Give With a Pure Heart or Keep It to Yourself

Give With a Pure Heart or Keep It to Yourself
M.D. Wright

Some people learn this lesson early in life, some learn after being on both sides of it, some never learn:

When you do things for people, it is not your duty to remind them that you did so every time you want to pull a trump card. If all you wanted was an ego stroke for having done something to make yourself feel better about yourself (rather than solely for the good of the other person), then take yourself shopping or something. It has the same effect.

Then to have the nerve to talk about “good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over”, when God clearly says you have received your reward in full, and you ain’t getting no more, B. So don’t bring God into it.

I never do this, because when I do things for people, it isn’t to be seen doing it, or to put them over the barrel later when attempting to gain the drop on them. It’s an annoying thing to do, and I know that regardless of whatever situation I’m in, my needs are provided for in some form or fashion by God.

I’d rather be broke, homeless, starving and have no clothes on my back than to have someone constantly trying to pull rank and reminding me of something they did for me even YEARS ago. That’s why I spent over a decade avoiding asking anyone for even the slightest thing, if at all possible. I got people trying to guilt trip me into doing things for them because of something they did nearly 10 years ago in undergrad! If your actions weren’t genuine, you should have kept them to yourself. We all know at least one person who has done this in our lifetimes.

Don’t be that person.



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