2013 NFL: OMW & Friends Official Division-by-Division Standings Predictions

2013 NFL: OMW & Friends Official Division-by-Division Standings Predictions
M.D. Wright

Now that the starters have played as much as they will play in the preseason (only a few will see a couple of snaps in the final preseason games this Thursday, hoping for no further injuries to anyone’s players from here), most of the starters are in position, and final cuts are ensuing. As usual, the annual OMW & Friends Official Division-by-Division standings predictions are at hand.

As always, these are not exact computations, and do not represent an even 512-512 split per 16 games played for each of the 32 NFL teams, but serves more of a range and ballpark placement for each team in its respective division. These will be held and revisited come January to see who was the most accurate.

AFC East
New England                    11-5
Miami                                10-6
Buffalo                                6-10
NY Jets                                5-11

AFC North
Cincinnati                         11-5
Baltimore                           9-7
Pittsburgh                          8-8
Cleveland                           7-9

AFC South
Houston                            11-5
Indianapolis                     11-5
Tennessee                          6-10
Jacksonville                        3-13

AFC West
Denver                             13-3
Kansas City                        9-7
San Diego                          7-9
Oakland                             2-14

Playoff Teams: Cincinnati, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, New England, Kansas City.

NFC East
Dallas                                 10-6
NY Giants                           10-6
Washington                       10-6
Philadelphia                        7-9

NFC North
Green Bay                          11-5
Minnesota                           9-7
Chicago                                8-8
Detroit                                 6-10

NFC South
Tampa Bay                         10-6
New Orleans                     10-6
Atlanta                                 8-8
Carolina                               7-9

NFC West
Seattle                                 13-3
St. Louis                              10-6
San Francisco                       8-8
Arizona                                 5-11

Playoff Teams: Dallas, Green Bay, NY Giants, Tampa Bay, Seattle, St. Louis.



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