First and Only Thoughts on the Zimmerman Trial…

First and Only Thoughts on the Zimmerman Trial…
M.D. Wright

You people better not lose your minds and riot when George Zimmerman gets off for murdering the teenaged Trayvon Martin (because he will, and I said all along that he will, because of how the legal standard pretty much handcuffed the prosecutor from trying the case and making it stick beyond a reasonable doubt). You knew all along that he would, because a) it is FLORIDA, b) if you know the legal system at all, attorney or not, you know that there was little chance of any prosecutor proving this case in the state’s favor without the defense throwing every potential seed of doubt in the jury’s minds. At most, you would only see a hung jury with this evidence. No way is he getting convicted of anything beyong a low-level misdemeanor and probation.


Don’t go acting stupid and making racist diatribe against White people when the aforementioned pieces are things that you should have known going into the case.

For the record, Zimmerman did it with malicious intent and deserves to fry for it, it is evident that he was looking for trouble. Additionally, there was no need for that type of force to be used (yes, there is a defense that can be utilized if the person who was injured/killed by the defendant was displaying force commensurate with that used by the defendant to injure/kill), but the boy had no weapon, and Zimmerman should have fallen back in his pursuit; MUCH LESS continue stalking the boy and using deadly force when there was no such force used by the boy, other than his hands to defend himself from someone who had no business stalking him like Rambo.

However, I know how the law works, and considering the state, I said from the outset that Zimmerman would get off. Everything in between was a charade.

* – You should be slapped with a weighted sock a la Homey the Clown if you are only commenting about this case based upon what FOX News or MSNBC and CNN dictate to you. That sock should be filled with bricks if you are only arguing one way or another because of a racial influence that you refuse to own up to as being the motivation for your belief.

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