2016 NFL Week 1: What We Know

2016 NFL Week 1: What We Know
M.D. Wright

After one (swift) week of the 2016 NFL regular season, there are a few things that we will find out later in the season. However, there are a few things that we already know after these first 16 games. For the inaugural “What We Know” of 2016, we have the following:

— Cam Newton is still “not old enough” to get roughing the passer calls from NFL officials.

— Kelvin Benjamin isn’t the only wide receiver on the Panthers’ active roster, although you may not have known it after watching Week 1.

— Von Miller may not have had huge stats, but what he forced the Panthers’ offensive line to do to defend him had more of an effect than the boxscore showed.

— The Panthers do not miss Josh Norman one bit.

— Blake Bortles is still making bonehead decisions in crunch time.

— Aaron Rodgers is still the best QB in the NFL. For now.

— Joe Flacco is back.

— Mike Wallace is still just a 9 route runner only.

— Tyrod Taylor is going to have to prove that he can beat teams from the pocket. The Ravens dared him, and he did not succeed in doing so.

— Sammy Watkins is hurt. Again.

— Brock Osweiler is set up to have an exceptional year, if he can take care of the ball. He has weapons galore.

— Jay Cutler is still Jay Cutler.

— Pump the brakes on Carson Wentz. Everyone will get whatever they want against the Browns this season.

— Robert Griffin III and his insistence on taking unnecessary hits which lead to injury will be the storyline of the decade: tons of potential wasted and never to be realized.

— “Ain’t nobody $%#@ing with Jameis Winston this season.”

— Mike Evans’ work in the offseason with his hands has appeared (thus far) to have paid off.

— What’s up with Devonta Freeman?

— Is there a week that Julio Jones isn’t on the injury report?

— Marcus Mariota giveth and Marcus Mariota taketh away.

— Vikings defense was the highest scoring unit on the field in the Minnesota/Tennessee game. Think about that for a moment.

— The Bengals won a game that they should have won with relative ease, considering the game their star receiver AJ Green had, but then again, Ryan Fitzpatrick went full Fitzpatrick to ensure that the Bengals indeed won.

— The Jets are going to get every dime worth of their value out of Matt Forte, from the looks of it.

— Brandon Marshall continues to fail to come up with the big catch when his team needs it.

— What was Ken Norton thinking with that look he gave the Saints on the Brandin Cooks 98-yard touchdown? What was Sean Smith’s chance to stop that play? A heavy jam at the line? Beyond that? 0 chance.

— Willie Snead.

— Who is Jalen Richard?

— Everyone praised Jack Del Rio for going for two to end the game (something that more road teams should do, and not play for overtime), but they would have excoriated him had the play not worked; and the play they ran almost ran out of space in the corner of the end zone.

— The Chargers are snakebitten. This is AJ Smith’s karma left over. Ever since they did Marty Schottenheimer wrongly, the Bolts’ fortunes have steadily declined with massive injuries, choking away games and being saddled with a head coach who should have been fired last year.

— Alex Smith?

— Sad to hear about Keenan Allen FROM Greensboro Northern Guilford.

— Ndamukong Suh stepped on Russell Wilson’s ankle; immediately scaring the 12th man faithful, as Wilson is not going to be 100% for a while.

— This time, however, the step was not intentional.

— Angry Doug Baldwin.

— Andrew Luck is the most overrated player in the NFL.

— The Football Giants may have only won by one point (anyone who thinks Dan Bailey automatically makes a 63-yard field goal is insane) but their defense will be among the Top 5 — at worst — in 2016. Their performance against the overrated Dallas Cowboys offensive line (which got away with more holding calls than all the remaining 31 teams in the NFL combined in Week 1) was no fluke.

— Dak Prescott was known to struggle with passing when running to his right in college. With one game on film, best believe that defensive coordinators will force him to prove that he can improve in this area. Brandon Weeden had this same issue, by the way, for reference. He’s the “savior” though, right?

— Bruce Arians got outsmarted and outcoached.

— Pump the brakes on Jimmy Garappolo, he will get his before Tom Brady returns.

— I am the first to want to trash Josh Norman, but defenses in the NFL do not work the way armchair defensive coordinators think.

— DeAngelo Williams.

— The Steelers offensive line, a major issue last year, absolutely mauled the Washington Redskins literally all game on Monday night.

— Same ol’ sorry ass Rams. Regardless of where they play.

— San Francisco had the least impressive 28-0 shutout win in the history of Western Civilization.

— Jared Goff can’t be any worse than Case Keenum, can he? Wait… he looked like he was running from the invisible Boogeyman throughout preseason, so he might just be. And the Rams mortgaged the rest of their decade’s worth of draft picks to get him. Woof.


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