Passing Thoughts About Gossips

Passing Thoughts About Gossips
M.D. Wright

I love whenever people pop up to tell me what others say behind my back. “See, that’s why cats can’t stand you blah blah blah.”

Son, I don’t even care what is said to my FACE, much less what is said behind my back. Nothing gets real until you violate the physical, then there will be problems.

Words are a weak man’s weapons, and you aren’t going to ever affect someone whose mastery of vernacular¬†laps yours. You’ll just get beat at your own game (as many have tried and found out the hard way when dealing with me).

I stopped caring what people said behind my back before I even left high school. In fact, I have become proficient at knowing not only WHO was talking about me behind my back, but what they said, and playing dumb as if I don’t already know. I have confronted people who swear they are slick and told them that I know what they say and who they say it to. You would have thought they saw Jason Voorhees.

Talk away, just don’t get yourself in something you can’t get out of by putting your hands on me, is all.


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