2016 NFL Week 2 Powre Rankings

2016 NFL Week 2 Powre Rankings
M.D. Wright

Powre Rankings tend to get people in their feelings, as if they are a pronouncement and a portend of the season’s fortunes. We know that this is not the case. It is merely where we are in a given week. Within context. We do not jump to ridiculous conclusions one way or the other based upon one game. If we’re still looking at some of these teams doing similar things five or six weeks from now, then we may have to jump to those conclusions after all.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0).
Martavis Bryant is out for the season, but they will get Markus Wheaton back, and Le’Veon Bell after Week 3. Their offensive line is better than Dallas, without getting away with holding 30 times per game.

2. Seattle Seahawks (1-0).
Miami’s defense struggled in the preseason, which was a carryover from the 2015 season, but they stepped it up in Week 1 on the road in Seattle, limiting the Seahawks to 12 total points. Miami played much better than many expected, but the Steelers’ blowout win (albeit over a flimsy division champion) was more impressive.

3. Denver Broncos (1-0).
It is easy to wonder whether Trevor Siemian is just a coattail-rider or whether he can make the throws. He isn’t afraid to, we know that much. Whether he can all season (he was facing a very good defense vs. Carolina) remains to be seen, but they got the job done, and Siemian made the plays that mattered.

4. Cincinnati Bengals (1-0).
Probably struggled more than some figured, but a win is a win.

5. Kansas City Chiefs (1-0).
Jamaal Charles can take his sweet time recovering from his second torn ACL (as he should), the Chiefs are in good hands without him for now.

6. Green Bay Packers (1-0).
The Packers did just enough to win, Blake Bortles did just enough to lose.

7. Oakland Raiders (1-0).
The Raiders are better defensively than they showed in New Orleans (the Saints are a completely different team on the road, as we all know), and Ken Norton needs to tighten up his schemes, after hanging his corners out to dry in nonsensical coverages against two speedy receivers all game.

8. New England Patriots (1-0).
Pump the brakes on Garappolo praise. Please.

9. Minnesota Vikings (1-0).
The Vikes literally won the game against Tennessee with defense alone. Adrian Peterson was shut down, and Shaun Hill did not do much (although he did have 200+ yards passing).

10. New York Football Giants (1-0).
Dallas fans and media mouthpieces love to speak with qualifiers when it comes to Dallas falling short week to week. It’s always “if, if, if” yet “if” the game was officiated properly, the Giants likely beat Dallas going away.

11. Carolina Panthers (0-1).
No shame in losing to Denver, in Denver — regardless of the quarterback — but Cam Newton has to realize that he has more than Kelvin Benjamin and Greg Olsen to work with in terms of downfield weapons. The Panthers’ offense was not nearly as diversified as it was in 2015 without Benjamin. At least in Week 1.

12. Houston Texans (1-0).
The Texans could end up being the best team in the AFC if all breaks right for them this season.

13. Baltimore Ravens (1-0).
Ugly wins still count as wins.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0).
Yes, the Falcons defense is middling at best, but Jameis Winston carved it up all game. Carolina’s league-best offense couldn’t in the two teams’ last meeting in 2015. The NFL is a week to week league and Tampa is definitely on the come up, now that they play a 21st century defense, unlike last season.

15. Arizona Cardinals (0-1).
Losing to an undermanned team is one thing. To be ill-prepared to play, having a major weakness at a critical position, and failing to adjust to what the other team is giving your offense is another. It’s called being outsmarted and outcoached.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1).
The Jags had every chance to win the game on Sunday and refused to take it.

17. New York Jets (0-1).
Same for the Jets. Brandon Marshall continues to drop critical passes in crunch time.

18. Detroit Lions (1-0).
The Lions blew a huge lead, even though they won. Wins are wins, but you do not get major credit when it comes to rankings for wins like that.

19. Miami Dolphins (0-1).
Almost. But again, critical drops are the theme in some of these teams’ losses. Kenny Stills had one such incident.

20. San Francisco 49ers (1-0).
Easily the least impressive 28-0 win in recent memory. A competent team actually blows out San Francisco with how they played on Monday night. That just reflects on how poorly the Rams were prepared (with weeks to do so) to play.

21. Philadelphia Eagles (1-0).
The Browns.

22. Washington Redskins (0-1).
Kirk Cousin-led Redskins teams are now 0-26 against teams with +.500 records. There is a reason why the terms “de facto division champion” or “fluke season” is befitting of the 2015 Redskins. The Giants win 11 games (at least), and the division by at least two games if they don’t blow several games on the final drive.

23. Indianapolis Colts (0-1).
Stats. Please. I’m watching the game.

24. Atlanta Falcons (0-1).
Feverish comeback, but mostly because the Bucs let off the gas pedal offensively after garnering a big lead.

25. Chicago Bears (0-1).
Another year stuck in purgatory for the Bears with Jay Cutler at the helm.

26. New Orleans Saints (0-1).
The Saints can score at home. Not so much on the road. And can’t defend in any locale.

27. Tennessee Titans (0-1).
The Titans were doing well for a half, and then the bottom fell out, with mind-numbing plays by Marcus Mariota.

28. Buffalo Bills (0-1).
The Bills are already in desperation mode. One week into the season.

29. San Diego Chargers (0-1).
21-3 to losing in overtime is such a post-Marty Schottenheimer Bolts thing to do.

30. Dallas Cowboys (0-1).
Dallas has yet another QB who is a poor passer when flushed to his right. Shades of Brandon Weeden.

31. Cleveland Browns (0-1).
The only reason they are not #32 is because they actually scored points. Something the Rams could not muster.

32. Los Angeles Rams (0-1).
Goodness gracious sakes alive. How does Jeff Fisher retain his job having done nothing of note in this CENTURY?


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