Joe Philbin, The Fall Guy

Joe Philbin, The Fall Guy
M.D. Wright

The team trotted out Joe Philbin at a press conference at 5:05 EST on Wednesday, as well as Ryan Tannehill to play the PR game, but the team, Philbin and Tannehill are fooling no one here, and you know the players don’t take the fall in these types of things, the coaches do. The coaches are the easiest to get rid of, even if they may or may not be complicit in the actions of a rogue player — in this case, Richie Incognito toward Jonathan Martin.

Joe Philbin is going to be the fall guy here. This press conference (live) reeks of a 50-person legal team organized by the ownership and front office in order to evade liability, given Incognito’s attempt to throw the coaching staff under the bus. You had to know that Philbin was not going to divulge anything whatsoever in light of that dirtbag’s comments.

Whether or not you agree with how Martin handled the situation, someone will have to take the fall here, when Martin’s counsel goes after liable parties. Incognito doesn’t have deep pockets. Stephen Ross and the Dolphins organization does. Once they “settle” and decide that the coaching staff was complicit in the orders that Incognito claims were handed down (whether he is lying or not), they are going to get rid of Philbin and then come out and claim they are taking a hard stand (BS) against such action.

Too bad for Philbin, because he is a good coach, and his team would be a lot better if that clueless hack of a GM Jeff Ireland had done ANYTHING to give him an offensive line that they could work with, when every other part of the team is strong. You have a franchise QB, spent $60 Million on a WR, and extended your other starting WR, spent $100 Million on your defense, and you don’t protect your major investments with a joke like Incognito, you lose Martin, Pouncey is about to be in some serious trouble with the Hernandez situation (and it’s a lot worse than people think with Pouncey), and the rest of your guys are inexperienced or just flat out not good? Makes jettisoning Jake Long even more foolish, even though he was noticeably beginning to decline from his early years.



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