Today’s Passing Thoughts

Today’s Passing Thoughts
M.D. Wright

People love talking about what they would do in a given situation that they have never found themselves. Even better, they love to talk about how they would never find themselves in certain situations (in trouble with the law, jobless, homeless, without money), because they are “too smart” to find themselves there.

Those are like the holy rollers who love to tell you about exhibiting faith, when they have never had to use faith themselves.

I pray that some of these moral superstars never find themselves on the wrong side of the law, or end up in a situation where they become the “minority” and get redlined for jobs, housing, insurance and business loans, because I know for a fact those of that ilk wouldn’t last TWO DAYS in those scenarios.

The common denominator? They’re all gutless, spineless gashes who wax superiority until the shoe is on the other foot. Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the mouth.



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