I Write Only for My Health and No Other Reason (Sarcasm Post of the Day)

I Write Only for My Health and No Other Reason (Sarcasm Post of the Day)
M.D. Wright

Of course this is sarcasm — halfway — but apparently, it is factual. While expressing and codifying one’s thoughts in writing is sometimes cathartic, sometimes sharing those thoughts are more beneficial for readers, than the person who wrote them. As such, it seems like no matter how much I express certain things, most people only read a headline, never read the actual content, and immediately formulate an opinion and respond. Headlines only give you a general idea regarding the content. It is not Cliff’s Notes, it is a lure to read what is written.

As such, I am going to lay it out there one more time so that I can dismiss the repeated questions and “suggestions” that I continue to receive, as if I have not already addressed these things and have not been doing what (whether sincere attempts to help or not) is suggested all along. The issue isn’t about looking someplace where I haven’t looked for jobs before. The issue is overcoming what is being done between the application stage and the unequivocal rejections that I continue to receive, sometimes even as soon as a few hours after applying for the job online! If that doesn’t tell you that the resume isn’t being considered, and that something more clandestine and nefarious is taking place, then what does?

I appreciate those who want to help and have put aside their own issues (we all have crosses to bear, and my life and issues are no more important than anyone else’s, as I am acutely aware) to offer to lend some insight or even call in connections and favors to help me out in a bind. Trust me, the gratitude is is the ultimate from me. However, I cannot state it enough, the issue isn’t about applying for things that I may have overlooked, or may even be qualified for. Despite what it may appear on social media — whether you think I am on Facebook all day (actually not even close to being true — I spend the first 3-4 hours a day scanning for opportunities — and it takes all of what, 18 seconds to post something on Facebook?) — or whatever the perception is, I actually spend nearly 10 to 12 hours a day looking for anything that I can; location be damned. It stopped being about, “Hey so and so is hiring, apply there,” a long time ago. Those 30,000+ job applications that I have posted online? About 29,975 of them have gone into a black hole, never to ever garner a response beyond a “Thank you for applying, we will review your skills against the requirements of the position and someone will contact you soon,” and the “Thank you for your time in applying for this position, but after careful (receiving this less than a day after applying???) consideration, we have decided to move forward with other candidates whose skills and abilities more closely fit those outlined in the position.”

What in the entire $#@!?

Mind you, I rarely apply for something that I have either a) never done before b) am not qualified based upon previous experience c) am not qualified for based upon erstwhile demonstrated skill sets and competencies c) am not qualified for based upon immense academic background and/or d) a combination of the above. How I can apply for numerous jobs that mirror those in my previous experience and then have many companies deliver the stock/canned, “we have decided to move forward with other candidates WHOSE SKILLS AND ABILITIES MORE CLOSELY FIT those outlined in the position” is beyond me.

And enough about gaps in employment. I have not been sitting around with my thumbs up my ass. I have been in school nonstop since August of 2004. Give me a friggin’ break. If I hadn’t been in school AND had gaps (never mind the fact that I have been applying and seeking work throughout the entire time that I was in undergrad and in the periods where I was doing real estate and sales), that would be a different story, but this is not the case.

For the last time, I moved to Charlotte for law school. For a multitude of reasons (not the least of which the immense stress that I had even before I left home to come here in the first place), that did not work out. I did not move down here on the premise that so and so said that there were jobs and I found out after 9 months of seeking, that I have not been offered a single one. It isn’t about networking. Every job that I have had in my LIFE has come off networking. Not a single off merit from previous experience. Not a single one has been garnered as a result of having any of the three degrees that I have. They have all come via knowing someone directly, or knowing someone who knew someone in a position to green light a hire. That is the most galling issue. I moved into the place that I moved as I had two streams of income and had savings. I would have been a fool to think that people who I had rendered services for would avoid payment, that my benefits would be cut off early, and that I would have to leave school AND not be able to find a job in the area despite having numerous contacts who claimed to have the means to at least land an interview. I even had a contact go completely AWOL after offering to fast track an application. You would think I would have had 74 felonies and misdemeanors on my record with charges pending, committed treason, was a registered sex offender, or threatened to blow up Washington, DC or something. I managed to make it out of the streets unscathed, no illegal activities, no record, stellar academic record, and a very solid professional background that is moving further and further into the rear view mirror the longer we go without an offer. I’ve seen convicted felons get jobs quicker than I have. I’ve seen people who could barely spell out the name of the city that they lived in get jobs quicker than I have. I have rarely gone to these lengths to express my frustration with this, because I usually let shit ride and endure it, but the more I reflect on how things have gone on in my adult life in the past decade, compared to the written vision and plans that I had for my life from that point (age 25 to now) and I get fucking furious when I realize that none of it has come to pass; considering how much effort has been put forth on my end to ensure that it occurs. That reflection and lack of achievement in those areas makes me virtually homicidal.

Further exacerbating matters, not only do none of the degrees open doors, but even networking with relatives and friends has yielded nothing. I have applied for at least 150 positions in the past three months just in the Charlotte and Raleigh/Durham area THROUGH PEOPLE WHO I KNOW and still receiving the same canned bullshit responses. Enough is enough. I couldn’t care less about being a whistle blower or being stigmatized as a “troublemaker.” You have people who are lazy, don’t want to work, complain about their jobs at every turn, and you have people who are desperate and literally dying to work and can’t even get a job working in fast food if they wanted. Only a coward with no spine would take that lying down. Once someone can say that they’ve been through anything close to what I’ve been through in this regard, then I’ll listen. No one that I know personally or by extension has, however, so I am not really trying to hear these basic suggestions to do things that I have been doing all along. It is not about applying with so and so who is hiring, it is who you know. And when you can’t even find anything through people who you know, that should tell you that something more clandestine is taking place here.

And that is what frustrates me even further, because I cannot prove anything with any certitude.

Enough with suggesting things that are impractical and implausible. Running back and forth to  places to apply in person costs money. I am not able to teleport myself physically. Maybe in 50 years, we’ll be able to do so. Not now. Traveling costs gas. The situation does not allow for gallivanting around to ask hotels, mall stores (for wages that won’t even so much as pay my rent?) and applying to places where I have been applying all along and receiving the same stock rejection letters.

I simply want to know if I am on a Do Not Hire list, and then find out who is responsible for that being so, so that I can sue the ever living shit out of them. This has been criminal to look at this situation from a distance and  realize the amount of bullshit that I have faced. Enough being nice, enough being quiet about it, enough “well, just pray and trust God,” enough sitting around and hoping against hope, wishing that this and that will happen.

Some things must be taken and done by force, because it goes beyond me. That is why I am going to be sending the letter in the following post to news outlets and will be seeking to speak on this publicly on camera: https://mrwright212.wordpress.com/2013/10/31/a-copy-of-the-letter-that-i-will-be-sending-to-numerous-media-affiliates/

The time has come to stop accepting rejection letter/email over and over. Even the most confident and strong willed people have breaking points before they either become completely discouraged and throw up their hands (not a quitter, so the other alternative is to SNAP, which I am thisclose to doing). I don’t blame Colin Ferguson for what he did back in the 90s, and he hadn’t even gone through this for even half the amount of time that I have. So that ought to tell you something. And no, I am not condoning what he did, or trivializing the lives lost in his killing spree, but I DO understand the anger that led up to it. Every time I hear someone utter the bullshit that “the economy is getting better,” I literally fly into a rage. GETTING BETTER FOR WHO???

There are people who have been through similar (although not as long enduring) situations as I have, and don’t have a voice nor the articulate abilities to speak up and express their experiences. I have to stand up for others who feel hopeless with no outlet to express their frustration and the ability to elucidate to others their experiences.



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