2016 NFL Week 4 Powre Rankings

2016 NFL Week 4 Powre Rankings
M.D. Wright

We have experienced a bit of a shakeup in the rankings this week, but for the most part, the top 10 teams remained the same.

1. Denver Broncos (3-0).
Trevor Siemian is gradually silencing the doubters (4 TD vs. Cincinnati), while the B-men are even better overall — and more well-rounded — than last season. Scary.

2. Minnesota Vikings (3-0).
The Vikes, as many who assess actual football and not storylines, or basing prognostications on last season knew, gave Carolina fits all game after the Panthers jumped out to a quick 10-0 lead. Carolina did zilch offensively after the first quarter, while Cam Newton was sacked eight times. They catch the Football Giants at U.S. Bank on Monday night, coming off a loss, entering a game that Eli Manning  tends to confound people with on the road with a stellar game. Look out.

3. New England Patriots (3-0).
The Patriots are really all about Bill Belichick.

4. Seattle Seahawks (2-1).
After laying an inexplicable egg against the Rams, the Hawks finally got their offense untracked against San Francisco.

5. Baltimore Ravens (3-0).
Least impressive 3-0 team going, but wins are wins.

6. Kansas City Chiefs (2-1).
Not sure what the Chiefs were doing in Houston two weeks ago, but their offense should get a boost from Jamaal Charles following their Week 5 bye.

7. Green Bay Packers (2-1).
The Packers defense has largely done the job while the offense finally found itself against a schizo Lions defense.

8. Philadelphia Eagles (3-0).
Ben Roethlisberger appeared to have been shaving points in Philadelphia on Sunday. The hype about Carson Wentz still needs to slow.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1).
An aberration for them, and they get Le’Veon Bell back for Week 4.

10. New York Football Giants (2-1).
The Giants continue to have unforced errors, and it finally caught up with them Sunday. They are superior to the Redskins, but played down to their opponent for the third straight game. Given their opponent in Week 4, expect them to go to the other extreme, as has been their wont during Eli Manning’s tenure.

11. Oakland Raiders (2-1).
The Raiders should be 3-0. At least Ken Norton’s defense finally showed up on Sunday.

12. Houston Texans (2-1).
Bill O’Brien didn’t even seem like he was trying to win the game in Foxborough on Thursday.

13. Atlanta Falcons (2-1).
The Falcons still do not have a pass rush, but they can do just about everything else well enough.

14. Carolina Panthers (1-2).
We told you going into the season that they weren’t nearly as good as last year. May be good enough to win the division — and that’s only if Tampa’s secondary doesn’t get fixed — but that’s about it.

15. Dallas Cowboys (2-1).
Dallas will give its fans false hope, even after catching the most-injured team in the NFL fresh off a Monday night game where five more players were lost the previous week.

16. Los Angeles Rams (2-1).

17. Arizona Cardinals (1-2).
Slow starts, extreme play, both good and bad, and this is what you have.

18. Cincinnati Bengals (1-2).
Something’s wrong with the Bengals offense. It is difficult to pinpoint what exactly the issue(s) are, but they go long spells without productivity. It may be partially due to the absence thus far in 2016 of Tyler Eifert.

19. Miami Dolphins (1-2).
They finally get off the schneid after a couple of letdowns to start the season.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-2).
They have everything in place offensively, and have a good FRONT SEVEN, but they’ve got to figure out that secondary as soon as possible, or they’re going to need to rely upon Jameis Winston every week with only one receiver who can gain separation (Adam Humprhies, the slot receiver). That’s not a recipe for success.

21. New York Jets (1-2).
We wrote last week that the Kansas City game had a “Ryan Fitzpatrick disaster written all over it”, and so it was. Six interceptions on six consecutive possessions. Yikes.

22. Tennessee Titans (1-2).
If there’s any consolation, they’ve been in every game until they needed Marcus Mariota to “make a throw.”

23. Washington Redskins (1-2).
Their win, while aided by shifty officiating, had more to do with what the Giants failed to do, than anything the Redskins did.

24. Buffalo Bills (1-2).
The Bills saved Rex’s job…

… for now.

25. San Diego Chargers (1-2).
The Bolts are masters at losing on the final drives of games.

26. Indianapolis Colts (1-2).
The Bolts are still better than the Colts, but this is like arguing whether or not you want corporal punishment in school or have one for one of your parents wait for you to get out of the shower later that evening and break out the belt before you have a chance to dry off.

27. Detroit Lions (1-2).
The Lions do it again.

And by “it” we mean suckering people into thinking the Lions have changed their ways, but alas… no.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3).
The Jags had the Packers and Ravens beaten, but The Blake Bortles Regression Tour made its way back into town on Sunday, and he threw away the game. Yet again.

29. Cleveland Browns (0-3).
The Browns really aren’t that bad. They’re shorthanded, but not that bad. They lack the cohesion necessary to close out games, and therefore, they’ve lost two back to back now in which they’ve held leads and immediately proceeded to throw away the leads upon obtenance thereof.

30. San Francisco 49ers (1-2).
Blaine Gabbert showed his true colors on Sunday.

31. New Orleans Saints (0-3).
Drew Brees is the greatest stat-padder in the history of the National Football League. And his bloated contract restricts the team from adding the numerous defensive pieces it needs to actually win an NFL game. Something’s gotta give.

32. Chicago Bears (0-3).
The Bears were bad enough entering the season; now nearly half of their opening day starters are out with an assortment of injuries.


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