2016 NFL Division-By-Division Standings Predictions

2016 NFL Division-By-Division Standings Predictions
M.D. Wright

As we always do around this time of year, it is time to roll out the standings predictions for each division in both conferences. Math wizards need not add up the 256-256 totals, because these are barometer predictions; not exact numbers. Most of us get immediate migraines when we see formulaic mathematics. Leave us be.

As for the predictions themselves, barring significant injuries to key players after the upcoming Week 3 of preseason (which is highly possible), these are devised with existing personnel in place. Serious injuries to marquee players will obviously affect some teams as the season wears on.

People always ask me why I do these for NFL but not college football. College ball is about as unpredictable as a Pit Bull off its anti-depressant medication. There’s no sense in trying. About the only thing predictable about college football is the annual overrating of the Southeastern Conference. And, as we have already seen, several defections, season-ending injuries (before the season begins in two weeks), suspensions and expulsions have already occurred. Why bother predicting college? I learned in the 1990s to not even try, and just go week-to-week. Some have yet to figure this out, however…

As for the 2016 NFL Season’s predictions?

AFC East
New England 11-5
NY Jets 9-7
Buffalo 8-8
Miami 6-10

AFC North
Baltimore 11-5
Pittsburgh 11-5
Cincinnati 10-6
Cleveland 6-10

AFC South
Jacksonville 10-6
Indianapolis 10-6
Houston 8-8
Tennessee 7-9

AFC West
Oakland 11-5
Kansas City 10-6
Denver 9-7
San Diego 7-9

NFC East
NY Giants 10-6
Washington 9-7
Dallas 8-8
Philadelphia 6-10

NFC North
Minnesota 12-4
Green Bay 11-5
Chicago 8-8
Detroit 8-8

NFC South
Carolina 12-4
Tampa Bay 10-6
Atlanta 9-7
New Orleans 8-8

NFC West
Seattle 13-3
Arizona 11-5
Los Angeles 8-8
San Francisco 5-11


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