On the Collusion of NFL teams against Colin Kaepernick

On the Collusion of NFL teams against Colin Kaepernick
M.D. Wright

You overly dense people grind my gears.

Incapable of nuance.



Can’t ever stay on topic.

Always looking to deviate from the main subject when it is “too uncomfortable” for you to want to discuss.

This Colin Kaepernick situation annoys me to no end. Fans will defend their team employing guys who have literally killed another human being, severely beaten women, and committed other violent crime, but will attempt to lump Kaepernick’s RIGHT to protest and object to social injustice (while being labeled “Anti-American — when the very thing he’s PROTESTING AND OBJECTING TO is Anti-American in and of itself!) as “bad, distracting behavior.”

You’ll support a rapist, a murderer, a serial abuser, but as soon as someone comes through to speak on something that upsets the status quo, you’re up in arms about it?

And then to support the clear, league-wide collusion taking place?

One-third of these teams’ STARTING quarterbacks aren’t better than Kaepernick. Never mind none of the backups, outside of maybe one or two even being half as good or equally as good. That man carried the least-talented team in the NFL for most of the season. No defense, busted up running backs and a bunch of #3 WRs and still put up better numbers, by measure, than guys like Goff, RG3, the $72 Million dollar (!!!) man, Kessler, arguably Bortles, and WHOEVER suited up for the Jets last year.

Cowards who try to put words in the mouths of the military, who have collectively and repeatedly stated that they stand by Kaepernick’s right to protest and kneel (though he said he would not do either going forward, as he has clearly made his point) are of the same cloth as the aforementioned. “He’s offending the troops!” They say. The troops, “I may not necessarily agree with some of his methods, but he has the right, and I support it” (general response).

These people want him to be “Anti-American” so badly, but the bottom line, the antics of these savage, rogue police officers and others who perpetuate and mete out incongruent “enforcement” are the ones who are, at the core, ANTI-AMERICAN by violating the rights of citizens and crossing over from enforcement to judiciary on the spot.

If you can take down everyone else — including those who have rifles and other weapons aimed at you during a standoff, WITHOUT killing THEM — you can surely take down someone unarmed (and we do not mean the phantom cell phone or the wallet you instructed them to reach for, and claiming “I feared for my life”) Black person without incident.

But people don’t even want to admit that these types of disparate scenarios are problematic, so what are we even doing?

Fan response here locally in Maryland to the Ravens (a team that has employed a man who was an accessory to murder, a violent domestic abuser, and a man who has killed a pedestrian with his car) is laughable at best. Even Joe Flacco spoke glowingly about Kaepernick, and these smegma-brained, crab-cake guzzling bozos blew right through Flacco’s endorsement, just to fulminate and perorate all this DRECK I’ve heard from them locally over the past few days.

All over the mere MENTION of CONSIDERING Kaepernick as a backup.

I’d say the same for Michael Vick and the Virginia Tech honors that are upcoming, but he brought that on himself and I don’t support him until he stops licking boots.


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