What is Hip Hop?

What is Hip Hop?
M.D. Wright


First of all, people need to understand the intrinsic nature of things that they claim to be a part of, no matter what they believe for it to be, or have been led to believe. There has been an extreme departure from the roots of Hip Hop in the past 20 years, particularly are the oversaturation, selling out by emcees and the proliferation of record labels, materialism and other nonsense that is completely antithetical to the roots of Hip Hop. So in order to even understand what is (and isn’t) hip hop, you have to know what the essence of Hip Hop entails.

1. Emceeing.
2. Disc Jockeying.
3. Graffiti.
4. Breaking/B-Boying/B-Girling.
5. Style, Culture, Slang, etc.

Hip Hop is a culture. Rap is one of the ways in which Hip Hop is manifested. I will not even get into the deeper roots of Hip Hop, which are solidly planted in organic soils of Africa, and the cultures that have emanated from “the Motherland.” Too often, people call the unmitigated garbage (bragging about money, clothes, cars, how many women one has been with and what player they will sign to sports agency  that was developed on the back of masonic connections) that has flooded the airwaves since the mid-1990s “Hip Hop.” It is not. It isn’t even “Hip Pop”, as some call it. It’s merely rap. And often times, calling it “rap” a rather loose misnomer. For those who are a part of the Nation of the Gods and Earths, they know that Dr. Malachi York (and his son Jacob) each have had a major hand in shaping what has become the belief system and the musical aspect of Hip Hop. When you have people who are from suburbia (regardless of where they are from, whether northern New Jersey or Washington State), they typically are not even going to be aware of that fact.

Side Note: That same Dr. York used to frequent the project complexes throughout New York City and spread the “Knowledge” of the NGE. One of the complexes he frequented was the Marcy Houses, where a certain rapper originated. In other words, to know the teachings of Dr. York and build an entire career off everything that runs counter to those beliefs and teachings should tell you a great deal about that person.

While everything must evolve over time, there is a difference between evolution, growth and a compromising of the integrity of a person, group, object or culture. Throughout the 1980s, Hip Hop grew, as the messages were spread through music, poetry, dancing, graffiti and other forms of expression that enabled those of the culture of Hip Hop to share with others. Whether or not you are given to believe in that alleged “letter” that was sent out circa 1991 regarding the destruction of Hip Hop or not is your own business, and I shan’t expound upon it here, but around that time, Hip Hop underwent a noticeable shift from its original message and culture to just another money grab: a racket, just another means for the establishment to overtake, control and profit from “the next big thing”, while those who were the faces and voices of the culture went from true purveyors of the culture to a bunch of imposters who sold their talents (in some cases, a complete void therein) for an advance, two points, no control over master copies of their own intellectual property, publishing rights and the ability to collect royalties for perpetuity, all for a few bucks that often times is gone before they are even able to make appearances on tour.

Since that point, materialism, fake mafiosa rap, and whatever you want to label the Post 9/11 tripe that makes radio and makes talentless gremlins famous, has taken over. This is not Hip Hop. It is just dumbed-down drivel over beats that is often mastered to control the minds of the mindless listeners. Those who know Hip Hop regurgitate such codswallop immediately, knowing that it is Steak Umm instead of the filet mignon that they have been led to believe. Younger people would allege that such people who grew up and came of age just as Hip Hop did the same are just “stuck in the past” and “only hating on younger people ‘gettin’ it'” but this is rarely accurate. Hip Hop in its purest form uplifts, motivates, inspires and unites communities, particularly the oppressed, from which the culture emanates.

How does bragging about G5 flights, Maybach cars, Audemars watches and orgy sex parties every night have anything to do with Hip Hop, given the aforementioned definition of its essence?

Some people love to say, “Hip Hop is whatever you want it to be. Isn’t it supposed to be about unique self expression? Then yeah, “this” is Hip Hop.” That is utter nonsense. Men wearing skirts is not Hip Hop. Allowing the musical aspect of Hip Hop to push an “alternative lifestyle” agenda is not Hip Hop. That is mind control. And that’s generally the tomfoolery that pervades the airwaves for the most part nowadays.

You don’t get to call any and everything “Hip Hop.” And if you do not know from whence it came, whether you are from the South Bronx, Harlem, Mount Vernon, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island or Staten Island, lived there at one point or another, or never set foot in New York, and came into literal contact with the inspiration for everything that is Hip Hop at its core, then you can’t truly understand of which Hip Hop consists, except by second hand or tertiary fashion. Even then, the essence is often lost, diluted and changed into something else entirely, and that is precisely what we often see today being passed off as “Hip Hop”, when, in reality, on the high profile angle, that which is being labeled as “Hip Hop” is becoming the very thing that the Hip Hop culture rose up to fight against.

If you aren’t asleep.

Listen to Lord Jamar Elucidate Further Here:

Not Hip Hop 1


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