Do Not Play Zynga Poker (And By All Means Do NOT Buy Chips) Fair Warning

Do Not Play Zynga Poker (And By All Means Do NOT Buy Chips) Fair Warning
M.D. Wright
I left Zynga Poker alone in 2014 and came back in a spell of boredom a few months ago. Worst decision ever. Game’s even worse now.
n two separate games I have seen crooked shit occur. One guy was calling huge raises and his pot did not change at all through each one.
Another time (this happens frequently on big tables), you can see card manipulation occurring, and naturally the bot/Zynga employee wins.
Literally, the last time I saw it happen, the card stuttered from the one that had me in the lead, and the river card switched also.
And whoever/whatever it was… bot, Zynga Employee, hacker/cheater magically gets the card THEY needed to win $110M hands. A joke and a scam of a company.
If for whatever reason you still want to play that game, don’t be like some of the people who I read about who buy chips. It has been long known that there are hacks, programs and the aforementioned card manipulation and scamming that occurs which causes you to lose. No matter how skilled of a poker player you are, YOU. WILL. LOSE.
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