Flawed Analytics?

Flawed Analytics?
M.D. Wright

The analytics that companies utilize (scanning resumes for buzzwords, and other hands-off, severely flawed techniques) have to be overhauled. There is a reason that companies end up hiring the wrong person more than half the time. If someone has demonstrated (whether truthfully, embellished or flat out lying) that they have previously done work commensurate — if not the exact same responsibilities — as the posting at hand, you owe it to yourself to at the very LEAST to interview that person. If they are truthful, it will show. And furthermore, for those who are more than articulate in terms of conveying their acumen, they will shine over those who are lying, embellishing, or are inarticulate to the point where they prove to not be the proper candidate. But too often, the proper candidate doesn’t even get selected because of something so ridiculous as keywords that don’t line up with some scanning program in the first place.

If you hate spending the hard costs associated with hiring and re-hiring poor quality candidates, does it not behoove you to change your practices, because a) you are costing your company by repeatedly hiring the wrong people and b) the RIGHT people are being passed over for jobs solely because they don’t possess the ESP necessary to know which keywords they need to include on their resume to even be considered for the job in the first place?

There is absolutely no reason for people with a healthy mixture of academic success and demonstrated, transferable acumen across four different industries to be passed over repeatedly in terms of job offers. There are too TOO many people like this passing through the cracks due to screwed up analytics on the part of companies, solely because they are too cheap to employ people who conduct thorough examinations of prospective employees.



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