On the Topic of Slavery

On the Topic of Slavery
M.D. Wright

Slavery is a touchy subject for a lot of people. Descendants of slaves wince when they read and view accounts of their enslaved ancestors. Descendants of those who owned slaves often carry a burden of guilt or want to disassociate themselves from the topic altogether, upon observation of the accounts of slaves and their masters’ tactics for perpetuating the physical slavery of the 1700s and 1800s. There is a different type of slavery nowadays, and it has yet to come to fruition, but the time is coming, and no longer will it be Black people who feel it. The slavery will be based upon “class” and who controls wealth and resources versus those who do not (current and future slaves).

This “Runaway Slave: Run From Tyranny to Liberty” documentary is something that everyone should watch, not just Black people. View the trailer here: http://www.runawayslavemovie.com/.

People love to tout Lincoln for ending slavery. Slavery of Blacks did not end that time. Civil Rights movement didn’t end de facto Jim Crow segregation.

In fact, the types (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et. al.) who are always race baiting do more HARM than GOOD for Blacks, as they cultivate the victim mentality that permeates so many areas of the social conscience today. Welfare programs, which may or may not have had altruistic intentions from its early years, has become nothing but a way of life for many Blacks (virtually one in two Blacks in Harlem, for instance, receives some sort of public assistance as their chief means of sustenance). Worse yet, you have three, four, even five generations of people who have maintained Section 8 vouchers, live in public housing and make no real concerted efforts to break the cycle. Public Housing was intended to be a short term remedy for those who were either earning low wages, elderly, domestic violence victims, or transitioning from the homeless shelter system. Generations of people have made it a way of life to “settle” for living in public housing and never aspire to make the strides necessary to move out. Sure, the ultimate “blame”, if you will, goes upon those who are inactive in their own pursuit to change their circumstances, but all these so-called “allies to the Black community” do more harm than good.

So does expansive (and continually expanding) government. The government has never truly been an ally to the oppressed, and despite some peoples’ flawed logic and backwards mathematics, there are proponents for even greater government influence, which will naturally only deepen the chasm between it and the oppressed. Big government is not the answer for anyone, let alone Blacks, everyone who isn’t part of the 1% feels the brunt whenever government grows. Laws are created, subsidized and enacted by the rich to protect the interests of the rich. Plain and simple. Paragovernment agencies like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and Congressional Black Caucus are jokes in the eyes of people who they profess to “represent” and care about. With more and more job cuts, mounting evidence that wages are dropping with every year of the current White House Administration, while spending and deficits continue to grow exponentially with the cost of living, employers (i.e. the 1%) continue to strip what little leverage job seekers possessed. The lauded “job creation” has mostly yielded a few very low paying jobs, and many others are only temporary or contractual in nature, minus healthcare and other benefits, with the cost of healthcare quintupling perversely with every passing year. What happens from here is a fight over what few jobs exist, then a fight for dwindling wages, then a fight for scraps (literally) when food resources plummet.

If you think reading stories about Harriet Tubman and watching videos of Dred Scott reenactments made you tighten you jaws and wince, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, if you are unprepared for what is coming down the pike in the coming years. Slavery is often thought of as in the physical sense, the controlling of another human being for the sake of their wares and labor. The enslavement (which is already underway) that is coming forth is a much dangerous one, as it is MENTAL.

Once a person’s mind is enslaved, they are ripe for the picking. Pun intended.



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