The Importance of Listening, Cognition, and Comprehension

The Importance of Listening, Cognition, and Comprehension
M.D. Wright

It seems that no matter how much some people gain “education”, they don’t increase with true knowledge, wisdom, and COMMON SENSE on an equivalent sliding scale.

In yet another example of this — the lack of cognition and comprehension that leads me to have to repeat myself when I thoroughly explain things whenever I elucidate about a matter: when I left law school, I explained the myriad (myriad signifies MORE THAN ONE for those scoring at home) of reasons why.

One was the irrational costs related to borrowing loan money, correlated with the amount of student loan debt that I already have hovering over me.

Another was timing. I have several things that were in the works before I left New York and had to be given attention to, even to this day. I can always go back to law school later when I have gotten everything in order the way that I want, while reestablishing myself in the three other fields that I wanted to hold licensure — real estate broker, insurance sales, and series 6, 7, 63 and 66 financial adviser.

You cannot earn much of a wage while in law school, and your expenses do not magically go away just because you are in school. Maybe once I am firmly entrenched and flowing again, or if (BIG “IF”) I get married and have a stable home life — of which I do not, as I have been consistently transient over the past decade — and can afford to devote myself fully to the study.

Otherwise, I’m setting myself up for failure, and the same boneheads who repeatedly ask me why I left (and have not read the 117 previous explanations as to why I made the decision) will be the main ones looking at me like I have four heads and questioning why I failed.

People. SMH.

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