Who Am I? TRULY?

Who Am I? TRULY?
M.D. Wright

This life is one of ups, downs, triumphs, disappointments, wins, losses, life, death, moments of pleasure, memories, distress and everything in between.
You are always free to believe what you want to believe. We have free will that extends to literally EVERY area of life (i.e. you choose to do/be/say what you want, you aren’t ever “born” any way; except into sin, as we all are).
I gave my life to Christ 25 years ago this month (and baptized August 8, 1993). Almost immediately, things began to happen that never had before then. I didn’t recognize it as such then, but it was part of my journey for good reason.
Those who went to high school with me (not only did I NOT want to go school where I did — wanted to go in NYC and my mom was against it, my dad was cool with it — but I also became gravely ill that same year I got saved) know how bad off I was in high school. I did not know it until August of 1996 (after two-plus years dealing with the then-unknown illness) but I was walking dead. Literally. Only the grace and mercy of God kept me alive. I had Erythrodermic Psoriasis and nearly died from sepsis in August 1996, when I finally went to the hospital while shivering in 100 degree heat — as those who remember that summer know it was extremely hot, more so than normal — and was in pain 24/7, sores everywhere and overall feeling like death.
There were truly people who thought I was faking an illness that had MANY outward signs. Some even act like they never knew when talking to me today. Many turned their backs on me and betrayed me, called me names (not that I cried over it or anything, but it made me into the person I am today who doesn’t take anything off anyone, and sees people for who they are VERY QUICKLY, through sharpened discernment as a result of dealing with this), the whole nine. By the time I left high school there were only about a dozen people who I actually dealt with at all. Almost all of them are on my Facebook page today. And I appreciate them. The rest, I despise and they don’t exist to me. I literally don’t know them. It is why I don’t go to any high school reunions and have no plans to ever do so. I cleave to those who stuck by me through the illness and didn’t waver in their friendship with me, but the rest are strangers to me.
Fast forward about 10 years, and I broke my back (spinal; Mike Tyson Voice), and it derailed further what had already been a life that had gone off track by that point (2007). I chronicled what took place and why I left New York the first time many years ago — against my will — but I shan’t do that now. The point is, after having the literal Midas Touch in my early to mid 20s (after finally being healed of EP in 2000 at the age of 21), my life was all but “traditional.” I had returned to college, even living ON CAMPUS — at the age of 28, around a bunch of 18, 19, 20 year olds — and had never been around women my age (still haven’t to this day, outside of a stray one here or there). It was then that I realized and accepted that things were not going to go as I planned in this life. I was not going to get married when I thought I would, have kids when I thought I would, buy house(s) when I thought I would (though I had two houses ready to sign for when I was 20 and balked, because I was planning to move back to New York), and the impending recession, which coincided with my back surgery, only set me back even farther.
You hear women question a man who, when assessing him, appears to have his whole life together, isn’t insane, doesn’t have baby muvas, hasn’t been in and out of tumultuous relationships and several broken marriages, isn’t gay or hasn’t been imprisoned, is nice looking, is physically fit (until the last year or so), and wonder “HOW are you single?” but you would have to know some of these things in order to understand. As I wrote the other day with the Mistaken ID post, that was another thing that set me back literally five years. Five years that I cannot get back. Five years that I couldn’t afford to do a lot of the things I sought to do. Five years where some women thought I was of lesser value because I didn’t have W2 income (but always had money; and more often than not, MORE THAN THEY DID, while they broke their backs at jobs; imagine that). You have to understand all these things to wonder how such a man can get to 39, going on 40 and not be valued by even ONE woman by now. Says a lot about them, not me, however.
On another note, people equate being a Christian who is saved with being perfect. Who told you this? Yes, you should aim to be Christ-like, but that is the FOCUS, not an attainable goal. Christ’s example is one that should guide you in the midst of the myriad and multitudes of decision-making situations that you find yourself. How can you know the tenets of a faith that you reject as being true? You literally do not know what you speak about. Only a fool says there is no God; and why? Because you approach this faith with a carnal mind — one that CANNOT fathom and embrace faith, by the way — and, because you cannot explain things away and perceive them with a finite mind, it MUST be false?
This is why I no longer argue with those who spit on the faith. You are once again free to do as you will. I just plant seeds (often in esoteric fashion) and move on. I refuse to argue. That does nothing but damage to all stakeholders involved. I’m also not going to allow you to project all your angst about the faith onto me. I have had to cut off some people for this. Someone else is equipped to plant that seed or water it after someone else has planted it before them.
But if there are two things that prevail here: 1) You cannot figure out my faith without truly desiring to understand it with a pure heart and mind, nor 2) can you understand me without doing the same. You will literally be more off base than Rickey Henderson in his bag-stealing prime trying to do so. I purposely don’t allow those who don’t unconditionally get to know me, the ability to do so. I will put out dummy signals and confuse you, because you will think you have me figured out based upon experiences with someone else, instead of listening and paying attention to what I actually say and do.
This is also why i stopped hanging with most people to this day. And I am content with it. You have and never will hear me lament not having a ton of friends. I have never wanted that. And the aforementioned high school experiences and 25 years of literally studying people and the human psyche at the highest levels only furthered that desire to NOT want a bunch of people around me. If you are ever allowed in my inner circle, don’t go thinking you have me figured out if you HAVEN’T been listening and paying attention to the truth that I speak. You can’t “FIGURE” me out, you just have to get to know me, and govern yourself accordingly over time. Otherwise, I just move away from you, no explanations given. I have perfect peace and will fight tooth and nail to maintain it. Eight years strong, now, after breaking up with the psycho who nearly ruined my entire life in 2010.
I don’t really care what you do or don’t believe. If you accept Christ, GREAT, I am truly and sincerely happy for you for eternity. If you don’t, that’s your prerogative.
But all my willful decisions to do things that took me away from God over the years only further drove home the fact that I will not even attempt to go anywhere with a woman who isn’t sharing the same faith that I do, and not only that, even IN the faith, can’t be running around expecting perfection (when they have a million flaws that they are seemingly unawares of) and declaring a man less than a Man of God because he isn’t putting on false airs of piousness, because he dares to listen to anything other than Gospel music, or has OUTWARD sins (while those who write off such people have so much inner garbage that they hide and think they have people fooled — except God — about that the landfills on Staten Island can’t hold it).
Listen to me when I speak here, I’m tired of people thinking they have me figured out. I have lent insight into my life and what has led me to where I am today. Stop thinking you know why I am where I am, who I am, and why I do what I do without first knowing from the horse’s mouth. There isn’t any one person you can ask who can tell you even half of who and what I am, and that INCLUDES my parents and my own sister.
It is written.


M.D. Wright
I cannot wait until I can figure out what to do about this guy who has my name, birth year and a rap sheet as long as the Mississippi River… I got turned down for numerous $100K-$150K jobs over the years and never understood why. And they wouldn’t reveal, because they didn’t want to get sued (still might, though).
Do you not realize that all the shit I went through from 2009-2017 (excluding the real estate and time at Chase and Yahoo) was almost exclusively due to me being confused for THIS PISSANT???
And you had people who don’t even know what they were talking about trying to tell me I was doing this or that wrong, or should try this or stop that… it never had anything to do with it. I had my prime early adulthood working years stolen from me because of this.
I’ve missed out on at LEAST $650K in earnings.
I’ve had chicks try — TRY — and shit on me because I wasn’t “stable” financially (though I was always getting money, whether or not it was W2, and most of the time MORE THAN THEY WERE — as they were living check to check and always crying broke).
I’ve been viewed as a “slacker” (as fucking IF), a “moocher” (when it has to be life or death before I even ask anyone for help), a “freeloader” (when I was put into a position by the one who claimed it, to NOT be able to thrive — all while this was going on with being mistaken for this swine), the whole nine.
I’m YEARS behind on my plans, and am always on the edge because I feel like I am running out of time and have to make up for lost time. People think I’m “angry”, “curmudgeonly”, or whatever negative they can think of, but until I write my book and truly go into graphic detail about all that I endured — because even my own PARENTS don’t know the half, as I went through most of it DOLO — you will never understand what it is to truly be me.
It is why I don’t want to hear people who have been out of a job for mere weeks or a few months whining to me…
… or people who elected to make conscious decisions that yielded consequences that they hate today, whine to me. You created those situations when you got with the wrong man or woman, you cannot equate THAT to THIS.
Those who have doubted me over the years and think that what I have been building towards has been all talk will soon see. I had to overcome a LOT of obstacles that were placed in front of me that were not situations of my making.
And I have never once believed that racism has ever played a role as an obstacle for me. I got an early immersion into the real world through our “academically gifted” program in elementary school, and never viewed myself as a victim. It is also what, along with my parents’ foundation, set the stage for me to be steadfast, unmovable, and unaffected by the pithy opinions of people who subjugate themselves (in relation to me) in the process. Literally have never cared what people thought or did in my adult life, because I overcame a deadly disease in high school that showed me what people were really about at an early age.
Enduring and triumphing over that made everything subsequent seem like child’s play.
Don’t call me “arrogant” because unwavering and consistent confidence makes you feel insecure and uncomfortable. Cocky? Sure. Harlem does that to you. But arrogant? NOT IN THE LEAST. Be better (tomorrow), I don’t belittle, I uplift. Those who know me know this. If you are around me and DON’T know this, you haven’t been paying attention and should probably take a walk entirely out of my sphere.

June 2018’s Wayyyyyy Too Early NFL Division-By-Division Standings Predictions

June 2018’s Wayyyyyy Too Early NFL Division-By-Division Standings Predictions
M.D. Wright

I’ll appease those of you who are shamefully still not into baseball, by giving you something to rattle on about for a few hours (or days… or weeks… or until the regular season begins?) Even though organized team activities (OTAs) are over, and training camps are about six weeks away, some want their football thirst to be quenched by any means necessary. Even though injuries occur during training camp, and signings are still yet to be made — even pivotal ones — by several teams, the facts still remain: PEOPLE WANT THEIR FOOTBALL!

So here goes, an early… EARLY division-by-division standings prediction for the 2018 NFL Season:

AFC East
New England                     11-5:: They will be sneaky good on defense this year, despite all the focus on offense.
NY Jets                                  7-9: The Jets were in most games last year, just couldn’t get over the hump, and all with a relative dearth of talent.
Miami                                  5-11: Who even knows what the Fins are right now?
Buffalo                                2-14: They may be even worse than this if they don’t find an offensive line. And quickly.

AFC North
Pittsburgh                           12-4: They won’t miss a stride, though they have not been able to consistently win on the road in years.
Baltimore                            9-7: The way the Ravens may use Lamar Jackson at times is intriguing to think about.
Cincinnati                           9-7: You forget that they were in seven of their losses until the final couple of minutes of the game last year.
Cleveland                            3-13: All this talk and there still isn’t going to be much improvement. Hue will want to jump into a lake again this offseason.

AFC South
Jacksonville                        11-5: This team is largely intact, and better and deeper at positions of strength. This is all about how far Bortles can take them.
Houston                              10-6: Will defensive coordinators have used the offseason to catch up to Deshaun Watson?
Tennessee                             9-7: Mariota better expand his game, or this will be the ceiling for the Titans with him at the helm.
Indianapolis                         4-12: This is being generous. They’re just happy to finally have an NFL ROSTER, but that does not portend a high level of competitiveness in 2018.

AFC West
Los Angeles                        12-4: The Bolts were better than their record last year, and have the deepest receiving corps (lowkey, in the eyes of casuals) in the NFL.
Denver                                  7-9: Will be interesting to see how well Case Keenum passes it in Denver’s weather, outside of the confines of the dome in Minneapolis.
Kansas City                          6-10: I don’t like the way this team is trending. Remember, they had a long losing streak last year WITH better, more proven players.
Oakland                               4-12: They’ll be lucky to even do this.  

NFC East
NY Giants                           12-4: 2017 was a fluke with the rash of injuries, league-worst coaching and overall chaos. The Giants are closer to the 2016 team that won 11 games (with improvements).
Philadelphia                        9-7: Eagles weak schedule in 2017 meant they caught several teams coming off tough games, injured or shorthanded, or having unexpectedly bad seasons. Won’t get those breaks with a first place schedule.
Washington                         6-10: Alex Smith will be good for a couple of game-winners, but this team lacks playmakers on both sides of the ball.
Dallas                                   5-11: League-worst receiving corps. Only the Bears are comparable.

NFC North
Green Bay                          12-4: Their defense will be great. Will Rodgers remain healthy?
Minnesota                          11-5: Dalvin Cook being back only helps their fortunes that much the more.
Detroit                                  8-8: The Lions still don’t have a reliable running game.
Chicago                                 7-9: An improvement, but lets pump the brakes on Trubisky until he shows and proves in a better system.

NFC South
Tampa Bay                         11-5: Jameis finally has an offensive line and a much-improved defense to balance things. 
Carolina                              11-5: They may actually be better this year than they were in 2015, regardless of record. Is Cam Newton in physical decline, though?
Atlanta                                10-6: This team ain’t going anywhere with Sark calling plays.
New Orleans                       6-10: Last year was mostly a fluke.

NFC West
Los Angeles                        11-5: Rams will be good, but let’s keep an eye on the massive overhaul of their defense.
Seattle                                   8-8: They won’t be as bad as some think, but not playoff good, either.
San Francisco                      6-10: Slow down with the Garappolo worship, he won’t be catching anyone off guard this year.
Arizona                                3-13: Gonna be a rough ride for young Josh Rosen.

2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Conference Semifinals Prospectus

2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Conference Semifinals Prospectus
M.D. Wright

The Heat is On, now (in the voice of Kenny Loggins). The chaff has begun to be sifted from the wheat, and now some of the most intense hockey you’ll ever witness is about to get underway. Regular season and playoff rivalries alike shall be renewed and you will want to record a few of these games (particularly the Winnipeg vs. Nashville series).

  • – Each series is a Best of Seven.

Conference Semifinals
Game 1: 4/26, 7 PM EDT

They meet again.

If the Caps don’t beat the Pens this year, they never will.

The thing is, I believe they will do just that. I don’t have any empirical data or some sort of screenshot of a crystal ball which accurately predicts this for me, but there are a few things that the Caps have done better (when they’ve been atop their game) this year, and a few things the Pens have done very poorly at several junctures this season that lead me to believe that this will be the year.

For one, the Pens’ blue line is not that good. Yeah, we know Brian Dumoulin eats up a lot of minutes, and Justin Schultz is great on the power play, but Kris Letang is either very good or very bad. He offers offence, as we know, but he has been VERY BAD in his own zone at several points this season. Never mind the rest of the slough they have on defence. Pittsburgh can score with the best of them, especially when they get handed tons of power play chances every game, but the defence and the relative mediocrity of Matt Murray (forget all the platitudes the media heaps on him) is reason to believe in #ALLCAPS, as Washington fans say.

Where the Caps have really improved is down the middle among their centre rotation. Barry Trotz moved to place Alexander Ovechkin and Tom Wilson on a line with Evgeny Kuznetsov, and it paid dividends the longer they played together. Additionally, Nicklas Backstrom has been great thus far in the playoffs, when he usually begins to disappear this time of year. But Lars Eller and Jay Beagle (whose presence was missed earlier in the Columbus series) have given the Caps important minutes in checking and penalty kill scenarios and Braden Holtby is playing closer to his Vezina form, versus the AHL goalie that he appeared to be at times during the regular season.

A child shall lead them. Watch for Chandler Stephenson and Jakub Vrana in this series.


Game 1: 4/28, 3:00 PM EDT

This is an impossible series to predict. You know the names. Andrei Vasilevskiy is superior to Tuukka Rask in every regard, but beyond that, where can you say either team has a decided advantage over the other?

If there is a concern, it is that the Bolts seem to take a long time to find their game many nights. You cannot have slow starts against a Boston team that is tenacious for all 60 (or more) minutes.

Oddly enough, the former New York Rangers who populate several slots on the team played major roles in Tampa dispatching the New Jersey Devils in short order with relative ease.

Expect more of the same versus Boston. Tampa’s blue line is slightly better, and produces more offence. This is about the only thing I can lean upon here.


Conference Semifinals
Game 1: 4/26, 10:00 PM EDT

This will be fun.

To say the least.

Those who scoffed in regards to Evander Kane’s words about being a player whose style suited playoff hockey are eating their words now.

Don’t expect him or Joe Pavelski to let up, either. And you don’t stop there. Logan Couture has been his usual stellar playoff self thus far, as has Brent Burns. You know what Tomas Hertl can do. The Sharks’ fourth line play has been energizing for them. Their blue line was shutdown versus Anaheim in the first round. Martin Jones dialed back the clock to the 2016 Playoffs.

We’ll see if Joe Thornton can make it back, he took part in morning skate prior to Game 1.

What is Vegas made of? Oh, they were dominant against the Kings (though they didn’t score much; nor did they need to, because of the exploits of “MAF” — Marc-Andre Fleury). This is a step up in competition for the Knights. Gerrard Gallant loves to roll four lines, and why not? He has four lines of second line-level players. There isn’t much disparity in skill and ability in any of his lines. It has been a large part of the Knights’ success this year. Additionally, they receive contributions from their blue line in the “o-zone” as well.

We like the Sharks’ pedigree, but there is something special in the water surrounding this Vegas team.

And though it will be anything BUT easy…


Game 1: 4/27, 8:00 PM EDT



It is just too bad that it is in the semifinals, and not the conference finals, or the Stanley Cup Finals (because, you now, that nagging fact that Nashville is just a few hundred miles from Charlotte, yet plays in the West, but that’s neither here nor there).

If you watched all five games between these two teams this regular season, you probably lost your breath in at least four of them. Nashville prevailed overall, but these are two big-time puck possession teams who defend, hit, and are big, fast and highly skilled.

Anyone who thinks they know how this series will turn out is a liar and a fool.

And unpredictability is what we love about hockey this time of year.

I’ll probably flip flop my pick several times in my head over the next two weeks, because the series will be back and forth in nature itself, but for the sake of the record (which doesn’t reflect my mind or heart)…


All Men are Dogs

All Men are Dogs
M.D. Wright

… or so you’d think, right?

Image may contain: text

If a guy hangs with mostly, if not all women, he’s “gay” (and often, this is true). If he hangs with his boys instead of hanging with women, he’s “gay” (bitter chick logic). If he always up under you, he’s “thirsty.” Yet if he’s doing anything where he isn’t up under you, he’s “suspect” and/or “likely cheating.”

And no, these aren’t chicks in their early 20s saying this. These are women — thousands — in their 30s and even 40s saying and co-signing this.

If a guy has multiple kids by multiple different women… 5, 6, even 9 or 10 kids by 6 or 7 different women, he is a “dog.” If he gets married young and doesn’t cheat, he’s a “simp.” If he’s wise enough to not have kids out of wedlock, knowing he is almost certainly going to be miserable for at least two decades, “something gotta be wrong with him.” And if he’s over 35, he’s “GOTTA BE GAY.”

If a guy without his own children (and wants his own, sired from his own loins), veto rights and all, chooses to not get with someone who has three and four kids by some other man, then has the nerve to say she doesn’t want anymore kids even after hearing the man say he wants his own… only to turn and attempt to demonize him… HE’S the one with “issues” and “selfishness,” huh?

So let’s get this straight… when a man expects a woman to be at a certain point in her life (as women do with men), it’s “asking too much” and “too picky”… you don’t want to have to wait for a man to develop and grow into his purpose, self-awareness and what not… but expect a man to do so when he has fully self-actualized and the woman isn’t… and he’s “foul” for moving on?

What logic is there behind possessing standards in the areas of academics, work, business, and even sport — and having others expect such from you — but when you have standards (more importantly, BOUNDARIES) when it comes to dating and marriage, the same people attempt to fault you for doing the same?

PARTICULARLY when you abide by the standards you’ve set?

How can you expect a worthwhile man to find you if you’re always – ALWAYS – in a relationship/situationship/textingship and KNOW half the time it’s dead end?


If women “mature quicker than men” then why is it that women don’t begin to appreciate a well-rounded man who is about his shit until a) they can’t beat out younger chicks in the looks department anymore and/or b) they’re in their 40s and 50s? I’m 38 and have watched two whole generations of women waste their 20s and 30s going out of their way to get with the absolute dregs of the human male species.

And then expect the opposite results than should be expected… only to subsequently have that magic epiphany when they’re down to one or two fertile eggs (if any at all) and expect the same type of dudes who they treated like Greg Jones did Dexter Reid in 2003 — an all-time Heisman stiff-arm — to suddenly want to be interested in them when they’re no longer young, supple and fertile?

Couldn’t be me.

Pro Tip: If you are perpetually and ALWAYS “talking to someone” and are never alone, don’t expect a worthwhile man to try and compete with that other nigga (or NIGGAS, for the thots).

The quotes are excerpted from “RIB: The Truth — The Story — The Reality of Women”
Gonna help some of you out who perpetuate vicious cycles of dead end thinking and actions, then I’m going to enjoy some football.

“The disagreement between what is expected and what actually happens between both types of Imposters and Phonies is only discovered through the perversion found in their thinking. Their thinking determines how they process who they are and what they expect from men. Identifying each individual inconsistency seems next to impossible, but the identity in found in the first three letters of their secular thinking, ‘Sec.’ The college whore and the Temple Prostitute like to operate “Secretly.” They conceal their whoredom from others or only allow a select few to know the truth behind, “Whore Number One.” The connection is not difficult to make. Silly women often alienate themselves with a distinct group of Imposters and Phonies within society by virtue of certain refinements or distinctions of beliefs and practices, a Sect.

The thing about this kind of educational and spiritual condemnation is it appears to be beyond ordinary understanding or without explanation by the women secretly operating in it. This is a powerful irony normally found in a dramatic effect between retardation and sanity. The irony enables right-minded people to see and understand the inconsistency between beliefs and practices while accepting them both. Think of it in light of the Church. The church knows homosexuality goes against the Word of God, yet many Pastors condone homosexuality by marrying people of the same sex. The ironic thing about this is they do it using the Word of God to sanction or ordain the very thing that is an abomination to God. They fail to see the irreverence found in the manner in which they practice their faith.

The same lack of vision enables man to operate in irreverence, and it keeps the Temple Prostitute and the College Whore connected to Imposter, Phony, and Viper. Silly women are unaware of the inconsistency found between their spiritual and educational teachings when demonstrating feigned ignorance during the act of fornication. Most men can sense a Temple Prostitute and a College Whore a smile away because they too have become “Silly.” Most men realize each kind of Imposter and each kind of Phony contains disparate, inconsistent, or discordant parts and qualities that are not consistent with those of right-minded thinking.

College Whores and Temple Prostitutes conduct themselves in a state of falsity when it comes to experiencing true love and desires that are dominated by sexual love and sexual desire. The abnormal and persistent sexual excitement exposes them to superficial realities that work against the sum of all things that are real, absolute and unchangeable in their world. Look at how revealing educated and so-called saved women dress. Yet many of them walk around exhibiting strong animosity towards men who see them and treat them in the manner they project themselves to be, “Whores.” They do this without realizing how the impurity in their own heart has attracted this kind of man in the first place.

Eventually, the heart of a College Whore and Temple Prostitute becomes hardened and it ceases to be friendly, generous or warm-hearted in nature. The disposition exhibits an inability to empathize or understand their own contribution to the feelings they have toward men. Therefore, they begin to make statements like, “Men aren’t shit” or “All men think the only thing a woman is good for is sex.” The biggest question surrounding “Men aren’t shit” is what makes a man who is not worth shit approach a woman who thinks she is worth more? Could it be that a man who is not worth shit is attracted to a woman who is not worth shit herself? A man who is not worth shit cannot usually approach a woman of substance. Most women of substance normally would not make utterance of a statement that demonstrates subnormal intellectual development.

A woman of substance will not possess an inability to guard against common secular dangers that allows men who are not worth shit to approach her in the first place. A woman of substance would be capable of connecting the dots between her thinking and the tragic outcomes it produces in her life and her relationships. “All men think the only thing a woman is good for is sex.” What else is a man going to think when women use sex to willfully transition from a high level of moral excellence to a lower level of immorality or intellectual character for money, fame and fortune? Remember, whether a Silly Woman is in college or in church, she still aliens herself with a distinct group of Impostors and Phonies within society by virtue of certain refinements, garments or distinctions in beliefs and practices. What does this mean? Look at whom a college or church woman resembles. Look at whom her thinking resembles, and then look at whom her actions resemble and then see what kind of men she attracts. Through this resemblance, Silly Women and both types of Impostors and Phonies remain connected o the same kind of men that remain connected to the same kind of tragic outcomes. This is deep-rooted mental illness. It does not allow Silly Women to see what is evident and what is evident to the average mind of a man. The power to go beyond superficiality is lost at this point. A Silly Woman sees a “Good Look” and forgets about moral excellence or intellectual character that is needed to fashion a good man. They even forget about money. Millions of women are with good-looking men who exhibit low expectations out of life and high expectations out of women they undoubtedly live with. Yet millions of women are okay with a man with low expectations, and millions of Silly Women live with financially secure men who are not worth a “Dime.” Tragically, Silly Women remain in both types of relationships when they are often victims of infidelity or mental and physical abuse by the men they dearly honor. It is not hard to figure out why they are silly. ”

This book is longer than a Shakespeare novel. Highly recommended read.

Don’t want to be held accountable for thoughts of actions, don’t want to have to ever answer to anyone when they get checked. Will find a way to justify any and everything they do, but someone else is always the villain. Avoid these people. They will always do you in. Learn to discern and stop making bad decisions, then you wouldn’t have to be on social media posting memes because you’re bitter. And make better choices in men and women. Learn to be alone for more than two days. You can’t find the right woman while screwing everything that moves, and the right man can’t find you when you’re holed up with someone different every few weeks.

You can’t fool those with sharp discernment, anyway. You can think you are fooling them, but they’re just waiting for you to come to grips about who you truly are and acknowledge it. Women know this about men (yet still get with these Imposters) and men can know a woman is unsavory and still break his neck to get at her.

Flaunting around your “education” and material things, as if that is synonymous with your identity is pure folly. Taking advantage of weak-willed women, as if to cast a spell on them makes you a Viper. Man or woman. This post isn’t gender-specific. It applies to ALL human beings. Govern yourselves accordingly..

Some’a yah spend all day preaching, preaching, preaching, giving off an appearance of perfection (when it’s NOT about that — if you are professing to be a Christian), and don’t even recognize the very thing that you preach to others about LOL.

I knew people like this. The men were lunatics, were no earthly good, did not live pragmatic lives. The women were always in and out of fruitless relationship, with kids strewn from several of the relationships, and end up alone because they can’t relate to anyone — failing to recognize the very man that they preach to other women about when he enters THEIR lives.

These are the types of “Christians” who run people away from the altar. They think they’re doing work for the Kingdom, but are only causing people to turn away because they can’t relate to you NOR the misrepresentation of God that you project.

Side Note: If you a chick who won’t get with a dude but got something critical to say about EVERY chick he get with, you cannot be trusted.

If every time I ask you what’s new in your life, you respond “nothing,” you cannot wonder why I don’t delve any further.

I have a full life, with a purpose, vision and a plan. Where’s yours?

Where is the congruence? If you are never doing anything, but when you ask me what the deal is, I have a laundry list. The paths aren’t parallel, they are DIVERGENT.


How does any halfway decent woman make it to 40, claim she wants marriage and never ONCE get married before that point?

I used to actually listen to those sob stories, then I began to observe, and observe some more.

You got to go out of your WAY to avoid men who are worthwhile marriage partners to make it to 40 and not be married.

Either that (and/or) you were a bona fide slide all that time. It’s just ludicrous to believe that you are gonna waste your youthful years, your prime child-bearing years, your best-looking years, on no-good losers and then wake up when those losers are now passing YOU over for younger versions of you, and wake up one day thinking “Oh, now I’m ready to get married” and think someone’s either a) going to magically pop up just because you want it to happen or b) just going to be content and not have their OWN standards, for which you no longer meet.

It don’t work that way.

You had your chance with sometimes the exact same dudes, how is that fair to come back when you’re past your prime and he’s just supposed to be “lucky to have you”?

BullSHIT. And that “If you can’t accept me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best” works both ways, as well.

For a purpose-driven, vision-focused man who knows what his goals are early on, you not only have your own vision and purpose, but you (if you are the right one) serve as a boost for him to reach higher heights than he ever could on his own. And vice versa him for you. Otherwise, the guy ends up sometimes taking twice as long — if not longer — to reach where he would have years ago, while you are out here partying and whoring away your prime physical years.

You don’t get to show up with this newfound desire to finally marry, with MAYBE two fertile eggs left, after he has toiled and put in all the work to build his legacy, and THEN think you’re just gonna come alongside him like that person who runs up next to the gold medalist 100M sprinter and cut in without having put in the same work to build that legacy.

This is another reason I don’t trust the motives of a lot of women, and refuse to listen to these pity parties that women my (current) age love to tell. Unless you have been chained to a raddyator, in a convent, or a psychotic recluse throughout all of your 20s and 30s, or flat out abominable looking (and I’ve seen such manage to be married, so that don’t fly either), it’s just not believable. You’ve willfully passed on several by this point.

And the very thing that many of you worry about (being left alone, lonely and having no one to share your time with when you’re older or take care of you) will happen to you ANYWAY.

Old too soon, wise too late? Or just old too soon and never wise, as is increasingly the case?

I witnessed the ONLY trifling nonsense go down on Twitter (where else?) where this dude got DRAGGED by a mob of bitter Black women when he said or did nothing negative toward Black women whatsoever.

It is appalling how the very same women who label such a guy as “lame” or “too this” or “not ____ enough that” are QUICK to jump on the same cat’s case the minute he comes up in his career, develops a modicum of fame and/or fortune, and GOD FORBID get with a non-Black woman, because somehow he SUDDENLY owes something to the very women who spent his entire adult life shitting on him.

How does THAT work???

I’ll never respect a woman who knowingly sleeps with married men. I don’t care what men do, I ain’t looking among men to see who I want to be with. I’m looking among women.

I don’t associate with dudes who cheat on their wives or girlfriends anyway, for the record.

But chicks who sleep with married men, and “talk to” (and smash) multiple dudes at the same time while playing the “interested in you” role are the absolute pits of the earth.

You have nothing if you have no integrity and only tell the truth when it is imminently beneficial to you. This either amplifies or negates looks. This is what some women don’t realize when guys (like me) who are worth a damn begin to express what it is they are looking for.

You think it’s all about looks and coitus, but that’s for when you are Humpin’ Around like Bobby Brown. An intentional man who is out to choose ONE WOMAN isn’t discerning a woman in that manner. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise (and let us MEN tell you, instead of you inaccurately assuming that you know what drives these two distinctly different types of men — in this realm, at least).

I’d rather NOT hear from a bunch of women who have never been in a lasting (to this day) relationship critiquing — about as far off base as Rickey Henderson during his prime base stealing days as they are — my outlook on women and my choices of who I do or don’t get with or why or why not.

I should write a nice, long, detailed to the nth degree autobiography — almost exclusively focused on what took place from 2012-2017.

I could really expand it to the Summer of 1996, when I had a fateful surgery just days before I would have died without it, to the life-altering/destroying decision that was made on my life plans behind my back in 1998, which still affects everything I am dealing with today.

But on 2012-2017 ALONE, there is much that I experienced that has changed me for the better. Some don’t see it that way, because they are glazed over, asleep, blinded by the rat race and never sitting down to self-actualize, reflect and truly look at all the ugly things about them in the mirror.

It is easier to project and attempt to absolve one’s self of culpability for things than it is to face the music, be transparent and change the ugly truths about themselves.

Most people never do this. Those who do TEND to either be bedridden/homebound due to illness, severe injury/disability, imprisoned, or virtually imprisoned (as I was) due to blackballing throughout the workforce.

The effects that this had on my psyche are innumerable; and people who compare light afflictions (of their own making, might I add) to what was thrust upon me despite my best efforts (intentional non-hires, very few interviews, and sometimes kick-out rejection emails in a matter of a couple of hours after applying for jobs — which was the real confirmation that subterfuge was afoot), plus being a man — sorry, women will never truly understand what it is for a man to not work when he direly wants to and cannot get hired despite being superior in qualification to 95% of the people who got jobs over them (nepotism or not).

You can say I’ve “changed” but I really haven’t. I’ve gone back to being my true self; not concerned with trying to be “nice” nor caring what people think about me, one way or the other. How it comes off isn’t a concern to me. I am not here to assuage your emotions, no matter who you are — relative, friend or complete stranger — that is on you. What I AM gonna do is give you that raw, transparent (with tact and decorum) and demand the same integrity, honesty, anti-PC/anti-passive aggression that was forged within me during my wilderness experience.

You can suggest that I have become “harsh”, but that could not be farther from the truth. I have zero tolerance for bullshit, because I have zero bullshit. Your not liking particular things that I say or do does not qualify as bullshit. Consistent, integrity-filled living is the goal, and at times, the truths that must be spoken will offend those who are not walking in said truth. This is a universal truism in this life.

You can suggest that I am being “idealistic” or “asking for too much” in the right woman, but I’ve been with enough of the WRONG women to know what I will allow for and what I won’t. I don’t ask for anything that I am not already living, so there’s no such thing as “asking for too much” on this end.

And what is accused to be “idealistic” usually comes from a place of lack of accountability (and a desire to maintain that status quo), rather than stepping up one’s game. Women are allowed to demand the world from a man, while the same demands are merely optional when the tables are turned. Until such a woman emerges, I am staying away from all that fuckery that I see people willfully engaging themselves on a daily basis. Avoiding that fray is why I have no drama, and being filled with integrity and moving with transparency is how I MAINTAIN a drama-free life.

You should try some of these things WITHOUT having to go through what I went through. You’ll be better off for it.

Yall gotta stop making generalisations because you are HURT in your dating relationships. A lot of this shit I see flying across the TL are HUMAN TRAITS IN GENERAL — not gender-specific. Narcissism, lack of self-actualization/awareness, lack of EQ, etc. knows no gender. Fools!

Good Lord this nonsense has to stop.

Choose better.

Men go out of their way to date/knock up/even marry hoes when they’ve had some good ones in their sphere.

Women go out of their way to avoid dudes they KNOW are good, get with trash, incessantly complain about it, wash, rinse, repeat until they’re 45 and the light bulb goes off.

When I was in my early 20s and still somewhat naive, I used to actually listen to women in their mid-late 30s and into their 40s tell these sob stories about their interactions with men, and this supposed dearth of worthwhile men.

No more.

A lot of them are full of shit and not truly being honest with you about what THEY were doing in their 20s and 30s.

I don’t entertain that shit anymore, needless to say.

About tired of women trying to tell men how to be men.

You don’t even know how to be a WOMAN, much less how a man should comport himself with respect to women.

Don’t know why it is so difficult for women in their 40s to understand… but we all know how the female body works with regards to time limits on certain functions in this lifetime.

If I already had a kid(s), sure, I would consider getting with a woman in her 40s. They seem to be the only ones who have any sense of what the embodiment of REAL MAN looks like in action.

But because I willfully chose to NOT have kids out of wedlock, what would be the point of getting with a woman who either a) cannot physically have (any more) kids, b) maybe doesn’t want any more, even if she could, or c) are at a heightened risk of miscarriage and delivering a developmentally-challenged baby?

If the roles were reversed, I’d be getting called a pig for expecting a woman to ditch her vision and overall plan just to suit my selfish desires (which, in this case would be to abandon the vision I have for a wife, children and building upon my legacy with my children carrying it forward).

Why, then, am I verbally assailed for NOT doing so when some attempt (and fail) to make me feel guilty for passing on a woman who is 45 years old and can’t have any(more) kids — has happened several times, by the way, not one-off — when my life’s vision and plan runs counter to such a scenario?

Oh wait, we (men) are under attack from the rancid-brained sect of extreme feminism and aren’t allowed to have standards, visions, and plans. Just women are allowed.

Got it.

I get so tired of being around women complaining about the ills of men in my presence, when I’m a man who DOESN’T do any of that shit. It’s fucking insulting.

Chicks will ignore a worthwhile man when they have first dibs, and then when they actually see another woman get with him, THAT’S when they want to start trying to make a move on him.


And please curve coming into my sphere talking about the ills of Black men.

None of that shit has anything to do with me, because I don’t do any of it.

That’s the problem with those of you who do this bitching and moaning about an entire subgroup of people. You don’t even have the discernment to realize when you’re talking to/dealing with one who ISN’T what you waste so much time and energy complaining about.

You can’t be getting mad at Black men who — REGARDLESS of their motives (which are irrelevant to you, unless he is specifically putting YOU down — go elsewhere with other women. The previous cat(s) did you wrong. Sure. Sorry. Tough shit. Choose better. Exercise discernment. Realize a good thing when it is in your sphere, instead of doing the very thing that not only attracts the same dudes you love complaining about, but REPELS the men who are actually what you CLAIM you want.

They either think they’re too good for you, when they aren’t, never were and can’t ever possibly be… or think they’re not good enough FOR you, which is equally untrue.

I need women’s self of steam to be brought back into balance from both these extremes.

The more I reflect, the more grateful I am for my plot in life RIGHT NOW.

Yes, some things occurred that were beyond my control which severely derailed my plans years ago — including decisions made by others for my life behind my back — and illness ruined any chance of playing college or professional sports.


Having endured a lot of things in the past few years, it added even more wisdom and maturity, prescience, and overall perspective that will buoy me when I reach my ultimate goals; something that I would not have been armed with after having a relatively easy time of everything that I sought out to do in my 20s.

Academics are easy (then again they always have been since pre-school), overcoming obstacles isn’t much of an issue, because of the fact that I’ve had to do so quite frequently in the past 5 or 6 years unlike anytime before.

I am also glad that I did NOT get married young. You hear women (who continue to assume how men think and act without being men or LISTENING to men talk about what makes men tick, which is folly) talk “I know, I know, every man has to taste something different — i.e. cheat during marriage — after a while, so I accept it.”

Why? Not every man is predisposed to cheating. And after having done all the things that so many guys fantasize about doing with women, there’s no desire to go back to that.

At all.

Which further diminishes (from ZERO) the desire to cheat on the woman who I finally realize (hasn’t happened yet) was worthy of marrying in the first place. So you can skip this block with that talk.

Can’t say that I would have believed this 10 years ago prior to the last two “relationships” that I was in, but even those situations helped mold my mentality today.

Then again, I have zero tolerance for bullshit today. I don’t bring any to the table, and don’t want any part of anyone else’s. You’ll never hear me clamoring about having “more friends.” I have enough. And I’m good being a loner. Trust me. So I’ve never been beat to be with someone just for the sake of avoiding being alone. I feel for those who think that way, to be honest.

I have never understood this mindset that “Men over age 30 with no kids and never been married are (fill in your favorite warped-minded, ass-backwards, illogical-minded, used-to-only-dealing-with-dudes-with-5-baby-muvas superlative here).”

Were you raised by jackals?

Some of us are responsible in every area of life. You should try it sometime. You might not be conditioned to think that a man having five kids with five separate women, afraid of commitment and has half the STDs on the testing panel is “normal.”

The fact that so many women think like this is the very reason I haven’t been married, personally.

I ain’t marrying someone who I KNOW is going to screw me over before long, AND try to take half my trap for a generation of life.

I watched too many kids who were 10-20 years older than me get raked over the coals dealing with child support, or having to deal with multiple crazy baby muvas and I value my freedom too much for that. I have always wanted marriage for the right reasons (i.e. the very reasons lost on so many who have been married and divorced before they even pop a gray hair), but I’ve never been in a rush about it.

To this date, 38 1/2 years of age, the mere mention of such a desire — however increasingly faint that desire becomes with each passing day — to marry elicits a “DON’T RUSH IT!” response.

Nigga! I repeat, I’m 38 (!!!) There are tortoises who would scoff at the assertion that I am “rushing” ANYTHING.

It’s more reflective of the women who think in the manner which I described above, not me. Present me with a woman who I actually find attractive, isn’t screwing everyone who shows them the slightest bit of attention, and actually understand how marriage is supposed to work, and it will fit together like the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle: rather seamlessly, relatively quickly, and easily.

The fact that this HASN’T happened isn’t me being “too picky.” On the contrary, I’ve never been picky. I know what I want. That has never really shifted. Just been living in places where such woman are at a mar-ked dearth. Particularly since leaving New York. And the catch 22 in New York is that even chicks who, even on their best days are just a 5, think they have 10,000 options every day they step out of their front doors. Simply wanting someone who shares your faith, general — very — outlook on life, doesn’t have a track record of cheating, or “country” (removing the “o” and “r”) all the time isn’t “asking for too much”, especially when those who suggest that you are doing so are asking for men to be 100 times more responsible, successful, fulfilling and accomplished than they can even DREAM of being. Yet not criticized for having astronomical standards; while those of us with BASIC standards can’t even find ONE WOMAN who meets them.

I don’t do the long-distance thing. I know they exist. I know them PERSONALLY, but i am too old to be playing that Carmen Sandiego shit. If you ain’t within a couple of hours’ drive, it’s just not going to go anywhere.

You gotta dive through a school of piranhas nowadays just to get to that ONE pearl in the clam in the bottom of the ocean. That is precisely what it is like nowadays.

Yet if I had 4 kids with just as many baby muvas, it somehow would make me more attractive in the eyes of so many of these mentally retrograde chicks nowadays.

What is life on this planet even ABOUT anymore?

It is one thing for a guy who doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean, doesn’t work, doesn’t go to school, doesn’t have money, doesn’t have a car, brings nothing to the table other than his half-way antics in bed to say, “I can’t get with a woman who doesn’t/can’t cook.”

His statements hold no weight.

Contrast that with a man who does most, if not all that — including cooking — and it should have some validity.

Even if he were to be the chief one cooking in the relationship, it isn’t a matter of ability, but willingness to do so.

Cooking is one of the many methods by which one shows love to those who they cook for. It is cathartic (the process of cooking) and there is an intrinsic joy derived from watching people enjoy and appreciate something you created for them to eat.

When you can’t — nor try to learn how, or are unwilling to — cook, where else are you demonstrating love?

Are you at all? Or is it all about material things and other flimsy, superficial things that are quite often here today and gone tomorrow?

A woman who doesn’t value herself will settle for, and worse yet, capitulate to the whims and desires of the man outlined in the first paragraph here.

Similarly, a man who values himself isn’t getting with a woman who, among other things, can’t/won’t cook, and brings nothing else of any substantive value to the table other than what he can erstwhile get from any number of women.


These TV shows are very revealing. Not the shows themselves, but the people who watch them.

Dudes out here siding with simp and sucker behavior by a male character on one show.

Chicks giving a pass to death knell (for a relationship) antics by a female character on multiple shows.

And what I don’t get is, despite these depictions (some of these shows have been running for years), you STILL comport yourselves the same way LOL.

I consider some of these shows as guides to avoid or cease doing certain things, if I am guilty of actions that produce unsavory results.

In other words, don’t get on social media with your “all men (or women) are trash” nonsense when you keep choosing foul dudes (or chicks), continue to (willfully) overlook dudes — or chicks — who you KNOW are the antithesis of those negative experiences; almost as if you relish being able to complain about the bad ones OVER simply getting with one who you know will be what you want and need.

That’s not even insanity, that is delusional and masochistic.

I laugh at the reasoning of some people nowadays.

All this “Women’s Intuition” and “Women are Smarter than Men” codswallop… BUT…

1. If your intuition is so deft, why do you still get played by garbage dudes?

2. If he’s THAT much of a Svengali that he had you utterly fooled, are you really “smarter” than men?

3. If you claim that “Women’s Intuition” is such a thing (everyone has discernment, it is not exclusive to women, not that anyone over age 12 should have to be reminded of this), then how is it that you can — in a separate scenario — KNOW these cats who have made you bitter today were garbage and still get with them?

4. What does it say about you and this so-called “Intuition” when you go out of your way to leap over several worthwhile men with their act together (but you’ve deemed to be “boring” or isn’t the subject of your thrill-seeking expedition) to get with garbage dues… then complain about the predictable outcome TO the very guys you skipped over?

No wonder so many women are confused in life, just typing that very real, and oft-occurring set of scenarios — often in the same woman’s life — was enough to completely obfuscate and becloud my brain. I can only imagine the brain of those who actually process thoughts in this manner.


Issa Rae is GORGEOUS.

Her interview on the Breakfast Club a while back got me to thinking, though. She’s one of those rare frankly honest women who doesn’t sugarcoat her past and present actions, or attempt to justify them with some garbage that insults everyone’s intelligence. I respect that. But while she didn’t express the following (my thoughts, the following) about herself, it sparked a thought about what I have observed from so many women nowadays.

So many “talk” about wanting to get married. Yet, their actions don’t align with such. The so-called “hoe phase” (many people have one, that phase lasts longer for some than others, always by choice, I might add), is one thing, but if you spend 12-15 years after high school living like that, while telling the world that you want to get married, what are you doing?

Sure, there are men who don’t care about your past (yours truly, one of them — as long as it IS your PAST, and not your PRESENT, lest we have zero FUTURE), and there are men who either don’t want kids at all, or already have them and want no more, but if you get with a man who wants kids, and you didn’t stop “hoeing” around until you were 34, 35, what are you doing?

I couldn’t care less how someone lives their life. If it doesn’t directly affect me and I’m not being violated in the process, I got no hell to send you to, and have nothing to gain by harshly judging you. However, if your actions are disparate with your stated objectives, you are going to get looked at side-eyed more so for that, than the mere fact that you are in a “hoe phase.” You don’t have that much more time to bear children once you hit your mid-30s. Who is that fair to?

And the others nowadays, who also profess a desire to marry, effectively selling (expletive) to the highest bidder. They say that, but will ignore the type of men who actually will provide that for them. They go and force something to work with someone who they perceive to be “stable” and have everything in order (before they, the woman, even come into the picture… which is objectionable to the nth degree, but I digress), and don’t dare call them out on this. Worst yet, all the stringent “standards” go out the window when they meet a man who is “ready-made” versus the ridiculous standards that they set (and don’t even meet THEMSELVES) for guys who aren’t “there” yet.

The issue with this is such:

You who think this way are averse to going through anything. You made bad decisions with men before, and now shut down anyone who remotely reminds you of those bad decisions. That’s not how life goes. First off, money comes and goes. Fortunes turn. Seasons change. Trials and tribulations are inevitable. When you go exclusively for guys who you PERCEIVE to be “ready-made” and “got it all together,” what is your course of action if (and often when) trials befall him — and by extension, YOU — are you just going to up and leave and hitch your wagon to the next gravy train of ready-madeness or are you going to realize that you’ve been going about it the wrong way all along?

But what do I know, it’s not like i don’t understand human psychology and sociology on an expert level or anything.

Hearing too much of this “Men are intimidated by my success” stuff again of late.

I will never understand it, personally.

No woman (or man, for that matter, but specifically women, because of the focus and scope of interactions between men and women “on the market”) can “intimidate” me. That’s not bluster, that’s reality.

You don’t (and most of you COULDN’T without killing yourselves) go through the shit I’ve gone through; much of which I never post about online, and be “intimidated” by someone who thinks material things define them.

It is folly.

What I don’t understand is you are an adult. You are doing as an adult should. What is there to be intimidated about?

You bust your ass for your slave master and live check to check.

Shouldn’t a light bulb go off in your head that even with all the shit (spoken and unspoken) that I’ve had to deal with, none of which was of my making or from a lack of concerted effort, that I always have money, always able to get a crib, don’t have anyone paying my way in any way, shape or form, and damn sure not living off a woman, while consistently rebuilding my credit back to the 800+ levels where I once had it when I was at my acme, that I’m PROOOOOOBABLY not moved (and, by extension, not “intimidated”) by an adult doing what is expected from an adult?

What a novel concept.

“It’s a triple threat when you withhold information, lie about it, then gaslight your partner and make them think it’s them.” – Quote from a respected PsyD.

The worst part about this is when you know the other person is doing it, and they still have the nerve to become indignant by finding a way to make YOU out to be the villain.

Anytime someone claims the, “I thought I told you x, y, z…” knowing full well they didn’t, and knowing that YOU know full well that they didn’t… then lie about it when you run your photographic and chronological memory… and then they have the nerve to turn around and try to play you with underhanded comments, you are dealing with a truly toxic person.

The worst part about such a person is that they are never accountable to anyone, they don’t want to be held accountable for anything, they always run around talking about how they “don’t care” about anything or anyone’s opinions, and even purport themselves to be so “enlightened” and “open-minded,” when, in reality, that open-mindedness is limited to that which suits their agenda and their level of comfort.

Step outside of that, and their minds close quicker the local bank at 6 PM on a Friday.

I KNOW I’m preaching today. Work out your own feelings elsewhere though. Don’t stare at the screen with tightened jaws. I’m just the messenger.

Oh, and it’s about time you DO start caring (for the “don’t care” crowd).


You can have a million superficial things in common with someone, but what lies at the core of you both (faith, ultimate life’s passion, etc.) will either make or break any relationship you may have.

I liken it to someone attempting to squeeze into a jacket that is too small for them.

You can zip it up to a certain point, and those two sides can be in lock step and harmonious, but when you don’tshare those core beliefs or the same faith, you end up on divergent paths… just like when you squeeze into that jacket and it’s too tight and eventually the zipper that connected the two sides comes off track, and the sides drift apart.

It’s easy to find someone to coexist with and MAYBE make it last (though invariably growing apart as time goes on). The RIGHT one can sometimes take longer to realize, because they don’t always flash outwardly signs illustrating such… particularly to those who utilize practically zero discernment in life.

No, I don’t “think too much,” it’s called exercising wisdom.

Judging by some the long line of poor decisions you make in dating and marriage, you don’t think ENOUGH.