2013 NFL: What We Know “Everyone In” Edition

2013 NFL: What We Know “Everyone In” Edition
M.D. Wright

Now that everyone has played their first preseason game, we have gained more insight as to what rosters will be shaping up and looking like come the regular season. Depth charts will continue to be shuffled, and yes, we had a couple more “Torn ACL – Out for Season” reports since last week’s “What We Know”, but as for this first full week of preseason games, we now know a bit more than we knew last week.

— Atlanta Falcons fans were gloating when their first game with the Cincinnati Bengals began. By the time it was over, the typical (and expected) “It’s just preseason, no big deal!” blither began.

— I have said all offseason that the Falcons will be no better than 9-7 this year. They always do this, the year following one of their fluke seasons. Besides, (Woody Paige Voice) LOOK AT THE SCHEDULE!!!

— The Bills hope that EJ Manuel is the real deal. He has weapons galore, that is for sure. There were glimpses of his immense ability in the Bills’ first game against the Colts.

— Then there were glimpses of the things that Manuel seemed to do each time Florida State played North Carolina State — a botched handoff with CJ Spiller.

— The Colts are still too light in the cakes to be taken seriously in the playoffs. They’ll probably win the AFC South, but who will they be able to stop?

— The Ravens are kicking ass and taking names, as if they are taking it personally that everyone wrote them off as soon as offseason signings began (with them losing a half dozen stalwart players almost immediately).

— However, we all know that this does not translate to the regular season all that often.

— The Bucs are going to be a lot better on defense than this first preseason game may lead casual onlookers to believe.

— Cincinnati needs to show that they have another viable threat opposite AJ Green. Both Andrew Hawkins (slot) and Mohamed Sanu are coming off injuries. Marvin Jones?

Rey Maualuga may shut me up about his deficiencies in pass coverage this season.

— Roddy White is the biggest clown in the NFL. And I do not mean that in a complimentary manner.

— There is hope amongst Cleveland Browns fans. I don’t know why, but I will never kill anyone’s vibe, unless it is the Philadelphia Eagles.

— Speaking of which, they may have the worst defense in the entire NFL. Even worse than the Raiders.

— Chris Johnson can still outrun the cops.

— The Seabags have guys on their second and third defensive units that could steal jobs from most teams’ starters.

— Although the loss of Danario Alexander is a huge blow to the Chargers’ receiving corps, one must remember that they still have Malcom Floyd, Vincent Brown and Antonio Gates. If they can kick and prod Robert Meachem, he can at least be serviceable (which is about all he’s ever been, despite the ridiculous amount of money he has been paid).

— The Jets cannot even LOSE properly. On a night when bettors anticipated them not scoring and holding the Lions’ second and third units down, they not only scored late, but gave up a barrage of points.

— Mark Sanchez threw a touchdown pass… to a rookie defensive end — ON THE LIONS. Yawn. You cannot make up this stuff.

— Bill Belichick was determined to stick it to the Eagles after the beef that stirred up during the Patriots and Eagles’ joint practices.

— Why are the Jacksonville Jaguars still in the NFL?

— In Exhibit A why “preseason does NOT matter”, the Packers get shut out by the Arizona Cardinals.

— Lawrence J. Fitzgerald.

— The Houston Texans will never win anything with Matt Schaub. Sort of like the New York Knicks never winning with Charlie Ward and Chris Childs.

— Alex Smith is ready to prove his doubters wrong. Everyone quivers in their ragged Timberlands.

— Jay Cutler is still the QB for the Chicago Bears. Do the Bears even need to play out this season?

— The woeful Raiders even beat the Cowboys, and while it’s preseason, a number of those players for Dallas’ second and third teams will be playing roles this season.

— Shouts to Kris Adams, the Football Giants’ WR who broke his leg in a gruesome injury vs. Pittsburgh.

— Victor Cruz just proved why he held out — as he is the best receiver out of the slot in the NFL.



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