Top 20 Dead or Alive MCs

Top 20 Dead or Alive MCs
M.D. Wright

As someone who is not a prisoner of the moment, caught up in who is most “popular”, getting the most spins on radio or has the most album sales; but rather a true hip hop purist, this list will reflect people who are truly the best of the best. This isn’t about who one segment of the population suggests is “all time great” or what another segment of the population — whose collective conscious does not pre-date 1998, and acts as if Hip Hop began when they began losing their baby teeth — thinks qualifies as a great emcee. This is about who furthered the game, contributed an indelible mark on hip hop, who fathered the style of others who came after them. Regardless of the number of albums released, or total album sales, the great ones are here. Some vastly overrated MCs will be omitted.

20. Twista.
19. Bun B.
18. Ice Cube.
17. Jay Z.
16. Big Pun.
15. Busta Rhymes.
14. Ghostface Killah.
13. 2Pac.
12. Raekwon.
11. Sean Price.
10. Cam’ron.
9. Styles P.
8. Jadakiss.
7. KRS One.
6. Kool G. Rap.
5. DMX.
4. The Notorious B.I.G.
3. Big Daddy Kane.
2. Nas.
1. Rakim.


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