in lockstep to achieve the same end. Both ultimately desire the same things, but go about realizing those ends in completely different fashions; whether it be logic-based, emotion-based, circumstance-based or otherwise. The ends do not always justify the means, nor are the means always mutually exclusive with the ends. Further, and worse yet, sometimes the very things that both desire are approached with counterproductive and counterintuitive measures.

What do you mean, you ask?

There are two types of men in the sense of self-actualization, self-evaluation and being completely transparent with one’s self and others: a) the one who doesn’t care how people perceive them with regards to expressing themselves, their desires, their emotions, their weaknesses and vulnerabilities, as well as the areas where they are strong, and b) those who prefer to operate from behind a façade of machismo, ego and feigned confidence; thereby masking their true motives and sentiments about women and what they desire from a woman.

Men all desire the same things from women. Some fail to truly understand how those desires work in tandem with how they comport themselves. What does this mean? Men desire to be wanted, needed, to lead, to provide literal and figurative covering for a woman, sexual attraction and fulfillment, unconditional support and loyalty, among other things. Some men know this and go full speed ahead pursuing after a woman who provides such. As difficult as it may be to find a woman who is equally yoked with him in this regard, he does not budge from his vision and will continue working to fulfill his overall life’s purpose until he meets her. This does not mean that he never partakes in the waters of sexual fulfillment and temporary dating relationships in the interim, but he ultimately knows what he wants and what a woman looks like who embodies those traits.

Most men can enter relationships whenever they desire, but the function isn’t the same for women. Think about it, and think honestly about it. It is true.

Much is made by both genders about how the other seemingly does not know what he/she wants. Some know, others think they know, but fail to recognize what that person looks like when they actually encounter the person who embodies those characteristics. This is where discernment comes in. Everyone possesses a measure of discernment. Some chose to sharpen their discernment by utilizing it on a regular basis, some rarely, if ever use discernment, while others still resort to relying on lazy stereotypes, hiding behind generalizations and defeatist mentalities in order to shield themselves from what they believe will be inevitable disappointment, heartache and betrayal.

Some men have been deceived into believing that they are supposed to be domineering over a woman, such that she aborts her own individual life’s purpose to assume that of the man she is with at that point in time. This is faulty thinking, and something that both men and women are guilty of doing. So often we see women lose their entire identities in the process, while men who think this way become drunken with the desire to control, manipulate and domineer the woman he is with. This, along with the inherent selfishness that many people fail to ever grow out of, are the crux of the main issues which destroy relationships, or doom them before they even begin.

Other men possess a fear of commitment, as do women, and prefer to get by on a string of superficial, pointless “situationships” that yield little to nothing positive in the end. Falsely profound and “fake woke” people will lead you to believe that everything is a “learning experience” when some situations should be avoided and some of the pain that is the resultant effect of haphazard, unaccountable and practically reckless living without a compass or a plan can be avoided by learning from the mistakes of others. Not everything “happens for a reason.” To suggest such is to suggest that there is no such thing as free will. And, unless you are imprisoned, you exert free will in every single thing you do with each passing heartbeat throughout every day. Regardless of what your faith belief (notice the term “religion” isn’t used here, for the “spiritual, not religious” types) may entail, this is a universal truth: we possess free will. In all areas. What you decide to do — or someone steps in and does without your consent, resulting in potentially years of pain and headache — is what happens for a reason, not some predetermined outcome that is set in stone regardless of whims, desires and the exertion of free will.

To suggest otherwise is the acme of folly.

Some men think that adding notches to his belt whenever he can is the apogee of masculinity. Others assert that monogamy is impossible and attach others’ faith beliefs because they cannot wrap their minds around the depths of both the human psyche and the long-term ramifications of short-term decision-making and fulfillment of lust-based desires. To put it another way, what you do today… whether it be five wives, or one wife with 10 “side chicks” will often yield ramifications that you could not foresee years prior. Most people think in the moment and don’t realize the decisions they make today can have years-long, if not lifetime effects. And not positive, either.

Men ultimately know what they want, some are not honest with themselves about how they seek to realize those outcomes in relation to a woman. Don’t ever let a man (or woman) tell you that men don’t know what they want. They do. Whether they deem it worthwhile to pursue after that woman (or, if they are turtles, beta males and overall weaklings who live in a constant state of fear and passivity) is another story. Men are intentional. When even the weakest willed man wants something, his focus becomes laser-like and he will stop at nothing to achieve and fulfill that desire. That is universal. This is ultimately why women appear foolish in allowing a man to string them along for years without a firm commitment.

There is no “it’s complicated.” He is either truly all-in with you, or he does not view you as nothing but an electric blanket for his bed, while he searches for greener pastures to pursue before leaving you high and dry altogether in the end. If a man wants a woman, he will stop at nothing in his pursuit of her, unless she completely and utterly shuts him down.

Men who are always in and out of poisonous relationships should be the ones who are red flags to women, not men who are judicious enough to not constantly enter relationships just for the sake of it. So often you hear women toss out flawed philosophy about what is a “red flag” with men: Over 30 and no kids, no relationship longer than “x” number of years, no serious relationship in “x” number of years, etc. How does that work, given the aforementioned? That’s women applying women’s thinking to men’s actions. It does not work. Men choose when they want to be in relationships. Those who want the right woman are not going to be in and out of relationships every few months. It is virtually impossible to properly discern who is a worthwhile woman within one’s sphere by doing so. And then there is the emotional bond. Some people actually think that getting with someone who they knew was with someone else when they got with them is going to end well. Once in a while, it may. But how you got them is oftentimes how you lose them.


Women are driven primarily by their emotions. That is not to suggest that women are incapable of and never utilize logic. Those who suggest this are foolish, as well. However, the emotional inclinations in conjunction with the natural desire for relationship (that is friendships, romantic relationships, and any other type of relationship) causes a conflict when — as we have seen in recent years — women attempt to play ‘catch up’ with how men have mostly always mistreated women in the areas of cheating, lying, deceiving and constantly with an eye on greener pastures.

We know how the latter manifests in women versus how it was previously illustrated in its manifestation among men: selling (expletive) to the highest bidder. Whether or not it is literally titled as such is irrelevant. The actions are akin with selling “it” to the highest bidder.

This is not all women, of course. 

Others waste spend their prime years running behind the absolute dregs of the human male species, then subsequently become jaded, tossed to and fro by every wild wind of doctrine in order to make recompense, and then fail to realize the man who is good for them when he actually does come around. The amount of times this happens is galling, for those who observe the actions and decisions of others. We live in and we learn, yes. But after a while, one must step back and assess matters and years of flawed decision-making and realize that she is the common denominator in all of the dead-end relationships she’s ever been in.

Attempting to live second childhoods befalls many men and women. Maybe you didn’t get to play Fast Car like Tracy Chapman in high school or college, or you were locked down at a young age, and want to act like a 16 year old in middle age. To each his/her own, but what is the end game?

If you are always in a relationship, how do you expect an intentional man to “find” and pursue you? If we have established that how you get them (in this case, one man luring you away from another) is how you lose them, why is there an expectation on the part of so many women that men are going to just bypass the fact that you are in a relationship — that you know is dead end, as the man you’re with has shown you his true colors, resulting in the same ending that each of your other relationships faced — and try to make something that will last and be fruitful, if he knows you’re involved with someone else? There is no “Old Maid” if you are fulfilling your individual purpose. Be alone for a while. You won’t combust if you aren’t in a relationship for 362 out of 365 days every year.

Could it be that the reason that so many of you BELIEVE there are few to no good men is because you’re always in a relationship, and good men — no matter if they are alpha males, or beta, or omega or anything in between — if they want something more than coitus from you, are not going to give you the time of day? Change your ways and get different results.

Expecting a man who has already shown you that he is poison to you at the end of the day, hoping that he will magically change is akin to cheating to win in Monopoly, taking that “money” to an actual bank and expecting the teller to give you real United States Dollars (or whatever form of money you wish). As stupid as it sounds to take fake money and expect real money in exchange, this is truly what trying to force a doomed-from-the-start “relationship” to work, when it isn’t destined to work (and you know it, deep down).

Worse yet — you become content with him, because you either feel like you will wade off into a state of invisibility in the eyes of men, or don’t think there is anyone worthwhile out there otherwise, or, even still, you fail to realize that what is best for you may not come packaged the way you fantasize and idealize. Men who actually find the apple of their eyes will tell you that while they do adore the woman they’re with, and find her attractive, that in some cases, she did not come packaged the way that he dreamed about or fixated upon a particular aesthetic and would have erstwhile missed out on her if she didn’t look a certain way. Some women have learned this. Silly women get hung up on superficial things and ignore death knells and wonder why they continue to get the same results. Silly women also refuse to ever be alone for any period of time, never examine themselves for where they can change and grow, and blame every man she deals with — and seemingly every man she has never met — for her own flawed decision-making and failure to assess what she needs to change in order to achieved her supposed desired ends.

If the common denominator in all the broken relationships is you — and worse still, you don’t REALIZE it’s you — it may be a good time to be alone for a while.

You might (pleasantly) surprise yourself when you realize how your perspective on things changes while not being tied up in the worst of your emotions with the worst of men for all but five days out of the calendar year throughout your entire adult life.


Nuggets of Wisdom

Nuggets of Wisdom
M.D. Wright
The quotes are excerpted from “RIB: The Truth — The Story — The Reality of Women”
Gonna help some of you out who perpetuate vicious cycles of dead end thinking and actions, then I’m going to enjoy some football.
“The disagreement between what is expected and what actually happens between both types of Imposters and Phonies is only discovered through the perversion found in their thinking. Their thinking determines how they process who they are and what they expect from men. Identifying each individual inconsistency seems next to impossible, but the identity in found in the first three letters of their secular thinking, ‘Sec.’ The college whore and the Temple Prostitute like to operate “Secretly.” They conceal their whoredom from others or only allow a select few to know the truth behind, “Whore Number One.” The connection is not difficult to make. Silly women often alienate themselves with a distinct group of Imposters and Phonies within society by virtue of certain refinements or distinctions of beliefs and practices, a Sect.
The thing about this kind of educational and spiritual condemnation is it appears to be beyond ordinary understanding or without explanation by the women secretly operating in it. This is a powerful irony normally found in a dramatic effect between retardation and sanity. The irony enables right-minded people to see and understand the inconsistency between beliefs and practices while accepting them both. Think of it in light of the Church. The church knows homosexuality goes against the Word of God, yet many Pastors condone homosexuality by marrying people of the same sex. The ironic thing about this is they do it using the Word of God to sanction or ordain the very thing that is an abomination to God. They fail to see the irreverence found in the manner in which they practice their faith.
The same lack of vision enables man to operate in irreverence, and it keeps the Temple Prostitute and the College Whore connected to Imposter, Phony, and Viper. Silly women are unaware of the inconsistency found between their spiritual and educational teachings when demonstrating feigned ignorance during the act of fornication. Most men can sense a Temple Prostitute and a College Whore a smile away because they too have become “Silly.” Most men realize each kind of Imposter and each kind of Phony contains disparate, inconsistent, or discordant parts and qualities that are not consistent with those of right-minded thinking.
College Whores and Temple Prostitutes conduct themselves in a state of falsity when it comes to experiencing true love and desires that are dominated by sexual love and sexual desire. The abnormal and persistent sexual excitement exposes them to superficial realities that work against the sum of all things that are real, absolute and unchangeable in their world. Look at how revealing educated and so-called saved women dress. Yet many of them walk around exhibiting strong animosity towards men who see them and treat them in the manner they project themselves to be, “Whores.” They do this without realizing how the impurity in their own heart has attracted this kind of man in the first place.
Eventually, the heart of a College Whore and Temple Prostitute becomes hardened and it ceases to be friendly, generous or warm-hearted in nature. The disposition exhibits an inability to empathize or understand their own contribution to the feelings they have toward men. Therefore, they begin to make statements like, “Men aren’t shit” or “All men think the only thing a woman is good for is sex.” The biggest question surrounding “Men aren’t shit” is what makes a man who is not worth shit approach a woman who thinks she is worth more? Could it be that a man who is not worth shit is attracted to a woman who is not worth shit herself? A man who is not worth shit cannot usually approach a woman of substance. Most women of substance normally would not make utterance of a statement that demonstrates subnormal intellectual development.
A woman of substance will not possess an inability to guard against common secular dangers that allows men who are not worth shit to approach her in the first place. A woman of substance would be capable of connecting the dots between her thinking and the tragic outcomes it produces in her life and her relationships. “All men think the only thing a woman is good for is sex.” What else is a man going to think when women use sex to willfully transition from a high level of moral excellence to a lower level of immorality or intellectual character for money, fame and fortune? Remember, whether a Silly Woman is in college or in church, she still aliens herself with a distinct group of Imposters and Phonies within society by virtue of certain refinements, garments or distinctions in beliefs and practices. What does this mean? Look at whom a college or church woman resembles. Look at whom her thinking resembles, and then look at whom her actions resemble and then see what kind of men she attracts. Through this resemblance, Silly Women and both types of Imposters and Phonies remain connected o the same kind of men that remain connected to the same kind of tragic outcomes. This is deep-rooted mental illness. It does not allow Silly Women to see what is evident and what is evident to the average mind of a man. The power to go beyond superficiality is lost at this point. A Silly Woman sees a “Good Look” and forgets about moral excellence or intellectual character that is needed to fashion a good man. They even forget about money. Millions of women are with good-looking men who exhibit low expectations out of life and high expectations out of women they undoubtedly live with. Yet millions of women are okay with a man with low expectations, and millions of Silly Women live with financially secure men who are not worth a “Dime.” Tragically, Silly Women remain in both types of relationships when they are often victims of infidelity or mental and physical abuse by the men they dearly honor. It is not hard to figure out why they are silly. “
This book is longer than a Shakespeare novel. Highly recommended read.
Don’t want to be held accountable for thoughts of actions, don’t want to have to ever answer to anyone when they get checked. Will find a way to justify any and everything they do, but someone else is always the villain. Avoid these people. They will always do you in. Learn to discern and stop making bad decisions, then you wouldn’t have to be on social media posting memes because you’re bitter. And make better choices in men and women. Learn to be alone for more than two days. You can’t find the right woman while screwing everything that moves, and the right man can’t find you when you’re holed up with someone different every few weeks.
You can’t fool those with sharp discernment, anyway. You can think you are fooling them, but they’re just waiting for you to come to grips about who you truly are and acknowledge it. Women know this about men (yet still get with these Imposters) and men can know a woman is unsavory and still break his neck to get at her.
Flaunting around your “education” and material things, as if that is synonymous with your identity is pure folly. Taking advantage of weak-willed women, as if to cast a spell on them makes you a Viper. Man or woman. This post isn’t gender-specific. It applies to ALL human beings. Govern yourselves accordingly.

2017 NFL Week 4 Bettor’s Guide

2017 NFL Week 4 Bettor’s Guide
M.D. Wright

Last Week:
SU: 7-9
ATS: 7-9

SU: 28-20
ATS: 23-24-1


BUF +8 OVER (49) ATL.
CAR +9 UNDER (49) VS. NE.
LAR +6.5 OVER (49) DAL.
MIN -2 OVER (43) DET.
CIN -3.5 OVER (42) CLE.
HOU +3 UNDER (44) VS. TEN.
JAX -3.5 OVER (38.5) NYJ.
LAC -2 OVER (48) PHI.
ARI -7 OVER (44.5) SF.
NYG +3 OVER (45) TB.
DEN -3 UNDER (45.5) VS. OAK.
IND +13 OVER (41.5) SEA.
KC -7 UNDER (49) VS. WSH.

2017 NFL Week 3 Bettor’s Guide

2017 NFL Week 3 Bettor’s Guide
M.D. Wright

Last week was all about blown covers, including a couple of backdoor covers late. Nothing like last second scores to swing the cash. Early season parlays are not wise nowadays. Games change at the drop of a hat in today’s NFL.

Last Week:
SU: 11-5
ATS: 7-9

SU: 21-11
ATS: 16-15-1

Week 3: (LAR vs. SF, LAR covered with points)


2017 NFL Week 2 Bettor’s Guide (Picks Only)

2017 NFL Week 2 Bettor’s Guide (Picks Only)
M.D. Wright

Picks Only this week:

Last Week:
SU: 10-6
ATS: 9-6-1

SU: 10-6
ATS: 9-6-1

Week 2:
HOU vs. CIN: (HOU +6; Covered, HOU ML; Hit)

BUF (+7) UNDER (43) vs. CAR
BUF 17
CAR 23

TEN OVER (41.5) vs. JAX (-3)
TEN 20
JAX 24

NE OVER (57) vs. NO (+7)
NE 27
NO 38

MIN (+6) UNDER (45) vs. PIT
MIN 20
PIT 24

PHI UNDER (47.5) vs. KC (-6)
PHI 16
KC 24

ARZ (-7.5) OVER (44) vs. IND
ARZ 34
IND 13

CHI OVER (43.5) vs. TB (-7)
CHI 17
TB 31

CLE (+8) OVER (38.5) vs. BAL
CLE 23
BAL 20

NYJ OVER (43.5) vs. OAK (-14)
NYJ 15
OAK 38

MIA UNDER (45.5) vs. LAC (-3.5)
MIA 17
LAC 26

SF UNDER (41.5) vs. SEA (-14)
SF  6
SEA 27

DAL UNDER (43.5) vs. DEN (+3)
DAL    13
DEN    23

WSH UNDER (45.5) vs. LAR (-3)
WSH 19
LAR 23

GB OVER (56.5) vs. ATL (-3)
GB  26
ATL 34

DET UNDER (42) vs. NYG (-3)
DET     13
NYG     19