The Danger of Political Correctness

The Danger of Political Correctness
M.D. Wright

The thing about political correctness is that the concept of it all is short-sighted. Never mind the origination of it (because this can be argued to death, and the what’s and why’s for it as well), but the practice of applying political correctness in ever-increasing fashion is a very dangerous thing.

For decades, people misinterpreted and misapplied “Freedom of Speech.” I am not going to engage in civics class here. Even if you did not study law, most adults have the capacity to understand the spirit behind that constitutional right and where it actually applies. The reason I even mention this is because it is one of the first things people scream in defense of or in criticism of the use of political correctness.

Everything is about precedent in our (arguably overly) litigious society. Once something becomes a legal precedent or an accepted practice in society, then any “violation” of that “law” becomes grounds for ridicule, stigmatization and ostracizing on the part of the “offender.” Whenever there is a social movement or an agenda in play, those who are in opposition — whether speaking opinion or factual — are labeled as “bigots”, politically incorrect for simply not going along with the flow.

Ultimately, political correctness leads to group think and forceful quieting of those who are opposed. Rather than looking at the grassroots level and thinking about religious and social matters, think about how this can be more damaging (I’m not going to say it here, but those who know the context from which I generally espouse these matters can think of the bigger picture to which I refer here). That should scare people much more than being “offended” by something that is at best trivial — which is the case with most of the things that people squabble about nowadays, whether it is a team’s name, race issues, political leanings, or other things that are minuscule compared to what’s coming down the pike.

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