What is a “Real Man” Nowadays?

What is a “Real Man” Nowadays?
M.D. Wright

The “War on Manhood” is palpable. Those who scoff at this (factual) assertion are ill-informed. It is actually a very sad phenomenon. With all the pronouncements that “Chivalry is dead” and the growls from women begging men to be a “Real Man” — a term that may be one of the most annoying, blood-boiling inducing terms of the 21st Century — you would think that it would be as simple as asking men to step up to the plate and cease the practice of abdicating their roles as men. But is it really that easy?

For millennia, “gender roles” (a nasty term in the eyes and mouths of many) for men and women were pretty constant. From a Bible-believing standpoint, they were (for the most part, aside from some abuses on the part of men and society as a whole toward women) what they were supposed to be. Nowadays, from a cultural standpoint, things have shifted dramatically over the past 35 years. Men have long vacated the home and left women to raise children alone, and some with a revolving door of men who fail to take the place of the biological father‘s necessary impact on the child(ren).

Today, more women work outside the home than ever, while also being pressured (or responding to the innate and NOBLE call to be the primary nurturer of the family in the home) to continue their roles at home. The male species — even animals in the wild — has long been the primary breadwinner who goes out and provides for the family, and comes back to provide physical covering in the home. Radical feminism has turned that ideology upside down over the past 35 years, and a full-fledged war on manhood has been underway ever since.

From depictions of men as grunting, idiotic creatures with sub-70 intelligence quotients who cannot function without their know-it-all wives, to demonizing the very qualities that are innate to men (hunters, aggressive, competitive, desire to lord over their domain, etc.), the war is palpable. In recent years, boys who exhibit the healthy qualities that they are to hone in their formative years through adolescence are now being labeled as “trouble kids” and being given medication and other measures in order to “neutralize” the very thing that makes boys into men.

Eventually what takes place is very disturbing, and we are seeing mounds of evidence today, as the current generation comes of age and enters adulthood.

Boys are effective castrated growing up, made into effeminate eunuchs, demonized for acting as a boy should, and is, upon arriving at adulthood, devoid of the qualities that will make him into the very thing that women spend copious amounts of time online whining about: “A REAL MAN.”

While fathers abdicating their roles and leaving women to raise children as single mothers is not a new phenomenon (nor has it been the chief reason why men become effeminate and incapable of handling basic duties as an adult), it does play a role. The bigger factors are the aforementioned demonizing tactics involving the virtual castration of young men: marking aggression and competitiveness as “something that must be corrected and eradicated”, then dumping them into groups where activities that appeal to young women are prevalent, and later, birthing a bunch of males (not MEN) in their early 20s who cannot create a budget, balance their checking accounts, has no concept of who he is to be as a man, cannot commiserate with women (except in effeminate ways), and alienate guys who are Men’s Men.

Old school men such as myself are horrified looking at what has become of the past two generation of young males, because it is a downward spiral without someone stepping up to the War on Manhood. There is an understanding that the economy (and to a much greater degree, moral erosion of society, along with a dispensation of morals in general) forces more women to work outside of the home than ever, but God gave men and women distinct roles for a reason. When mankind, which thinks it is wiser than God Himself, begins to alter those roles and creates a society that has effectively turned the entire dynamic of family, man and woman relationships, and rearing of children into a complete farce, then this is the result.

You cannot expect this current generation of males to become “Real Men” when they neither have their fathers or strong male influences (in many cases), and the Old School male role models who ARE present, are stifled and labeled as “pigs” and “chauvinists” for daring to *gulp* help raise  young boys into productive men.

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