The Economy Sucks, But…

The Economy Sucks, But…
M.D. Wright

“The Economy Sucks” — Robert Crawford, III

Yes, it does. Everyone knows it now, regardless of the social strata in which you reside. If you were broke before 2008, chances are you are even worse off today. If you thought you were middle class in 2008, you realize that you were deceived like most guys walking into strip clubs thinking the boobs and butts were real, only to find out that 90% of them were not. If you were part of the 1%, you realize that you lost a couple of zeros off your stocks and mutual fund accounts (or all zeros, if you were affiliated with Bernie Madoff).

Oh, and those of you who talk down “at” people who did not choose a major in information technology, medicine or something in the sciences, guess what — you better humble yourself soon, because some of you are heading for a mighty fall when the REAL Great Depression hits in a year or so. But that’s another article for another day.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. However, there is a limit. While you were running up $80K in student loans while pursuing your utterly worthless degree in Art History or Interior Design (to do WHAT with it, precisely? Oh yeah, I thought so, have fun teaching Home Economics), there were people who decided to pursue degrees with hands-on disciplines and featured tangible work upon completion of their degree program(s). What’s worse, is that many people are unable to find work in their own field. Many cannot find work at all. Nevertheless, those student loans (if they have any) have to be repaid, regardless if they are making $75K or $11.50 an hour. Some people have gone onto public assistance and unemployment benefits to exhaustion, out of necessity. Many people are feeling the pinch.


Pardon me, but WHAT IN GOD’S NAME??? Who are you? Who told you that you were special and exempt from drowning in student loans like the rest of us? The nerve of asking people to pay off the entire amount of your student loans. What, are you incapable (or unwilling) to struggle like the rest of us to get by? Who told you that this was beneath you? The worst part about this? The type of people who want to set up funds for people to pay of their student loans are the type who smugly told others, “You don’t work hard enough, you need to apply yourself and go the extra mile, that’s why you aren’t prospering.”

But now that they find themselves paying off $1,137.49 per month, and they don’t even make that while shilling clothes at Nordstrom’s, they think “Oh gosh, the government needs to intervene, this is impossible!”

Oh now, because YOU’RE going through it like the rest of America, huh?

This is just another example of how selfish, self-centered, and self-focused these millennials that we have bred are, now that they are coming of age into adulthood. It should depress the hell out of you, while infuriating you to no end at the same time.

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