Counterproductivity in Action

Counterproductivity in Action
M.D. Wright


— Wearing your life savings in your wrist, back, feet and around your neck and worrying about “haters” trying to run you for it.

— Wearing low cut shirts, tight dresses and booty shorts, but complaining about “thirsty dudes.”

— “Teaching” your child to save their money and prepare for home ownership, but you do nothing but buy them $150 sneakers and you blow all of your money on your car and other depreciating liabilities.

— Dating/screwing around with nothing but slutty women, but complaining that there are “no good women” around. You won’t be able to “see” them or appreciate them when you come across them, B.

— Dating/screwing around with dudes who have no desire to be with one woman, getting hurt repeatedly, and then railing against men every chance you get. Worthwhile men hear/read that and keep a safe distance, allowing for the like spirits to attract one another.

— Wanting to be a sustainable business, but engaging in foul business practices such as breach of contract, intentional failure to pay and being unreliable in general.

And so on…

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