2016 NFL Week 4: “What We Know”

2016 NFL Week 4: “What We Know”
M.D. Wright

Week 4 was quite the interesting week; for some, interesting for the wrong reasons, and then there were complete 180s done by teams over what they output during Week 3. At any rate, let’s get into some of the other things that we’ve learned and now know after Week 4.

— What are the Miami Dolphins? What is their identity? Who are they? There are only so many coaching regimes that you can go through before you realize the existing personnel just does not work.

— AJ Green could have easily had 15 catches and 300 yards against Miami and their stubborn insistence to play zone virtually all game.

— The Bengals won, but their offense is missing another red zone receiving threat. They won’t get their chief target other than Green (Tyler Eifert) back for at least another week.

— The Jaguars tried hard to blow yet another game, but the Colts refused the offer.

— Phillip Dorsett has a bright future if he can remain healthy.

— Franklin Delano Gore continues to leap up the all-time rushing yardage chart.

— Did we learn anything that we didn’t already know about anyone on the Titans or Texans this weekend?

— The Browns found yet another way to lose a game that they had a chance to win.

— Isaiah Crowell.

— Terrelle Pryor owned Josh Norman like a rag doll, but since the Redskins (aided by shady officiating) won, Norman naturally comes out gloating afterward.

— Speaking of gloating, how does Norman attempt to chide his former team Carolina about getting roasted by Julio Jones, when Jones did more against Norman in their last meeting than he did against any one of the Panthers’ corners on Sunday?

— Russell Wilson is bionic.

— The Seahawks’ bye could not have come at a better time.

— The Jets have room for one or two more losses before they should consider starting Christian Hackenberg a la the Football Giants with Kurt Warner and Eli Manning in 2004.

— Jimmy Graham.

— We knew Weeks 1-4 would be house money for Patriots fans. They had excuses lined up if/when they lost any of the four games, and would then still try to tell you how “great” Tom Brady was despite anyone who stepped in his stead had the same success.

— Julio Jones can do whatever he wants on the football field if Shanahan and Ryan actually attempt to get him the football.

— 2015 is over. The Panthers are not good on offense or defense.

— Steve Smith actually pulled away from Raiders’ defensive backs for a long touchdown. How can this be?

— Jordan Howard.

— The Bucs fired Lovie Smith to get even WORSE with more talent?

— How are the Rams 3-1? And with CASE KEENUM?

— The Bolts found yet another way to lose a game in a way that is truly unbelievable, but not shocking for them.

— The officials swing a game for the Dallas Cowboys. Stop if you’ve heard this before.

— Le’Veon Bell did not miss a step, but can he stop getting suspended?

— The Vikings aren’t as good as they were made to look on either side of the ball on Monday night, although you wouldn’t have known it by listening to Sean McDonough and Jon Gruden pull for them like the Vikes’ local radio announcers all night.

— Eli Manning was seeing ghosts, rushing throws, refusing to pass downfield when opportunities were there. That has been an issue all season with the stodgy offense.

— Ben McAdoo spends more time feeding the goofy, inaccurate narrative about Odell Beckham and less in managing the game and exploiting the great number of offensive weapons that are in park (or neutral) while the Giants can’t even score 20 PPG with even more talent than they had last year when they scored 27 PPG. Go figure.

— Speaking of the Beckham narrative. It’s got to stop. There are several players who do worse, and defensive backs get away with taking liberties with him without warning and with impunity, but the slightest thing he does draws overreaction from the media, and now, the officials.

— But then you read this, and you realize that the narrative, ratings, page clicks and storylines are all a part of the “entertainment” that is ¬†professional sports.


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