Fronting at its Finest

Fronting at its Finest
M.D. Wright

People kill me.

“Never let them see you down! They’ll use it against you!”


Better than being disingenuous about what you have been through, overcome (or NOT) and then act like you’ve always held it together. Anyone with ANY wisdom knows that if you have lived 30+ years and have done everything within your power to save face and never display a moment of weakness that a) you are full of shit and/or b) nothing you can say about giving “advice” can be taken seriously, because your story does not include any mention of struggle and perseverance when the chips were down.

Furthermore, if you TRULY have never gone through valleys and struggled, you lack the character to be of any worth to someone else seeking to overcome.

But then again, therein lies the problem, you lie and hide your story, because you are fearful that someone will use it against you, and the very lack of character that you have failed to develop as a result of going through trial is why you lie in the first place. Can’t have it both ways, either way, you are full of shit.


Saving Face 1


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