Passing Thoughts

Passing Thoughts
M.D. Wright

It is amazing how people think that when you have been unemployed, that you suddenly forgot how to do things that made you successfully previously. I got people trying to tell me how to do things that I have done before, and they HAVEN’T. Worse yet, accurate pointers provided in the areas of real estate, business start up, preparing for law school and market analysis/investing suddenly matter not when it comes from the mouth of someone who has experienced a stint of unemployment, but did each of these things extensively (and more importantly, much more and successfully than the person(s) that are soliciting the advice to begin with.)

Come talk to me when you have attended college full time, served as head of a ministry, co-founded a non-profit organization and did the day-to-day paperwork yourself, AND worked a full-time job at the same time, with none of the work suffering in any capacity.

I think I know a little about time management and getting up before the birds chirp. Being out of work didn’t cause amnesia.

Thank God the unemployment period is finally over. I guess the advice will suddenly be “credible” again, huh?

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