Why Do People “Hate” the Miami Heat?

Why Do People “Hate” the Miami Heat?
M.D. Wright

One of the primary reasons? Miami is the worst sports town in the nation. Only “The U.” (the University of Miami football only) and the Miami Dolphins (somehow) matter to people with any regularity in Miami. Otherwise, the people in the area, and otherwise have been fairweather at BEST when concerning the Miami Marlins, the Florida Panthers and even the University of Miami basketball team, which has gone years without selling out games, but experienced sellouts during their all-time program-best season this year.

Worst yet is people who like to front-run teams that win titles in other sports, but AREN’T based in Miami, but they are somehow Heat fans, and expect people to take them seriously.

Heat bandwagoners are SO obvious, and they don’t realize that OGs like me, who have been heavy in all sports for 30 years KNOW that the Heat only had a cool 14,000 fans total. TOTAL. And that’s being nice, because it was mostly south Florida and a few people peppered across the nation. The Magic had more fans than the Heat until Shaq and Penny left Orlando. So I already know the people who try to piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining by saying they were fans in the early 90s are full of shit.

You jumped on the bandwagon during the Heat’s first rigged title in 2006, or definitely jumped on since last season began. It’s okay, just admit it. But to try to convince people that you were fans when Willie Burton and Pat Cummings were playing there (and yes, I remember when my guys made Cummings available in the expansion draft), that’s taking it too far.

Bandwagoning is fine for people who are new to the game and women who didn’t have a team before. But the rest of these MFs — i.e. about 95% of the biggest squawkers — are former Magic, Bulls, Cavs, and even KNICKS fans masquerading as Heat fans.

So many of us know people who have turned coat like this, and watch them run their mouths incessantly while they go harder for the Heat than they did for their old longtime team.

Therein lies the reason why most people hate the Heat now. Most people no longer possess any angst against LeBron, and this “jealousy” and “hate” that these bandwagoners claim is actually people being sick and tired of their bullshit, and just wanting to see the Heat fail so that they will shut up.

Oh yeah, then you have cretins like this who pollute Facebook, Twitter, ProBasketballTalk and ESPN boards: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=OBSd-d1xewg


Then you have people like me who hated the Heat before any of these faggot ass niggas who play for Miami even hit puberty. Two words: The Fax.


The look that Pat (Ewing) wears in that picture is the one I made when I saw Pat Riley being introduced as head coach and GM of the Miami Heat in 1995. Ironically, and not surprisingly, it is the same face that most people make at people who claim to be longtime Heat fans, despite obviously becoming (bandwagon) “fans” in the past 12-24 months.


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