Happy 10th Birthday! 10 Things We Miss About Facebook Before Our Moms Got A Profile (LIST)

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Facebook Expected To File For IPO

Hey Facebook! You’re 10-years-old today!

Which means…we’re ancient. Many of us can remember when you first hit the scene. Hell, many of us still have our MySpace accounts. And on this special day when you turn the coveted double digits (until you hit about 28), we’d like to remember those first days that were filled with so much joy and laughter.

From your first steps out of Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room, to being potty trained (equivalent to the addition of photo albums which was like, EPIC), we’ve been there since the beginning. And though you may be all bells and whistles and crazy security and algorithm changes that confuse us on a daily, we’ve had some good times.

So here’s to the Facebook we miss. The Facebook before your mom or uncle joined. And definitely before places of employment used it as an extension of your resume.

Being allowed…

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