Straightforward, Direct, Aggressive and THIRSTY: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Straightforward, Direct, Aggressive and THIRSTY: Where Do You Draw the Line?
M.D. Wright

This is a legitimate question, because there is a floating barometer, depending on the person, situation and a myriad of other factors. In other words, no simple designation for a given situation or person. However, while there is a time to be straightforward, direct and/or aggressive, it is generally agreed that “thirst” is a turnoff. The problem, additionally, is that some people deem a perfectly straightforward and direct person who would universally be agreed to NOT be thirsty, as “thirsty.” This makes a lot more people — even those of the Type A variety — unwilling to be themselves, for concern of being labeled “thirsty” when the converse is actually true. Of course, there will always be some who don’t care, regardless of whether they are perfectly direct or flat out legitimately thirsty.

Thirst 1

For example, while I am Type A, and have no problem walking up and striking up meaningful conversation with any woman (even famous ones, which I have done a few times in my adult life), I do not mind a woman who approaches me. Additionally, there is a difference between “slut shit” and just being straightforward. Having sex on the first date is not “slut shit”. Swallowing is not “slut shit”. In fact, chicks who WANT to do those things and FRONT like they don’t want to, because they THINK you will label them as a “slut” are worse than any slut can be, because you are on par with the worst kind of liar.

I’d much rather have someone who doesn’t beat around the bush, regardless of the subject matter, than someone who coyly spoke in code, beat around the bush, and froze up in the face of the opportunity to simply express what they felt and what they wanted to do (or what they wanted me to do for them). Shyness is understood with some, but playing shy — particularly from someone who erstwhile has no filter and no issue with expressing themselves with impunity — is a huge turnoff.

Thirst may be off-putting to most, but false shyness/playing coy may be worse. Aggression, direct approaches and straightforward talk can be managed. “Thirst” is subjective. That is where the line can be drawn. One thing that isn’t so subjective is playing coy versus being direct, straightforward or aggressive. Depending on your stance on the two, “thirst” may be a lot less prevalent than some people claim, and more imaginary — like the “haters” that some people believe they have — simply because the person doing the pursuing isn’t of interest of the person designating them as “thirsty.”

Just something to think about…

Thirst 2

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