M.D. Wright
RELATIONSHIP. Mankind was created for relationship: friendship, companionship, trade/barter, marriage, teaching and coaching relationships. Because man is created to relate, then the ability to sincerely relate to others makes one appealing to others. The reason for laughter is the relationship that exists as a result of sharing the same experience and perspective about a particular subject. Laughter is a reflex reaction, as a result.

You cannot expect to sell products to someone repeatedly without developing relationship.

You cannot expect to have a healthy friendship or marriage without there being relationship.

You cannot expect people to trust you or be amenable to your evangelism if you do cannot relate to them.


Where does it end? Transparency is the apex of self-actualization, yet so few reach it. You can tell by those who, while understandable that they do not utilize social media as a diary, always like to paint the picture that they have never gone through anything. No one can relate to them, and it is disingenuous when they go back to recount their story to others.

What can be gleaned from someone who obscured from view every possible situation that did not paint them in a positive light? Without struggle and perseverance through trial, no character can be formed, and without which, no genuine “testimony” can be shared. I have a real problem with people who would rather do that, and besmirch those who are candid about their plight, either verbally or via social media.

Honesty 1


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