Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward
M.D. Wright

In keeping with my lifetime goal of leaving a legacy, sharing information, and overall possessing a vision that is far greater than my life, and greater than I can conceive of my own mind, I hope that seeds can be planted at every turn of my life. If only by dropping a nugget of wisdom from personal life experience, from being a financial/insurance/real estate/legal adviser, from interfacing regarding spiritual matters and the Bible, to paying it forward in the areas of education, business development and life coaching, from time to time, I like to share opportunities that, even if I am unable to personally benefit from them, can be of potential benefit to someone else.

In keeping with that practice, I share these two organizations, which can help people forge pathways in the areas of professional career development, internships, and the funding for such, as well as those who want to work in the arenas of professional sports — advising  professionals about real estate transactions and portfolio diversification. – The T. Howard Foundation – The Sports & Entertainment Institute

Every now and then, when information crosses my desk (or email) I will continue to share.

Pay it Forward 2


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