2016 NFL Week 3: “What We Know”

2016 NFL Week 3: “What We Know”
M.D. Wright

Week 3 was full of surprises, disappointments and the reversal of fortunes for some players and teams. Additionally, some hot seats for coaches have become less warm, while others’ seats are searing hot after Week 3. Let’s get into what else we know after Week 3.

— JJ Watt always disappears when facing the New England offensive line; no matter the caliber of player along that line (an offensive line that has been juggled so many times that  the circus is impressed).

— Now Watt is injured and will be out for season after both rushing back from a back injury that requires three months of rest at minimum — returning in six weeks instead — and doing silly, pointless workouts that likely caused the current injury.

— Jacoby Brissett is a decent player. He even put a scare in the Florida State defense in 2014 when the Noles were on their way to the College Football Playoff. However, he’s not a Hall of Famer (despite some Patriots fans making him out to already be HOF-bound) but he’s just another in a line of guys who filled in for Tom Brady and seen success. Says a lot.

— Brock Osweiler is the latest in a long line of thieves getting paid to play QB at a high level and look more like Club League QBs instead.

— The Football Giants have allowed inferior opponents hang around all season thus far, and failing to put them away finally beat them in the rear end against a Washington team that lost several starters on both sides of the ball during the game.

— Odell Beckham owned Josh Norman every time he was targeted in man-to-man coverage, and in the process, became the quickest player to reach 200 receptions in NFL history.

— Norman is not even in the Top 10 among cornerbacks in the NFL. But if it were about who gets mentioned the most, and having people repeat one’s name on social media, then absolutely he is Top 10.

— Rex Ryan’s Bills played as if not only Rex’s job was on the line, but their own individual jobs, as well.

— It was good to see the gameplan revolve around proper usage of Lesean McCoy for once. Greg Roman is a subpar offensive coordinator, and for the Bills to dominate both sides of the ball against the Bills (as well as Roman’s tenure as “OC” of the 49ers when they were mediocre offensively) says a lot.

— Carson Palmer had 4 interceptions against the Bills, and that wasn’t even the worst performance by a QB in Week 3 by a long shot.

— DeMarco Murray is quietly carving out an All-Pro season for the Tennessee Titans.

— Michael Crabtree is no Martin Luther the King, but he has established great chemistry with Derek Carr.

— The Titans need to be sold and moved to St. Louis. This is what we know.

— Only the Browns can use a player in the manner which they used Terrelle Pryor and still invent new ways to lose a game they should have won.

— Steve Smith is known to be tenacious and an intense competitor, but if there’s anything we learned this week is that going after Jalen Ramsey — who is not intimidated by Smith nor would Smith beat in a fist fight — is not Stephen Davis.

— Blake Bortles looks worse now as a QB than he ever did as a rookie.

— Gus Bradley would have been fired long ago if he coached in a major market.

— When will the Lions play a 60 minute game? They blew leads in Weeks 1 and 2, splitting the two games, they fell behind 31-3 in a blink of an eye on Sunday, then outscored the Packers 24-3 in the 2nd half.

— Marvin Jones.

— Trevor Siemian does not need to be all-world, but he is the right piece for the B-men at QB. Denver has the defense to carry any QB who can be even moderately productive.

— The Bengals need Tyler Eifert back. Badly.

— Cam Newton needs to take what defenses give him and stop attempting to play a live version of Madden; looking for home run plays on every pass play.

— Xavier Rhodes cut his teeth while covering Kelvin Benjamin in 2012 at Florida State, as one of the most physical cornerbacks in the NFL, it is no shock that he put the clamps on “Tree” in Week 3.

— Everson Griffen.

— Jameis Winston’s on pace to approach Drew Bledsoe’s pass attempts record set in 1994 (691), and that is not a good thing. If the Bucs don’t shore up their secondary, the pass attempts — trailing every game — will continue, and the losses will mount.

— How do the Rams manage 37 points with THAT QB?

— Russell Wilson is bionic.

— Christine Michael should have had 200 yards rushing on Sunday.

— “Angry” Doug Baldwin keeps getting it done and overlooked.

— Blaine Gabbert is who we thought he was.

— Ryan Fitzpatrick YEOUCH. It was expected that he would have a rough day against the Chiefs defense in loud Arrowhead Stadium, but to throw six interceptions.

— Speaking of six interceptions, has anyone ever thrown that many interceptions in six straight possessions.

— The Bolts are masters of losing games on the final drive.

— Despite the score, the worship of Carson Wentz has got to slow down.

— Ben Roethlisberger looked almost as if he was shaving points on Sunday. Of course he wasn’t, but if you didn’t know better… Jesus.

— The NFL is wondering why its ratings are down? Dallas vs. Chicago was not going to be good regardless of whether both teams’ starting QBs were healthy.

— The Saints will forever live off their fluky tainted Bountygate Super Bowl, and they will have to, because they aren’t winning anything else with Drew Brees. They can furnish the basement of the NFC South, because they will be there for a while.

— Naturally, Jim Mora snaps after the game on Monday, just as he did with his vintage “Diddly Poo” rant 20 years nearly to the date.

— Devonta Freeman FROM?

— You know your defense is bad when Julio Jones only gets one catch for 9 yards and you still get manhandled from start to finish for an entire game. Thankfully, the Saints get cap relief from Drew Brees’ contract…

… oh wait.


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