ESPN & SEC Football Bias

ESPN & SEC Football Bias
M.D. Wright

Ever since ESPN got deep in bed with the SEC for football [$$$] (thereby making the already acute bias towards that overrated conference even more ridiculous), they go out of their way to demonize players on teams that are a threat to destroy the SEC narrative. I am done defending Jameis Winston. Last week was the last straw. However, in the grand scheme of things, what he said was a victimless incident. Some will say he was aptly suspended. Level-headed people think a suspension at ALL was unwarranted.

Then you have those who make a living flapping their jaws for ESPN and ESPN-affiliated radio (PAUL FINEBAUM) who have blatantly come out and said they effectively wanted Florida State to be punished/lose (and hoping they did vs. Clemson) because of Winston’s actions; even going so far as to plant false rumors that he would be suspended for the rest of the year.

You know, since that is the only way Florida State will lose a game this year (barring massive injuries), and enable the SEC to potentially get two teams in the four-team playoff. To have someone who openly admits that he hopes a team loses to benefit the SEC on your station is vomit-inducing. They don’t even try to hide the bias anymore.

Even in their commercials that run every Saturday during games, where they have vignettes with ex-players and fans decked out in school gear, the ad is almost completely dominated by SEC schools. It’s not even an SEC commercial, it is a COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF commercial. You barely see fans from another school outside of the SEC, and the reigning ACTUAL National Champions (who are not in the SEC), Florida State are pictured in a small box for .5 seconds. Meanwhile, the commercial starts and ends with an LSU spot. Figures.

MEANWHILE, we had an SEC player (Mississippi State) stomp on a player from LSU. If not for Twitter posting about it, you would have never heard it. God knows we didn’t hear it on the “Worldwide Leader.” And what about Blake Sims?


2 thoughts on “ESPN & SEC Football Bias

  1. Pete Genova September 23, 2014 / 5:28 PM

    The system is dirty. When sportswriters and coaches can play a part in determining who ‘earns’ the right to a playoff berth, that should make any objective fan leery of the motives of those voters. ESPECIALLY when the outcome of the vote can be worth millions.


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