Sports Hate vs. Real Hate

Sports Hate vs. Real Hate
M.D. Wright

Some people have the tendency of trying to talk sports fans out of saying that they “hate” certain players, organizations, fans and even cities (because of their sports teams and fans), by stating that “Hate is such a strong word!” While the truism itself is indeed accurate, this does not demonstrate the delineation between actual hate and sports hate.

What is Sports Hate?
When you have sports hatred, you don’t literally (unless you are a ridiculous fanatic with no life who takes sports far too seriously) hate the player, the team, the fans or the city solely because of the sports teams — although if there are legitimate reason for hating the city itself, that’s another topic altogether — but you sports hate those entities because of rivalries, trash talk, the general sentiment of disgust and unease when you even think about the players, fans, team or the city that they represent.

Difference Between Sports Hate and Real Hate
While sports hate has certain boundaries (outside of the games, rational people are able to separate the sentiment of sports hatred and real hatred when the smoke clears), real hatred is exactly what everyone believes for it to mean: an out and out distaste, wishing and hoping the worst on people’s health and general welfare, and possessing such strong dislike that they become homicidal — or wish such a maelstrom upon a person or group of people — and lose all rational and positive thought towards a person or group. When sports hate subsides, you can put away the hate for a particular player, team, group of fans and a town, and go back to civility; even commiserating with people from the group onto which the sports hatred is projected. It is that simple.

Stop trying to tell people “Don’t say you hate them, that’s too strong of a term!” Because you are missing the point.
This is not to be confused with the blatantly overuse of the phrase “Stop hating! (i.e. being jealous)” Not feeling overboard worshipful and genuflecting before a player or team because you do does not denote “hating” in the jealous, inferiority complex, outright imagined manner in which most utter it.

“We” and Sports Teams.
When you are emotionally vested in a team, buy merchandise, commiserate with players off the field/ice/court and are part of the group of fans who can be audibly heard at the stadium cheering for the players, you are a part of that team. People who mutter the “Since when did you play for X or Y team? What time is the game today?” should be tazed with the highest legal voltage stun gun each time they speak (or type) those words. The only people who do this are those who love to be contrarians for the sake of being a contrarian, argue facts instead of opinions, and generally have no life, and possibly few to no friends, if at all.

Let sports fans cook.

Unless they are fans of Philadelphia and Boston sports teams, then all bets are off.

Bill Belichick 3


2 thoughts on “Sports Hate vs. Real Hate

  1. The GreaterHater September 29, 2013 / 5:42 AM

    Nice job with this. We have started a website which allows sports fans to designate and rank the teams that they Love and Hate in various sports. It started because a friend and I had an argument over which one of us hated the oakland raiders more.

    But what we have set up is all supposed to be in the name of fun. Good-natured banter between rival fans can make the game experience much more interesting, but as you point out there are far too many people who take sports-fandom to stupid and counterproductive levels. Witness the horrible fight in San Francisco earlier this week.

    Anyway, I am pleased to see that you have the same sort of ideas about sports passion as we do.


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