2016 NFL Week 5 Powre Rankings

2016 NFL Week 5 Powre Rankings
M.D. Wright

Even more changes to the rankings this week, as we are now at the quarter point of the 2016 Season — already. The overreactions after games have toned down a bit since Week 1, but there’s still a lot of season left. Who needs a “franchise” quarterback anymore? That may be a stretch, but some of these teams are getting by without one.

1. Denver Broncos (4-0).
Trevor Siemian has played decently, but Paxton Lynch is the real deal. Kubiak says they feel good about Siemian coming back in time to play in Week 5 with a shoulder bruise, but they won’t lose anything with Lynch (and may gain a bit, even).

2. Minnesota Vikings (4-0).
Sam Bradford’s not as good as he was made to look in Week 4, but the Vikings play pretty much error-free football (or just not called for penalties on defense, a la 2013 Seattle), while turning over opponents.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-1).
Week 3 was an aberration. Week 4 was not.

4. Atlanta Falcons (3-1).
The Falcons look good for now, but they do this every year. “Check with me” in November and December like a QB making route adjustments pre-snap.

5. Seattle Seahawks (3-1).
The Rams (somehow) own Seattle, but even that loss doesn’t look bad anymore. Seattle’s hungry again. That’s bad for the rest of the NFL. Russell Wilson’s basically playing on no legs and carving up teams. Scary.

6. Oakland Raiders (3-1).
The Raiders are for real. Derek Carr is, also. Then again, we told you he would be coming out of college.

7. Philadelphia Eagles (3-0).
We are still not sold on this team on other side of the ball, but 3-0 is 3-0.

8. Green Bay Packers (2-1).
The Packers have a chance to make a statement by beating Dallas in a couple of weeks. For now, they need to keep pace with the division-leading Vikes.

9. Baltimore Ravens (3-1).
It seems as though they are doing it with smoke and mirrors. They really are fortunate to not be 0-4.

10. Houston Texans (3-1).
The “weakest” 3-1 team in these “powre” rankings, but they can use that stinker in Foxborough as motivation to work on making themselves better offensively, while validating the massive Ewing Theory with JJ Watt.

11. New England Patriots (3-1).
It would be hilarious if Cheatin’ Tom’s return resulted in a loss to the Browns.

12. Dallas Cowboys (3-1).
Cincinnati will be the first team that will force Dakota Prescott to make plays downfield. That will be the truest gauge of how legitimate he is, as he has mainly dinked and dunked and thrown to wide open receivers the few times he passed the ball more than 15 yards in the air downfield. Off play action.

13. Cincinnati Bengals (2-2).
Tyler Eifert may play vs. Dallas, and they need him back. Badly. Despite the herculean efforts of AJ Green, the Bengals don’t have much else in consistent receiving threats.

14. Los Angeles Rams (3-1).
How is this team winning games with THAT quarterback?

15. New York Football Giants (2-2).
The Giants are hamstrung by an overly-cautious head coach/play caller whose motto is “Protect the Duke” — while the team does everything to the contrary, doesn’t utilize its Top 3 stead of receiving weapons, and has an arguably 3rd worst defensive coordinator in all of football still living off 2007 and 2008 mismanaging talent in ways that only Charles Kelly at Florida State has achieved.

16. Kansas City Chiefs (2-2).
You don’t overreact to blowout losses unless they happen more than once in a season.

17. Buffalo Bills (2-2).
Rex wins a couple of games and goes from acting like he’s at a funeral (his own, as it was trending toward) to gloating again. Difficult to pull for this guy.

18. Washington Redskins (2-2).
Needed the refs to win the past two games, still don’t expect them to be any better than 3-5 at the halfway mark. Washington was 29th in defense last season, and are 29th right now. Josh Norman’s on social media taking jabs at the Panthers for getting torched by Julio Jones, as if Jones didn’t do the same to Norman the last time they squared off.

19. New York Jets (1-3).
Fitzpatrick’s time with the Jets feels eerily like that of Kurt Warner’s with the Giants before Eli Manning took over midseason. Another couple of stinkers (or injury; the former is likely, given the opponents) and it may be Hackenberg time. Skip right over Geno Smith and accept that the 2nd Round pick and $12 Million were wasted on the two QBs ahead of Hackenberg on the depth chart.

20. Arizona Cardinals (1-3).
The Cards just aren’t good. They’re out of balance on offense, and they don’t really have a consistent pass rush. They need to juggle their personnel on the back end and capitulate to Tyrann Mathieu’s request to play the slot corner position. He’s not affecting games back deep when the Cards are getting manhandled in the middle of the field every week.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3).
Tampa’s season is basically on the line next Monday, and it is time for the Bucs’ secondary to join the NFL, because it has been outright putrid all season. It doesn’t help that Tampa’s offensive line has regressed and gives Jameis Winston virtually no time in the pocket regardless of the opponent.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-3).
Between the head coach and the regression of Blake Bortles (although he was better against the Colts defense in Week 4), the Jags have thoroughly underachieved out of the gate. They have two games with Houston that will basically decide the AFC South. We do not expect the Colts or Titans to be there in the end.

23. Miami Dolphins (1-3).
We cannot figure out for our lives how this team is this bad. Ryan Tannehill is not a franchise quarterback, but there are a lot of other issues with this team that belie talent.

24. Tennessee Titans (1-3).
All the Titans can do is keep games close, Marcus Mariota has largely  been incapable of making the throws the Titans need the most in the clutch.

25. Carolina Panthers (1-3).
2015 is over. The bandwagon is emptying quicker than a rogue cop’s clip when confronting an unarmed Black man. Cam Newton has taken a beating all season thus far, akin to the year where he looked like a shell of himself physically and these same “lifelong Panthers fans” wanted to run Newton AND Ron Rivera (along with others) out of town. Keep this up, and you’ll hear it again this year.

26. San Francisco 49ers (1-3).
No one knows what Blaine Gabbert was doing in the 2nd half Sunday. Not even Gabbert himself. We did see the officials swing the game in Dallas’ favor. Yet again.

27. San Diego Chargers (1-3).
No one invents more ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory than the Bolts.

28. New Orleans Saints (1-3).
We openly mused whether Drew Brees would ever win another game in the NFL. And we still should be, but the Bolts will be the Bolts.

29. Indianapolis Colts (1-3).
Andrew Luck throws a ton of passes every week, and receives even more of them from his media supporters.

30. Chicago Bears (1-3).
The majority of Jay Cutler’s guaranteed money and punitive cap hits end after this season for the Bears. John Fox knows what he’s doing when he says Cutler’s (paraphrasing) not going to just walk right back into the starting job whenever he is cleared to return to action. The Bears are better off tanking for Brad Kaaya.

31. Cleveland Browns (0-4).
The Browns had a four score lead on Baltimore one week, blew it, had a lead late in the 3rd quarter against a pretty bad Miami team and blew it, and were driving to go up by potentially 10 points late in the game against Washington, before fumbling (no, not that one), throwing an interception and “that fumble” and losing. The refs don’t respect the Browns, nor do their opponents.

32. Detroit Lions (1-3).
The Lions should have had their way with the Bears and managed six (6!!!) points.


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