A Word of Wisdom and Exhortation for September 7, 2017

A Word of Wisdom and Exhortation for September 7, 2017
M.D. Wright
Audio Here:
I woke up with more motivation today than I have in MONTHS. I have felt this many times, but it was more in my 20s when I was truly doing what I should have been doing and working toward my personal objectives. I lost sight of these things due to “life” and have recently been working my way back to the place where I need to be spiritually; particularly with the help from a dear friend who cared enough to outlast my massive outbursts at times and help me see some things that I was unaware of (or lost sight of) within myself. The proverbial light bulb went off this morning, and I had that “aha!” moment that I used to get when these messages were to be delivered for the benefit of others, as was my ministry — again, when I was “doing what I was supposed to be doing” — which means NOT being cooped up in the four walls of a “church edifice” but actually exemplifying the spiritual gifts that I have been blessed with in order to uplift and exhort others; in other words, living the faith that I believe, instead of just preaching it without aligning actions, or WORSE, turning completely away from the faith altogether.
Don’t ask me to tell you something on demand. I am not a conjurer or fortune-teller or any of those things. I’m not even a prophet. I just speak what is given to me, as untainted as I can articulate it in words and parables, such that the reader/listener can understand.
I only got three hours of sleep overnight and don’t feel “no ways tired” like James Cleveland.
My head is spinning because as soon as I hit the floor, my spirit was awake like it was when things were flowing in every direction for me.
I had four missed calls by 9 am when I woke up, and my phone has been ringing all day, while bombarded with emails pertaining to opportunities, one of which I am considering taking next week.
I will finally be moving out of here by the end of this month, but not going far (thank God), and time to get another car, as well.
I have had a deep impression in my spirit for weeks now, and I tried to figure out where it applied to me, but only very little of it was for me. It was for OTHERS TO HEAR, so I would be doing a disservice by not sharing it:
— You cannot go back and retrieve the time you spent in a job that failed, or the bad decision/regrets you may have regarding your choice of career or which school you went to, how much money you spent going there. The time for you to make the changes necessary is now. There sometimes appear to be obstacles in your path that are not truly obstacles beyond those in your mind. Re-center your focus on what your ultimate purpose and plan in life truly consists of, and do not block God’s blessings by flapping your gums about things to the wrong people.
— Tell your loved ones — relatives, longtime friends, spouse, significant other, love interest — that you love them. Tell them how you truly feel about them. The unspoken can be just as damaging and serve as an impediment for you and the person you should be telling these things, as it can be an impediment by babbling to the wrong people. You never know who you will inspire by simply expressing your truest emotions and seeing how that can motivate someone to finally do something that they have put off working on for months or even years.
— Revel in others’ success. Seek out those who have things going well in their lives at the moment. Instead of being bitter about not having things go the way you’d hope right now, relish their success and be their cheerleader and supporter. You reap what you sow. The difference is either reaping the fruit of bitterness, envy and jealousy, or reaping an abundance because you were truly and unconditionally/altruistically happy for someone else.
— Let go of the past altogether. If that business failed, so be it. Learn from what you did wrong and apply it going forward. But move on. If that relationship did not work out, remember why it did not work out and do not return to it. Do not dwell on the things that caused the relationship to fail (even if you are chiefly at fault — if you’re honest with yourself), by now, you should have taken the time to sort out matters within yourself and healed to the point where it is time to turn the corner. Reopening that Pandora’s Box will only make it 100 times tougher to close the next time, and with even more pain and agony than it produced before, leading to the broken dreams of a failed business, a lost job, or a broken relationship/friendship/marriage.
— Focus on what you have right now and be grateful for every “little” thing, rather than lusting over what (or who) you DON’T have. Gratitude is the best way to have “opportunity meet preparation.” That goes for any situation you can think of.
— Don’t let fear apprehend you. Sometimes the best opportunities coming before you in the near future are those that require you to vacate your “normal” or “usual way of doing things” — those methods sometimes serving as the reason why you have been unable to move forward into things that you thought would have happened already. We are our own worst enemies most of the time, and it takes someone with wisdom, discernment and the ability to articulate things about ourselves TO US in order to see these blind spots that we overlook on a daily basis.
— Don’t quit. When the temptation is the greatest to fold and cut and run, that is when you should be standing right in the face of the storm and enduring the pain. Most people by nature run as soon as discomfort or something that reminds them of a painful memory in the past comes along. Again, the one’s own worst enemy angle. The breakthrough is quite often right around the corner from what appears to be a major, catastrophic storm directly in front of us. Have you ever driven through a severe thunderstorm? From a distance, the clouds are extremely dark and lightning and heavy rain abound, but as you approach the storm, it doesn’t look as bad as it did from a distance, and once you’ve cleared the dark cloud, you realize a) it wasn’t as bad as you thought after all, and b)some of the things you stressed about when approaching the storm weren’t scary after all; in fact, the resolve necessary to keep the car within the lanes and remaining aware of your surroundings are the very things that you need to be equipped to get to where YOU ARE GOING IN THE FUTURE. For some, this could be the very NEAR future. Don’t turn around and out-race the storm in the other direction. You’re still going to have to pass through it, and it’s going to take you twice as long to get to the other side now.
That is for someone, but don’t shoot the messenger.
— Don’t let pride get in the way of your progress. If you are supposed to be partnering with someone or a group of people to work on a project that you KNOW you have a vision to accomplish, work the phones, emails, texts, etc. and begin making it happen. No one wants to be around someone in their 50s and 60s killing their ears with the “I shoulda done this, that and the third” when the only reason they did not get it done was pride, ego and an unwillingness to work together with others. Hogging the spotlight so that you can claim that you “pulled yourself up by the bootstraps with no one’s help” means nothing at all. You will have your reward in full. The greater reward is working with those who you are supposed to work with to achieve things that are beyond your own comprehension and finite vision.
This goes for me, along with some people who I know it applies to. I will not say names.
— Let go of the bitterness about the situation you may have found yourself in over the past year or so. If an ex cheated on you, let it go. Someone who actually appreciates your virtue and who you are AS you are is out there, but you won’t be able to “see” or appreciate them in return if you are hung up on what an ex did to you before.
That is for several people, I know for sure. Again, don’t shoot the messenger. Bristle at the message if you want, but you’d rather be angry now than to be 100 times more bitter later when you realized you shortchanged your own self by hanging onto the past and blowing right past the right person for you due to fear of getting rejected, hurt and betrayed again, or whatever the cause of the breakup.
— WIth how things have shaken out during the first eight months of the Trump regime, we have realized that the way we “used to do” things has to change. No longer can we depend on jobs and a singular source of income as the means to achieve the things we dream (for those of us who are dreamers and visionaries). You have to be willing to think outside of the box. I have said for many years, “Money is a reward for solving a problem that society did not know it had.” Chasing money isn’t the way. With that mindset, once you have the money, your focus isn’t on doing things greater than your own selfish and lustful desire. Choosing to focus on a void that needs to be filled for the benefit of society at large — whether it is your neighborhood, your city, nationally or globally, what have you — will produce wealth far beyond that which you could have fathomed AND open doors for others to benefit, which is really most of our individual purpose in life.
— Be malleable. Try new things. Try new things with new people.
— Turn off the TV once in a while. Too many people live in a fantasy world and it distorts their REAL LIFE encounters and the way they perceive “success.” Reality TV, if it is your cup of tea, isn’t a killer on its own merit. The damage is done when you — consciously or otherwise — begin patterning your lives after the frivolities that are indulged in by the characters on those shows; many of whom are acting purely from a script.
What TV additionally does (outside of a few exceptions which actually depict art imitating real life) is provide a warped idea about what relationships and marriage should look like — often by people who have no earthly idea what a successful relationship or marriage entails — while causing people to form blind spots to their own personal shortcomings. The result? A ton of people who are unaccountable to others with their own words and actions, and the same people harshly critical about even the most minor character flaw in someone else. Everything becomes a blame-fest, emotions are damaged, gender wars with words ensue, and a trail of bitterness and broken relationships result.
Date with a purpose. Don’t just get with someone because you are lonely. Don’t just do so because of societal or familial pressure. Likewise, don’t cut yourself off from what can be a beautiful thing because you are so focused on your career and the desire for total autonomy, that you fail to realize that the right person for you can — and again, if they are truly the right one for you — WILL take you to higher heights than you can by yourself. Whatever you do, remaining purposely single, or dating, courting, or just allowing things to develop with someone who you deem to be special, do it with a purpose.
— Avoid toxic relationships. If it means cutting off some family members, or moving away from certain “friends”, or continuing to entertain a situationship that you know deep down isn’t going anywhere, and will only end with unnecessary heartache — with at least one better option available all along while you wallow in the mud with Mr. or Ms. Good-for-Nothing — and you’re only doing yourself the greatest disservice in the long run.
This is definitely for several people.
— Don’t let fear of failure (or fear of success for that matter) be the reason you don’t act on something you feel passionate about. Once again, the unsaid and undone is a soul-crusher for many when they get older. They know they can only blame themselves, and it can eat away at you for the rest of your life in some instances. Choose to learn from the wisdom of your elders, some of whom made these mistakes due to a lack of information, and avoid making the same mistakes yourself.
The money you spend on empty pursuits and things of no appreciating value can be used to do the very things that you have a passion to do, and procrastinate or allow fear to hold you hostage.
— Always remember (not dwell) the pains you felt when you were in your darkest hour. Those trials were preparation for you to not only achieve what you have been purposed to do, but to SUSTAIN you in it. You do not want to be like a lottery winner with no financial counsel; one who gets $100 million and blows through it in five years. Without the trials of learning financial strategies, this is the result for many; whether they are lottery winners or professional athletes, celebrities or what have you. Your trails are to prepare AND sustain you once you’ve achieved. You can remember what it was like to go without and to be met with obstacles everywhere you’ve turned, and use that as motivation to not do the things that would land you back in the situation from whence you came.
Additionally, your trials aren’t always just for you. Do not begrudge (we all have to vent when we feel overwhelmed by anger, anxiety and grief, but be swift to recenter your focus on the bigger picture, lest you drive yourself insane) your struggles. They are often your testimony for OTHER PEOPLE’S benefit.
Think on these things. If they apply to you, just remember I am merely a conduit. I’ve sat on some of these things because I didn’t feel like I was in the best condition to share them without being tainted with what I have gone through since I moved to Maryland, but I had an abundance of things that I was given to speak to others, and here it is for you.
Take heed and if things apply to you, govern yourself accordingly. I don’t get these messages all that often, but when I do, they are applicable to the audience which I have at the given time.
I will place this in audio format so that some can follow better and not get lost in the massive amount of text.
Now on to football and whatever else you have on the docket this evening.

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