Daily Nuggets of Wisdom

Daily Nuggets of Wisdom
M.D. Wright

Some people love being able to stand up and say, “I did it all myself, I pulled myself up by the bootstraps, I didn’t want nor need anyone’s help.”

Congratulations, you have your reward in full, as your ego and pride are stroked (and most people will not care that you “did it all” yourself — when it’s still not true, despite the claims to the contrary).

Wise people know that they can achieve a great deal alone, but networking and collaborating with others help you achieve things greater than yourself and your own efforts. The difference is, you  cannot take full credit in such a scenario.

Furthermore, people block their own blessings because they would rather stoke their egos by shunning the assistance of others solely because they want all the credit. Don’t be so quick to resist the willing assistance of others, as you can not only block your own blessings, but THEIRS (for helping you), as well.

Wisdom 1


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