Bold, Off-the-Cuff Early 2017 Season Predictions

Bold, Off-the-Cuff Early 2017 Season Predictions
M.D. Wright

It is August 1, which means training camps are now in full swing and we have the first preseason game (Hall of Fame Game; Thursday, August 3, 2017 — Arizona vs. Dallas) on the horizon. I normally don’t even begin talking about football seriously until Week 2 or 3 of the preseason, and don’t roll out predictions until after the preseason schedule is completed and the attrition that often leads to season-ending injuries has run its course just before Week 1 of the regular season.

I’m going to throw a bone to you people who rush spring and summer by, and don’t watch NHL playoffs, don’t like or watch baseball and spend every day from the conclusion of the previous season’s Super Bowl rushing Week 1 of the next season to arrive. Consider it a one-time, make-good offer. I’m going back to my old ways next year.

As for now, we will do division by division predictions, statistical leader predictions and AFC/NFC Championship predictions, as well.

AFC East
New England                    12-4
Miami                                 10-6
Buffalo                                  9-7
NY Jets                                2-14

AFC North
Pittsburgh                          12-4
Cleveland                             9-7
Cincinnati                            9-7
Baltimore                             8-8

AFC South
Tennessee                          10-6
Jacksonville                       10-6
Houston                               9-7
Indianapolis                       8-8

AFC West
Oakland                             12-4
Kansas City                       11-5
Denver                                9-7
LA Chargers                      6-10

NFC East
NY Giants                           12-4
Washington                       10-6
Philadelphia                       9-7
Dallas                                   8-8

NFC North
Minnesota                           11-5
Green Bay                           10-6
Detroit                                 10-6
Chicago                                5-11

NFC South
Tampa Bay                          11-5
Atlanta                                 10-6
Carolina                                8-8
New Orleans                        8-8

NFC West
Seattle                                 13-3
Arizona                                9-7
LA Rams                              7-9
San Francisco                    3-13

AFC Championship: Oakland vs. Pittsburgh.
NFC Championship: Seattle vs. New York Giants

Touchdown Passes: Aaron Rodgers
Passing Yardage: Jameis Winston
Rushing Yardage: Le’Veon Bell
Rushing Touchdowns: Dalvin Cook
Receptions: Mike Evans
Receiving Yardage: Odell Beckham
Receiving Touchdowns: Odell Beckham
Sacks: Jadeveon Clowney
Interceptions: Marcus Peters
Tackles: Bobby Wagner

Total Offense: Pittsburgh
Total Defense: NY Giants
Rushing Offense: Oakland
Rushing Defense: NY Giants
Passing Offense: Pittsburgh
Passing Defense: 
Sacks: Kansas City


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