Passing Thoughts of Knowledge and Insight…

Passing Thoughts of Knowledge and Insight…
M.D. Wright

Although bitter and scorned women won’t acknowledge it, there are men who want something more substantial out of life than an endless parade of one night stands and chasing skirt. Even Wilt Chamberlain bemoaned his lifestyle at the end of his life; decrying it as “empty” and wishing he had settled with one woman.

There are many more men who desire this (as ALL humans are created for relationship) than the Bitter Broad Community would lead you to believe. Don’t be led by the nose by feminist bullshit into believing things that are not true, and ending up looking for flaws (100% inevitable, which then makes it an endlessly disappointing exercise in futility and aggravation) in every man that you subsequently meet — instead of appreciating his quality traits that are actually redeeming unto you.

Ask a man how men think and comport, not your bitter, lonelly homegirls. They’ll lead you astray like a blind guide dog.

Blind 1


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