Sociological Commentary Saturday

Sociological Commentary Saturday
M.D. Wright

I’ll never understand people who get bent out of shape when others make generalizations about a group which they belong.

Just because a statement does not accurately describe you, does not mean it does not apply accurately to others — often the majority — in that same group. Why get offended? Guilt?

When people make generalizations about men, and even more specifically, Black men, when they are not applicable to me, I shrug them off. And often times, when it is true about the majority, I will go right along and agree.

My first response isn’t to get up in arms and lash out, particularly when I know the statement is true about many, if not the majority — just not ME. I guess the lack of guilt allows for this stance.

But what does it say about those who DO respond defensively to generalizations? Is it because they know the statement is true (even about themselves, deep down?)

I am in Sociology mode today. Excuse me.


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