Exchange Between Myself and the Managing Director of Public Relations at HB Agency Regarding Recruitment and Selection

Exchange Between Myself and the Managing Director of Public Relations at HB Agency Regarding Recruitment and Selection
M.D. Wright

I don’t mince words for anyone. Micheal Ray Richardson is as close to an “idol” as I can have without having one (as I do not). He tells things like it is, doesn’t play the political game, and doesn’t care that the ramifications may leave him assed out. Dignity and integrity count for something with me and where I come from. I am quite fed up with the landscape of the recruitment and selection area of Human Resources. And given that there is no such thing as coincidence to me (my last course work for this second Masters is “Recruiting and Selection” in my HR Management umbrella), there was no coincidence that I am taking this course as we speak.

I made a comment upon initially reading through all 84 slides and left this comment:

“Michael Wright More typical HR/hiring manager BS. There needs to be an overhaul interviewing and hiring practices, because many are so busy trying to figure out who to disqualify that they miss out on the actual best person for the job. Sick and tired of it, personally. 1 day ago.”

To which he gracious and politely replied:

Mark O’Toole, Managing director, public relations & content marketing at HB Agency @misterwright212 Michael, as someone who got into my current profession in my mid-30s without any real background in it, I appreciate finding trying to find the best person regardless of his/her background. Any suggestions for overhauling the process? Thanks. 1 day ago.”

Since he asked, I answered —

I actually have a few suggestions — minus the previous smarmy commentary on my part — I have studied Human Resources Management for a few years, and Organizational Leadership for a couple of years before that. Masters in both. There are a plethora of approaches that hiring managers engage in that seem to denote the desire for a cookie-cut image of a candidate, as opposed to truly finding the right fit. There’s tons of research being conducted that shows that the more innovative approaches to interviewing and selection usurp most of the ham-fisted, we-can-treat-you-this-way-because-of-the-job-market tactics that many of us have come up against.

I ran a non-profit organization, committed 25 hours a week to serving as the leader of the singles ministry of my church, worked a full-time job and attended school full-time throughout college. You will never hear me toot my horn about community work, because I believe it should be done and not spoken about. But for illustrative purposes, I allude to it, because internships aren’t as tangible or feasible for nearly as many people as employers seem to think.

The one internship I qualified for, I had to pass up on because of a crediting snafu on the part of my institution. So because I didn’t (have any time) work an internship, and don’t lie to your face about having desired all of my life to work for a company that likely wasn’t even around when I was born — among other things — the rest of the bases I have had covered as tightly as a CIA operative, as I was a two-time FBI applicant who actually got the call back (so someone please tell me how these slides apply to someone like me, who has done what these slides dictate, but have been jobless for well over a year now?)

I know for a fact that there are dozens of people who I am acquainted with personally who are in the same situation. Simply being passed over due to semantics and other mine traps set up in the application and interview process that STILL ends up netting the employer with a candidate who will cost them even more money to train than the actual best applicant.

I have really had it up to “here” with these types of presentations (not unloading on you directly, Mark), because there is a huge disparity between what employers are telling prospective employees and what they are actually doing. I may not have always wanted to work for you, but as long as you are loyal and supportive to me, you WILL have me, even if something “better” comes along.

Pretty soon I am going to be writing the major networks and news publications about my personal plight, because this is beyond ridiculous. Maybe my best asset to a company is innovating and fine-tuning the application and selection process, because there is much to be done to get it right more frequently. I will tell you this much.

That was the exact comment that I left in reply. Unfiltered. That is where we are in 2013. No one has time for politics and bullshit. We are results-focused now more than ever. Get the job done or render yourself obsolete. Those who are on the cutting edge find the best candidates to help build their vision or miss out on them altogether. Period.

There MUST be a change in the way things are done, because I am sick and tired of people who are ostensibly more qualified, educated and experienced than I am telling the same stories that I find myself telling. It’s gotten old and my sincere response could not be filtered. Companies are missing out on the best possible candidates while they engage in bullshit and nepotistic practices solely because they “can.” Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, or — for those who want someone who appears to be more attainable in their visage, Jay-Z — wouldn’t have even be hired by some of these companies nowadays.

Steve Jobs 1

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