2016 NFL Week 2: “What We Know”

2016 NFL Week 2: “What We Know”
M.D. Wright

After Week 2, we have learned a few things, and we were reminded of several others. As we embark on Week 3 on Thursday, here is what we know after Week 2:

— Rex Ryan’s career in Buffalo is on life support. In fact, he scapegoated offensive coordinator Greg Roman (who was admittedly putrid both in Buffalo and San Francisco with his game plans), but if the Bills do not show well against Arizona, or get blown out — a distinct possibility — Rex may not even make it to Week 4 in Foxborough.

— Can you imagine if somehow Rex DOES get to Week 4 and Jacoby Brissett starts and beats Buffalo? How do you defend Rex if THAT happens?

— The Jets had what will be their season-best offensive performance in Buffalo. Their defense will be a constant (along with Darrelle Revis getting beat deep if his safety help is not there), but will Ryan Fitzpatrick passing for nearly 400 yards?

— Matt Forte is going to get run into the ground this season. On pace for 500 touches this year.

— Eli Manning should have easily had nearly 500 yards passing and three or four touchdowns against the Saints. The Saints weren’t at home, therefore expectations of them matching what should have been a 37-41 point game by the Giants were off-base to begin with.

— Sterling Shepard is in the catbird seat for Offensive Rookie of the Year, but he’s not running away with it. Yet.

— The Giants came into the season with a mantra of “Take Care of the Duke” (Wellington “Duke” Mara, late Giants owner has his name embedded on every NFL football), but they’ve done everything but since preseason began. It is really the only reason they’re not scoring 35 PPG.

— Godspeed to PJ Williams (from). He dodged serious injury, but is heading to injured reserve as a result of the impact of the play against the Giants.

— DeAngelo Williams can rush for 150 or grind out 94 on 32 carries. Either way, he has held the fort nicely for Le’Veon Bell.

— Only the Lions invent ways to blow games the way they have.

— Marvin Jones.

— Wait, the Browns found an even more unbelievable way to blow a lead and lose a game.

— Now everyone is injured for the Browns. Robert Griffin III, Josh McCown, Corey Coleman, Josh Gordon has warrants out on his name, and Terrelle Pryor — he who was brought into the NFL as a QB, with the Browns, no less — went to Oakland, then Cincinnati, then back to Cleveland (as a WR), and now the Browns have no QB with any NFL experience and Pryor’s the only WR with any real ability. Irony.

— Isaiah Crowell.

— Kirk Cousins does not like Pierre Garçon spouting off to the media behind his back, we are sure.

— Cam Newton better not let his play on the field slip, because the things he says OFF the field are enough to get put into the supplemental racial draft.

— Fozzy Whittaker. WAKA WAKA WAKA.

— G-Reg Olsen notched his career-long reception of 77 yards against San Francisco on Sunday.

— How bad are the Dolphins? It’s bad enough they allowed a backup QB carve them up, but still ran out of time coming back against the backup’s backup.

— Jarvis Landry: Captain of 2016’s Professional Sports Big Numbers on a Bad Team All-Stars.

— Will Fuller.

— The Seabags have major issues along their offensive line, and it is affecting every aspect of the team.

— Weekly Post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_iH4XatU3E

— Tampa Bay may as well have stayed home. Only Jameis Winston came to play on either side of the ball. Including former all-world college kicker, Roberto Aguayo.

— Gus Bradley’s in the same boat as Rex Ryan.

— Phillip Rivers, unlike system-QB Tom Brady, gets it done with FAR LESS.

— What is the deal with Ken Norton’s defense? Not quite time to freak out (2007 Giants started out similarly; actually WORSE), but this team should be much better, with or without Mario Edwards, Jr. Karl Joseph will finally get the start that he deserves at safety.

— Von Miller.

— Andrew Luck gets a pass for bad play most of the time, but somehow he is the only one who plays consistently decent against the Broncos’ vaunted defense.

— Sam Bradford?

— Pump the brakes on the Carson Wentz train. Let’s see what happens in Week 3.

— Jay Cutler owes it to everyone involved with the Chicago Bears from ownership, to the front office, coaches and fans to repay the organization every dime he has been paid.


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