Retard Fans are Beyond Annoying When Their Teams Are Losing

Retard Fans are Beyond Annoying When Their Teams Are Losing
M.D. Wright

People who run around with “(Insert team initials)4LIFE!” annoy the hell out of me. We know you are a fan. You don’t need to remind us 24 times a day, and 48 whenever the team loses. Do you think I need to remind people of who I am a fan of? Does anyone question my loyalty there? Anyone who knows me offline or exclusively online can tell you who I am a fan of in the NFL, NBA, MLB, college football, college basketball and NHL. Then again, the same people who beat you over the head with “4LIFE!” stuff will question whether you were a fan of a team when it was down, and act like you only came around when the team became good again. People nowadays have smegma for brains.

First of all, being blindly “supportive” doesn’t make you any more of a “true fan” than those who call a spade a spade. In fact, it makes you appear flat out moronic.

There is a difference between being a fairweather fan who is just around when the team wins, and truly gives up and leaves when they lose, and someone who calls a pile a shit… a pile of shit.

Did we not go through this with the Giants? Now those who were wearing paper bags are the ones crowing the most. The people who got hit with the “Well, I’m NYG4LIFE!” because they weren’t becoming borderline suicidal are still on the same even-keeled head that they were while you put paper bags on yours.

And as far as the Knicks go, I am sick and tired of the officials screwing them out of wins. It is the NBA in general. Outside of the Lakers and OCCASIONALLY a Warriors game, I can’t even stomach watching NBA games. So believe me when I say that I am THISCLOSE to giving up watching the NBA (which I did from 2004-2007, where I may have watched 10 full games COMBINED — IF THAT — during that time), because it’s really not that serious.

And yes, I still watched the Knicks just to keep up with them, even during the Larry Brown, Lenny Wilkens, Isiah years. Just miss me with the subliminal “You aren’t a real fan, then” nonsense when my beef is with the crooked, WWE scripted bullshit that the NBA is turning into with them wanting certain players and teams winning.


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