On #BeingMaryJane, S4E15…

On #BeingMaryJane, S4E15…
M.D. Wright


Saw some more discussion on last night’s “Being Mary Jane” episode, some interesting points were made. Beyond the fact that the show displays some real-life encounters and experiences that many of us have had (or are going through, in some cases), the way the characters interact is closely reflective to “real life.”

That said, that episode seemed to have hit a bit too close to home for some ha.

You’ll never get me to condone the things men have done with regards to disrespecting the woman they’re with; either physical or verbal abuse, cheating, lying, deception, etc. I’m just not going to do it. I’m not cut from that type of cloth, so I don’t ever entertain the table-turning gender-based back and forth nonsense.

However, the scene between Mary Jane’s parents is very real. I’ve seen that type of thing go down before, with people in their 50s and 60s, just like these characters.

But even with Mary Jane, Justin expressed how he felt towards her, then made himself vulnerable and transparent by giving her access to his personal information (not including what she rummaged through behind his back SMH), his phone and tablet password and the whole nine.

As soon as she offers hers, she immediately tries to go back through those devices to erase all the “Trifling Hoe” behavior that was all over her devices. Nude pics, shady emails between the plethora of dudes she has been with, then changes the password so that Justin couldn’t see anything in her devices while she feverishly attempted to delete them first.

Worse yet, when he knows she is hiding something — which is the very thing they discussed they WOULDN’T DO — she lies directly to his face as to why the password she gave him didn’t work. He knew, and simply asked her to see how she would respond.

This is all-too-frequent nowadays. It’s why truthful and honest (I don’t use the term “good”, because I can be a bona fide asshole quite often, as is my nature, and I don’t apologize for it, either; but I DO have integrity, and I don’t lie, deceive or cheat) have trust issues.

Even though Mary Jane has cut off all her paramours and old boyfriends, she still kept images and e-conversations she had with them. Maybe she hadn’t thought to delete them, but the moment when she needed to be honest, she resorted to lying instead. But then again, women want men to be these things — sincere, transparent, expressing how they feel about them, etc. etc. etc. — and don’t reciprocate. You can’t wonder why more guys don’t do it.

It would be one thing if Mary Jane was still messing with other dudes, she seemed sincere that she wanted to be with Justin and fully, instead of all the wavering she has always done (though only once she found out how much money he was worth — TYPICAL). You had your chance to come clean and be honest and you possibly blew it with this man because of it, as you know he has had issues with such things in past relationships, as he disclosed in a moment of vulnerability. Once a man spots a woman and makes her as a predator, that door can close immediately. If you are still messing with other dudes, admit it. Don’t let him find out (and guys like Justin, depicted in that show know a lot more than they let on — i.e. guys like me and a few of my friends) later that you were carrying on with other guys all along after he’s shown to be fully committed to you and forsook other women in the process. It’s something you don’t come back from, if you are the woman in his life.

I don’t know how many women watched that episode last night and had that chord struck between these two separate interactions (Mary Jane and Justin, and Mary Jane’s parents and her mother’s old “flame” who came back into the picture)?

Bottom line, don’t lie; particularly when you have a man who adores you to no end and is transparent and faithful to you. That situation with Mary Jane’s parents was a JOLT for everyone watching, though. Should serve as a warning for those who think they’re being slick while sneaking around and sliding into others’ beds thinking the other won’t realize what’s going on. No one’s THAT slick.


2 thoughts on “On #BeingMaryJane, S4E15…

  1. Anthony August 23, 2017 / 9:39 PM

    Yeah I just saw last night’s episode this afternoon. Yeah the “trading passwords” scenes were humorous and realistic. Women are so quick to judge a man because “all men cheat” but never want anyone snooping in their affairs. Point is, don’t look for dirt because there will always be something that can be misconstrued as most things aren’t black and white.


  2. Anthony August 23, 2017 / 9:40 PM

    The infidelity with her mom, yeah you could tell there was some deep-seeded feelings there from when her hubby mentioned “The Hammer”. Some women make certain choices that they regret: “Settling” for what was maybe “safe” or “convenient” but not following their hearts/desires.


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