On Rob Ford, Marion Barry and White Privilege

On Rob Ford, Marion Barry and White Privilege
M.D. Wright

This is a touchy situation only for those who refuse to address reality. Recently, Toronto mayor Rob Ford was busted with drugs, and has been exposed as an extensive crack user. This is being brushed off (maybe because it is in Canada and not in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago?) and becoming the butt of jobs and dismissive ridicule. However, when Marion Barry did the exact same thing in Washington, DC over 20 years ago, there was an extensive sting operation that led to his bust, and there was long-term consternation, mixed with subliminal racist-influenced jabs that perpetuated longstanding negative stereotypes. This continued for years after the fact. The situation with Rob Ford isn’t so, nor will it ever be so. Kwame Kilpatrick, the filthy, arrogant scum that he is, got exposed for doing something that many mayors have done, but hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars (in a city that was cash-strapped, and actually inched closer to bankruptcy as a result) was spent trying to entrap, expose and prosecute him. Will that happen with Rob Ford? I doubt it, seriously.

What is White Privilege?

I have written about this extensively in the past. Here is a column that accurately expresses to what my subsequent opinions and observations (below) allude:

There are at least three things that you can always expect when this subject matter arises:

1. Some White person who is either innocently unawares of White Privilege.

2. Some “Minority” (one of the terms that I just friggin’ hate) will use it as a springboard to vent — whether justified or otherwise — about their negative experiences that they feel occurred as a result of simply being of a non-White hue.

3. Some White person who knows full well, or at least knows that White Privilege is REAL and not a “myth” will become defensive, and tout a bunch of nonsense such as “work harder to get ahead” and “you have to do better” as if it were that simple.

Those who benefit from White Privilege get to run the 100 meter dash.

Those who do not benefit from White Privilege have to run the 100 meter dash and are expected to run a 9.69-second dash, while actually running the 110 meter hurdles; although others view the hurdlers as just another 100 meter sprinter.

It is foolish to dismiss this phenomenon simply in order to assuage your guilt or discomfort in acknowledging the reality.


2 thoughts on “On Rob Ford, Marion Barry and White Privilege

  1. They are not chosen people of God Those Liars November 7, 2013 / 9:14 PM

    If aspiring Mayor Karen Stintz was to be accused of smoking drugs, the media who accuses her of doing so will have to face the Ontario Tribunal which comprise of a majority of people similar to Karen Stintz. Even this post will be smeared as anti-sseeeeeeeeeeeee…bullshit. Mayor Rob Ford is a great mayor no need for the mainstream media to incite racial hatred against unbiased hardworking whites.


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