Exposing Truth: The Difference Between Confidence/Swagger and “Swag”

When you do possess true confidence, you do not need to run around telling everyone that you have it. The same with swagger — swagger speaks for itself; cornballs with no actual swagger must tell everyone within earshot that they have “swag” (which is some weird concoction of putting on airs, fronting only when they have a few dollars and some new kicks — but are nowhere to be found when they’re broke).

There is a stark, but palpable difference between the two.

Confidence is consistent and shines through regardless of your financial state of being. “Swag” is only evident on the 1st and 15th, or after they have pitched a few jums and copped a few kicks (while defaulting on their rent-stabilized-for-three-generations apartment that they split the rent with their grandmother). When cats with “swag” are broke, the FBI, CIA nor Navy Seals can find them.

Sort of like Dallas Cowboys fans whenever they lose, which has been quite often over the past two decades.

Confidence and swagger is being able to leave the house dressed in anything ranging from a suit and tie, to cargo shorts and sneakers, to sweats, a tattered t-shirt and some second-year Timbs, not flash a single dollar, not use tired “game” or “lines” and still have women turning their heads and going out of their way to speak to you with interest. “Swag” consists of spending well beyond your means to give the appearance that you are “holding” and fronting on everyone that held you down when you were broke (i.e. last week, and surely the week after you went on your 72-hour flash-a-thon at the mall and club later), and styling on good women, while breaking your neck to get with the most ratchet, worthless chicks imaginable.

Confidence, virtually regardless (notice I did not say “REGARDLESS”) of looks is attractive. “Swag” is off-putting, except in the eyes of equally worthwhile human beings.

Confidence is being able to rock any outfit and feel good about yourself — and project that successfully in the eyes of others — without having to form-fit into specific attire. Those who only “look good” in a suit and tie (like some of the old fucks at my old church congregations) will try and style on you, but they look like Patrick from Sponge Bob in anything OTHER than a suit and tie, so they think you’re less-than if you don’t wear a suit to church every week.

Confidence cannot be purchased by spending an entire cheque on clothes that can only be worn once a month. Swag can be purchased, however.

And, of course, lost, just as easily as money and material things come and go. Have a seat and let the grown men show you how to do this, B.

Swag 2

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