You’re “Independent”? Saddown, Shaddap & Have Several Seats, Thank You

You’re “Independent“? Saddown, Shaddap & Have Several Seats, Thank You
M.D. Wright

I have reached a point in my life where I have virtually ZERO tolerance for nonsense, willful ignorance and stupidity in my sphere. People nowadays want to blame shift for everything when they care caught dead to rights doing things (but are otherwise silent if/until they are caught, which is a key to note here). People nowadays think that they cannot be figured out, solely because they attempt to hide behind a cloak of “anonymity” online (when the converse is true). People nowadays want to take credit for what others have done for them, and never take ownership of their own failures. This is where we are in society today.

I get so tired of people (not just women, but predominantly so) running around telling people how “independent” they are, every chance that they get. As the Bible says, “You already have your reward in full” — the pseudo adulation from the people who click “Like” and pat you on the back on your social media pontifications (but couldn’t care less if you were independent, codependent, totally dependent or ubiquitous, I could go on…) No one cares. The sooner these people realize this, the sooner this stupid decade-long nonsense will stop. Beyonce and other radical feminists‘ puppets have sold you a bill of goods, and you need to realize that it is about as worthless as a Monopoly piece at McDonald’s.

This world is all about surviving, learning, teaching, and — ultimately — getting it however you get it (in the eyes of some). If you have to hustle, then so be it. If you have to leave your job to care for an ill loved one, then so be it. If you have to sell your booty to keep Mitchell and White off your tail, and still owe Willie Green $50,000, then so be it. If you work two jobs to own a run of the mill car, and are paying for an APARTMENT (not a mortgage), then so be it.

The common denominator? NO ONE CARES. Those who are getting it done have no time to care about you, for they are — you guessed it — too busy doing what they need to do in order to maintain. Grow up.

Besides, at the end of the day, who cares about the material gain that you have accumulated, if you have no substance of character, cannot carry on a halfway intelligible or intelliGENT conversation about anything substantive, and are otherwise empty when the material goods that you are consumed with and worship are taken away. And believe me, they are fleeting.

Anyone of any value and worth is PUT OFF by someone who is always professing how “independent” they are, and how they have this car, that house or apartment, that purse, that pair of sneakers and so forth. There’s nothing wrong with owning nice things. When nice things own YOU, things are juxtaposed, and you are EXposed as a fool.

At the end of the day, who pats people on the back for doing what they are ultimately supposed to do as an adult?


Thank you and get back to your paper-shuffling duties at work.

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