Subliminals, Indirects and Social Media

Subliminals, Indirects and Social Media
M.D. Wright

One of the things that social media has created is a haven for trolls, cowards and people who have issues with passive aggression. It can be rather maddening, because there is no “right or wrong way” to utilize social media. Whenever a page is personal in nature, the matter becomes a subjective values judgment, not an empirical finding of “right” or “wrong.” However, there are generally accepted practices and there are practices that are generally frowned upon.

Which brings me to my ultimate point.

Sometimes when a person has a beef with someone else (or several people), instead of approaching the person directly — whether in person or even online by name — they would rather issue subliminal taunts, indirect, passive-aggressive comments (or, nowadays, the passe practice of creating and finding memes to speak for them, which only compounds the whole disgrace further) and leave people in limbo left to wonder what the issue is, and whether they have inadvertently done something to offend the poster.

Worse yet, when the subliminal posts reach the visage of the intended audience, the poster fails to realize that the intended audience may have seen the post and decided to ignore it, could be planning revenge offline, or stores away the comment for future reference. People are quick to call someone “fake” in subliminal fashion, and think that the intended audience did not catch them talking slick. People are quick to ramble on and on about who is a “real man” or “real woman” while issuing subliminals at an ex or a child’s mother or father, but at the end of the day, it is just another shameless show of passive aggression.

And who respects passive aggressive people? Even passive aggressive people don’t respect passive aggressors — including themselves — which is why they are so pathetic in the first place. Passive aggression is annoying enough in person, it is doubly worse when it is carried out online.

Trust me here, folks. I see you.

Passive Aggressive 1


One thought on “Subliminals, Indirects and Social Media

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